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Chapter 3179 Fighting Yan Dan

The fights whittling down the roster from eight to four annoyed Han Sen. His opponent was going to be Yan Dan from the Yan Kingdom. That was fine with him, but Bao’er and Feng Yin Yin had to fight each other.

Regardless of who won, one of them would lose a slot that cost a lot of G.o.d power to get.

There was nothing he could do about it. Feng Yin Yin did not want to win. She said she would leave the fights and return the gold wing peac.o.c.k king to Han Sen.

“Bao’er, you must work hard and win the part I have lost,” Feng Yin Yin said as she stroked Bao’er’s head.

“I will,” Bao’er said as she blinked her eyes.

In the Yan Kingdom, King Yan Yun Xiao secretly met with the crown prince, Yan Dan.

Yan Yun Xiao looked very grave as he asked, “My son, do you think you will be able to defeat Dollar?”

“Truth be told, I am not confident,” Yan Dan replied. “That Dollar is an impossible character to predict. If he can break Zhuo Dong Lai, who wielded a power that could break the world, I think he must be an elite who can break the world too.”

Yan Yun Xiao nodded and said, “You are correct. Those kinds of elites are like phoenix feathers and Kirin horns in this world. All of them are so good like the sky, but they are scary. However, they are still beatable. Powers to break the world are taboo ones abandoned by G.o.d Spirits. There are a lot of taboos in this world, so getting that kind of power may not be a good thing.”

Yan Dan just quietly listened to his father speak. He knew Yan Yun Xiao had likely called him over for another reason. “Those powers are strong, but the powers of a G.o.d Spirit can still combat it,” Yan Yun Xiao went on to say. “If you say that a break world power is a sharp blade, then G.o.d Spirit powers will be a s.h.i.+eld. You can use the power of a G.o.d Spirit to restrict break world powers.”

“But the G.o.d fights do not permit you to combine with a G.o.d Spirit,” Yan Dan said. “We can only depend on our G.o.d Spirit Blood-Pulse. It will be very hard to break the world.”

“Of course, it will not work if you are left to depend on your own powers, but it is not as if there is not another way.” Yan Yun Xiao pointed at a rectangular wooden box on the table and said, “Dan, my son, open the wooden box.”

Yan Dan’s heart jumped. He seemed to think of something, so he happily opened the wooden box and looked inside it. His eyes turned bright. He seemed surprised as he asked, “Father, is that the Yan Kingdom’s sacrificial G.o.d tool, Flying Yan Spear?”

A short spear was inside the wooden box. The spear’s body was made of black metal. There was a mysterious symbol on top. The spear’s head was very strange. It was like a flying Yan that was pulling its wings back.

“Not bad,” Yan Yun Xiao said with a laugh. “This is the Yan Kingdom’s sacrificial tool, which has been pa.s.sed down the many generations. It is the Flying Yan Spear. The sacrificial tool was placed on this table day and night, gathering G.o.d Spirit power. When humans get their Blood-Pulse tested, they sacrifice a morsel of their blood. This sacrificial tool contains the blood of countless members, and it has absorbed the blood of those members. The Yan Kingdom’s sacrifice is the Flying Yan Spear. It was placed on the G.o.d table for Empty G.o.d. After many generations of kings have gone by, I cannot imagine how much blood from members it has managed to absorb to have the powerful power it wields.”

“In Long De King’s time, the Yan Kingdom was thrust into a crisis. We had to use the sacrifice to defeat the evil and help our country prevail against that crisis. The Flying Yan Spear left the G.o.d altar that time, and we had to produce a new spear on the G.o.d altar. The new Flying Yan Spear was special too. It was made from a rare gene race’s horn. It had G.o.d power cultivating it day and night, and it was dyed with the blood of our members. It has been here absorbing them throughout many centuries of our glorious kingdom. The G.o.dly power it contains can be no worse than the first Flying Yan Spear. In the end, when our kingdom prevailed and overcame that crisis, the two Flying Yan Spears were always kept atop the G.o.d altar. They can only be used when there is a big crisis.”

Yan Yun Xiao stroked the Flying Yan Spear. With an overbearing presence, he said, “The Flying Yan Spears are not a G.o.d Spirit, but their power can rival a G.o.d Spirit. They can be a fine subst.i.tute for Empty G.o.d. With the aid of these two spears, even if you square-off against an elite who can break the world, you will have no issue.”

“Father, do you want me to use the Flying Yan Spears to combat Dollar?” Yan Dan looked at Yan Yun Xiao with shock.

The Flying Yan Spears were very important to the kingdom. No one ever thought they would see them used unless there was a major crisis. To learn there were two of them going to be used now might have been seen as overkill.

Yan Yun Xiao saw the worry scrawled over Yan Dan’s face. He sighed and said, “Right now, it is just you and I, a father and son, here. As a father, I am not going to hide things from you. Our Yan family is the weakest ever seen in the Yan Kingdom. Things have only gotten worse in the past few years. Other kingdoms might not do much for a rare gene race, but to the Yan Kingdom, it has been many years since we had a rare gene race. It would be excellent if we managed to get one more.”

“Do not worry, Father,” Yan Dan said with seriousness as he bowed. “I will try my best. I will try to get first place on behalf of the Yan Kingdom in these G.o.d fights and claim a rare gene egg for us.”

“As a father, I believe in your abilities,” Yan Yun Xiao said with sharp eyes. “You are a very smart person. The whole of the Yan Kingdom is putting its hopes in you. This time, using the Flying Yan Spears is not for the sole purpose of obtaining a rare gene race. It is merely because I want the people who want to take advantage of the Yan Kingdom to know we still have mighty people in our midst and cannot be bullied so easily.”

“Yes,” Yan Dan replied. He sighed on the inside and thought, “Is the Yan Kingdom that bad that we need to use this trick to show off? It looks like the situation in the Yan Kingdom is in direr straits than I thought.”

“The Flying Yan Spears were blessed by Empty G.o.d’s G.o.d power,” Yan Yun Xiao said as he put the wooden box in Yan Dan’s hands. “They can work as a subst.i.tute for Empty G.o.d. Only the Yan Kingdom’s royal Blood-Pulse can enable one to use them. With the power of your talents and the two spears, I think you will be able to fight Dollar.” It was like he had just given him a 1,000-pound burden.

Upon receiving this request, Yan Dan felt a lot of pressure fall upon his shoulders.

“Do not worry, Father. I am going to win.” Yan Dan accepted the wooden box and spoke with utter seriousness.

He was still wondering whether or not he should use it, but now he was fairly certain of his decision. If he was unable to defeat Dollar, he would have to use it. He had to win no matter what.

The fights whittling down the roster from eight to four did not occur simultaneously. The fights happened sequentially. The first fight featured Bao’er in a contest with Feng Yin Yin.

All the audience hoped to see ones from the same group killing each other, but Lucky decided not to join the fight. Therefore, Ingot was able to reach the top four. The second fight was between Dollar and Yan Dan. It was unknown whether or not it was a coincidence, but the fights with the G.o.d of Wealth all came first.

In the geno hall, a G.o.d Spirit walked in. His right hand was placed on his chest as he bowed to the leader. He said, “Mister Leader, the fight between Dollar and Yan Dan is about to begin.”

The leader of the hall squinted his eyes. The two sides of the hall had 12 powerful G.o.d Spirits. They all looked at the floor in s.p.a.ce. In that s.p.a.ce, it was recognized as the G.o.d s.p.a.ce battleground.


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