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Read Super Gene Chapter 3086 – Finally Got a Gene Egg

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Chapter 3086 Finally Got a Gene Egg

“Responsibility? How are you going to accept responsibility?” Han Sen coldly looked at Gong Shu Zhi’s shadow.

“I have some savings,” Gong Shu Zhi said. “If you let my son go, I can give you money or gene eggs. If you want to be a leader of a town, I can help you do that too.”

“It is a shame that money cannot buy life,” Han Sen coldly said. “If you wanted to murder someone, you should have expected the chance of being murdered too. You cannot buy back your son’s life. He should have learned.” Purple dragon air was raging on his body. It was similar to a volcano erupting.

Gong Shu Jin thought he had a chance to live. After hearing Han Sen, his expression changed. His body emitted a weird light. He kept flapping his wings, wanting to fly far away. Gong Shu Zhi’s light was shouting, “If you kill my son, I, Gong Shu Zhi, will not stop hunting you down!”


Before Gong Shu Zhi finished talking, a scary purple dragon air, which looked as if it was swallowing the sky and ground, was headed for Gong Shu Jin. It vaporized Gong Shu Jin and Gong Shu Zhi’s shadow.

There was no stopping it. Han Sen’s body was like a dragon. He was in the sky, chasing the escaping Hua Nong Yue, who looked pale. Although he was very fast, he was not quicker than Han Sen. Seeing the purple air coming closer to him, Hua Nong Yue gnashed his teeth and opened his fan. He waved it at Han Sen.

Suddenly, there was some crazy wind that was like a typhoon. The wild wind pulled out the rocks and old trees. All of it was tossed at Han Sen.

Purple air was everywhere. Han Sen looked invincible. He blew up the stones, old trees, and typhoon. Nothing was able to stop the blood dragon G.o.d Spirt Blood-Pulse power.


Hua Nong Yue’s body vanished. He turned into petals. This time, the petals were not able to escape. They melted in the raging purple air. Some leftover petals landed on the fan on the ground. They went inside the fan and disappeared.

Han Sen was shocked. He landed atop the mountain and picked up the fan. The fan looked like it was made of black bones and white paper. It resembled a sakura flower tree. Many petals were falling from the old tree.

While they were falling, an elegant scribe stood beneath the old tree. It looked like he was admiring it. The scribe had blood seeping out his lips.

“Can this person go into a drawing?” Han Sen was shocked. The scribe in the drawing was obviously Hua Nong Yue.

“If you destroy the fan, you can kill him… He did this to you… How could you let him live…” A beautiful woman whispered in Han Sen’s ears. It made him want to commit murder.

Seeing the scribe in the fan, Han Sen suddenly closed it. He did not destroy it. He turned around but did not see a woman behind him.

“Big sky demon, you are still following me,” Han Sen coldly said. Earlier, he felt a strong desire to kill. It was obvious that someone was influencing him. Otherwise, with his personality, he only did things by following his heart. He would not have wanted to commit murder so simply.

The body of the big sky demon was holding Han Sen from behind. She used a girly voice to whisper into Han Sen’s ear. “Ha! Ha! You are not dead, and I am not dead. How could we be separated? Winter has thunder, and it snows in summer. We are in love with each other. Nothing can ever tear us apart.”

Han Sen felt the big sky demon use her tongue to lick his ears. When he turned around, he did not see the big sky demon anywhere around him.

“You can combine with a G.o.d pulse,” the big sky demon said as her body appeared next to Han Sen. Her voice sounded as flirty as a flower. “This is becoming interesting. Your body and heart are something I am taking for myself.” Her body was suddenly gone again. It was like some kind of ghost.

Han Sen frowned. He had a blood dragon G.o.d Spirit Blood-Pulse. It gave him the power of a Destroyed cla.s.s G.o.d Spirit, but he was still unable to find the big sky demon’s true self.

“Can a gene race be that powerful?” Han Sen wondered. He thought about Qin Xiu’s World King G.o.d and figured that explained it.

“Brother Han, you are a G.o.d-blood n.o.ble.” Bald Guy merrily rushed over. He circled Han Sen as if he was admiring an animal in the zoo.

Han Sen looked at Bald Guy and asked, “Did you see something?” “No, I did not see anything,” Bald Guy quickly said. “We never met the Gong Shu family people before.”

Han Sen knew Bald Guy had misunderstood him, but he still managed to receive the answer he wanted. It seemed as if Bald Guy had not seen the big sky demon, so the big sky demon hadn’t actually appeared next to him. The demon had only used some tricks to talk to him.

Han Sen put away the blood dragon G.o.d Spirit Blood-Pulse power and thought, “Where is the big sky demon’s true body?” “Brother Han, ignore that for now,” Bald Guy said. “The blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene has been broken. You can go get that gene egg down there safely now. You have a break while I go excavate it.” He then jumped back into the hole.

Han Sen allowed him to dig it up while he investigated the fan he was holding.

The fan’s sticks were black. They looked as if they were made of something that was like bone. The surface was white like snow. It was soft and shockingly bouncy. It was unknown what sort of texture it was.

Han Sen knew for sure that the scribe inside the fan was Hua Nong Yue. No matter what he tried, he could not activate the fan. He did not understand how it worked.

“I found it… I found the gene egg…” Bald Guy sounded very happy inside the hole.

Han Sen walked toward the hole and saw Bald Guy holding a gene egg that looked to be the same size as a football. He happily jumped up.

The gene egg was big and round. It glowed with a purple light. It was like some G.o.d light was glowing on it. Some strange symbols were lit up across the sh.e.l.l’s surface, making it appear quite mysterious.

“I have never seen a gene egg like this. Although I cannot tell which level it is, there was a blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene. Therefore, it has to indicate it is something good.” Bald Guy happily gave Han Sen the gene egg. “You have saved me twice now. This gene egg cannot pay back the kindness you have shown me, so I will make it my duty to keep paying you back.”

Han Sen did not want a relations.h.i.+p with people, so he coldly said, “This time, it was my fault. It is OK. We do not owe each other anything now.”

“I still owe you,” Bald Guy protested. “I pay everybody I owe stuff to.”

“That is up to you, but I have things I must do now. They have to be done privately, so I request that you stop following me.” Han Sen really didn’t want to get involved with him. He had also just killed Gong Shu Jin. He knew Gong Shu Zhi was not going to take that lying down. He was going to want others to pay with their blood. “Fine. Go do your thing. I will look for you later.” Bald Guy was quite quick this time. He turned around and left.

Han Sen was a little bit surprised that the man was so fast this time. He watched Bald Guy leave. He then looked at the gene egg in his hands.


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