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Ye Qian looked at Qin Yue, stunned. He didn’t expect that this lady would look so ruthless when she became angry. Frankly, Ye Qian did not wish to resist arrest. On one hand, first, Yang Wei was being too aggressive, second, Ye Qian still did not know if the target of the hitman who emitted the murderous aura was himself or Qin Yue. If it were Qin Yue, he couldn’t leave or else Qin Yue could be put in danger. Even though he wasn’t close enough to Qin Yue for him to risk his life to protect her, she was on a date with him. If anything were to happen to her, it would make him lose face.


w.a.n.g Yu looked at Qin Yue and a strong feeling of jealousy welled up in her heart. How come Ye Qian was out eating with her but was always fighting with herself? w.a.n.g Yu felt her nose feel something sour.


Yang Wei looked very confused. When he saw Qin Yue, he unconsciously trembled as a chilliness rose up from his heart. In Shanghai, there were only a few people who didn’t know this da xiaojie , Qin Yue. Especially for people like Yang Wei who dabbled in both sides of the law, he was very familiar with Qin Yue. He put his gun away while cowering, then he stammered awkwardly, “Miss… Miss Qin… you’re also here.”


“Hmph!” Qin Yue did not spare him a look and snorted coldly and said. “Weren’t you going to shoot? Shoot!”


Yang Wei was feeling very aggrieved. He thought to himself, since you’re here, da xiaojie, how could I dare to shoot. He awkwardly laughed a couple of times and said, “Miss Qin, I was only joking around with Mr. Ye.”


“Joking around? You pull out guns to joke around?” Qin Yue said, raising her voice.


How could Yang Wei dare to answer back. He was being rebuked by the da xiaojie. He could only accept his fate. His greatest wish right now was to leave this place as fast as possible. He did not want to offend this da xiaojie ever, or else one day his dead body might be thrown into the Huangpu River.


w.a.n.g Yu could be considered a member of the upper cla.s.s society so she was naturally familiar with this da xiaojie. She didn’t know why Ye Qianwas getting mixed up with this da xiaojie, the person who should be withYe Qian was her. However, since Qin Yue had spoken for him, she should feel happy, having this da xiaojie’s support helped Ye Qian’s situation greatly. Qin Yue had said her words in a domineering manner, as if Ye Qianwere one of her people, and it made w.a.n.g Yu feel uncomfortable. “Miss Qin, why are you defending Ye Qian? Are you his accomplice?’ w.a.n.g Yuasked in a stern voice.


Qin Yue was taken aback by w.a.n.g Yu’s words. She couldn’t help but laugh and then said, “Don’t you think that if I wanted to take someone’s life, I would do it myself?”


“You could be the mastermind.” w.a.n.g Yu said.


“Little girl, you’re deliberately looking for trouble with me.” Qin Yue looked at w.a.n.g Yu coldly when she said these words.


w.a.n.g Yu was openly challenging Qin Yue, which made her subordinates scared. If she really offended this da xiaojie, forget about not having rice to eat, it would be uncertain whether she would be able to leave this place alive. However, they all knew about w.a.n.g Yu’s temper. One should look past the lovely and delicate appearance of this yatou to find that her stubbornness was one and the same as her father’s. They did not dare to offend either of the two women, so they could only hide on the sidelines.


Ye Qian stared dumbfounded at the two women fighting. He completely could not understand what it was all about. Ever since he first met w.a.n.g Yu, Ye Qian did not dislike her. Of course it had something to do with her good looks, but mostly it was because Ye Qian felt that even though thisyatou was unruly and headstrong, she was still a true police officer. There weren’t many police officers that impartially enforced the law these days. As for Qin Yue, from what Ye Qian could tell, even though this lady maintained an aloof appearance, inside she was wild and unrestrained, yet at the depths of her heart she was a very good and honest person. Most importantly, these two women were exactly like him, they were people with extreme shortcomings.


“You’re the little girl!” w.a.n.g Yu said, puffing up her chest at the same time, as if proving that she wasn’t a little girl. She also looked disdainfully at Qin Yue’s chest, shaking her head slightly.


w.a.n.g Yu didn’t have to explain what she meant with such words, of courseQin Yue understood. Her chest not being large was a sore point for Qin Yue. In looks and in figure, Qin Yue’s was top notch, but regarding her chest, she had already used a lot of breast enhancement products, but none had the slightest effect. Whenever she saw young girls wearing tank tops with plunging necklines, Qin Yue would be filled with envy. Now this little yatou w.a.n.g Yu was making fun of her chest, Qin Yue felt extremely wronged and became angry. Her chest not getting any bigger, what could she herself do about it.


“You have big but no brain!” Qin Yue said contemptuously. “Don’t flaunt your b.r.e.a.s.t.s in front of me. I suspect they’re not real.”


“You jealous woman, I really pity you. Flat-chested, steamed dumpling.”w.a.n.g Yu was not to be outdone and struck back with these words.


Everybody watched in amazement, not understanding what was going on. Weren’t they here to arrest Ye Qian, why were they now comparing their breast sizes. Ye Qian was not the least bit anxious. He simply pulled out a stool and sat down, engrossing himself in the bickering between the twoyatou. In fact, there were times that watching two beautiful women quarreling was a kind of beautiful scenery. This was a rare opportunity thatYe Qian could not miss.


Qin Yue was after all much more astute than the naive w.a.n.g Yu. The way she saw it, w.a.n.g Yu was deliberately provoking her, and the fuse for her explosion was the xiaozi Ye Qian. Women attached a lot of importance to their chests, just as men attached importance to their little playthings. They liked to compare chest sizes. Compet.i.tiveness wasn’t patented by men, even women could be compet.i.tive. Even though Qin Yue couldn’t win against w.a.n.g Yu in terms of chest size, she still didn’t want to concede defeat, she pulled Ye Qian’s arm close to her body, saying ambiguously, “Steamed dumpling, so what? Ye Qian likes steamed dumpling.”


Ye Qian looked at Qin Yue in shocked, he couldn’t understand why thisyatou would so suddenly say such things that made a heart flutter. Ye Qiansmiled mischievously and took advantage of the situation to pull Qin Yueclose to him and said, “Yue Yue, don’t worry. Let’s find time some other day for me to kiss it, then they will surely become big.”


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