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The baldy was extremely aggrieved from the scolding, what could he do if Qin Hao didn’t want to tell them where he went? At that time, it was not as if no one had asked, Li Bo did, and in the end, they were scolded one by one.

Although he was feeling aggrieved, he didn’t dare to argue in front of Li Zhanwu. He could only silently accept the criticism and kept on saying that he was sorry.

“What’s the use of apologizing.” Li Zhanwu spat all over the baldy’s face and shouted, “Investigate this immediately. No matter what you do, you must find Qin Hao.”

It was straightforward to find out where Qin Hao went. He returned to his residence and then went to the airport. During the whole period, he wasn’t trying to hide where he was, and it’s easy to find him.

In no time, Li Zhanwu received a report that Qin Hao and Liu Yan had bought tickets to Changhai City, and had already left the capital half an hour ago.

Receiving the report, Li Zhanwu didn’t care about anything and used his privileges to fly to Changhai City directly. In the end, he arrived in Changhai before Qin Hao.

At Changhai Airport, as soon as Qin Hao and Liu Yan got out of the airport checkpoint, they were stopped by two security guards.

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Qin Hao and Miss Liu Yan?” The security guards asked politely.

Qin Hao and Liu Yan were both startled. There were already people who recognized them when they just arrived, were they very famous?

“We are. What do you want?” Liu Yan stared at the two security guards coldly. Her manner made the two security guards tremble uncontrollably. This woman’s appearance was beautiful, and her temperament was astonishing. They never thought that she would be so frightening. Even her gaze was enough to make their hearts tremble.

“It’s, it’s like this. Someone is looking for you. ” A security guard said while trembling.

Qin Hao noticed that the two security guards had pictures of him and Liu Yan. They recognized them from the photos.

“Who’s looking for us?” Liu Yan continued to ask.

“Well …” The security guards weren’t clear about more details, and they had only received the orders from the higher-up.

“They’re in the meeting room of the airport. You’ll know if you go with us.” A security guard could only bite the bullet and reply.

“Humph, scram! Who wants to see us? Let them do it themselves.” Liu Yan was trained by the army. Soldiers always had a temper and personality of a soldier.

“Well …” The faces of the two security guards darkened. They had received a severe order from their superior. If they couldn’t handle this matter thoroughly, they would be scolded and might even lose their bonuses. Of course, their bonuses would be doubled if this matter was settled.

“Don’t make things difficult for them, let’s go meet that person.” Qin Hao wanted to see who could have that much power to stop him at the airport. After all, even the people from the Sky Group didn’t know that he had come to Changhai.

After he entered the meeting room with the two security guards, he saw Li Zhanwu, who was sitting there and waiting. It was this old fellow.

“Qin Hao, I’ve finally found you. Well, brat, why didn’t you inform me before you came out? It’s not right.” Li Zhanwu roared.

Qin Hao snorted in disdain, “Inform you? Old Li, don’t forget, we agreed that I would be completely free and not be restricted by your rules. “

“Err …” the face of Li Zhanwu got frozen up, and it took him quite a while to recover. He immediately changed his expression, just like turning a page. Just a moment ago, he had an angry look on his face, but now his face was full of tenderness, “Um, Qin Hao, although we made a deal earlier, you are still Sky Group’s instructor after all. You came out quietly. What are you going to do? We tried so hard to find you.”

“I’m only in charge of training people, nothing else. I’ve made it clear before.” Qin Hao said in all seriousness.

These words scared Li Zhanwu, “Don’t, Qin Hao, Instructor Qin. You can’t ignore this matter. This matter is not just about me, and it’s about the entire China, and you.”

“d.a.m.n, this is too much.” Qin Hao disapproved and found a place to sit down. He crossed his legs and said, “Go ahead, what is it? Hurry up, and I have things to do. “

“All right, then listen carefully.” Li Zhanwu also sat down and did not waste any more time.

He explained in detail about the plot of the Dragon Group and the intention of the superiors.

After hearing Li Zhanwu’s explanation, a sneer appeared on Qin Hao’s face, “Dragon Group thinks highly of me.” After that, the expression on his face turned into ridicule, “Old Li, the Dragon Group does things like this, yet you guys are still keeping them, it is truly admirable.”

Of course, Li Zhanwu could hear the ridicule in Qin Hao’s tone. It was not that they didn’t want to abandon the Dragon Group, but things were not that simple, so he could only sigh and say, “Qin Hao, we have our problem. We are unable to nurture Martial Cultivators, and in this era, regardless of whether it is social security or the international compet.i.tion, the Dragon Group will always be involved, so what can we do? Let’s not talk about this first, and we need to solve our current problem. If we cannot solve this crisis, we will continue to be controlled by the Dragon Group. “

After saying that, Li Zhanwu became more serious: “Qin Hao, this matter not only involves the honor and death of us two but also the interests of China. Can you still stay out of this?”

Qin Hao’s face revealed a wicked smile. No one knew what his smile meant.

“You don’t need to say anything, and I will surely take care of this matter.” As he said this, his body exuded an oppressive aura. No matter it’s because of the personal interests or the interests of China, Qin Hao would meet the Dragon Group.

Hearing Qin Hao’s answer, Li Zhanwu was overjoyed. His lousy mood immediately became so sunny and bright, “Haha, good, you deserve to be called a good man of China. I knew you would agree.” Knew my a.s.s. He was still worried to death just now and afraid that Qin Hao would stay out of it. After all, fighting with the Dragon Group was not fun.

“Let’s go back now. The higher-ups want to see you.” Li Zhanwu could not wait and stand up.

Qin Hao sat without moving, and he said with a calm face: “Sorry before I finish what I need to do, I won’t go back.”

Hearing that, Li Zhanwu became anxious, “Instructor Qin, can’t you deal with your things after you meet the superiors?”

“What’s the point in meeting them? The only purpose of the superiors is to see the strength of the Sky Group. If no one is fighting, how can they tell?”

“Can you show them like what you did at Mount w.a.n.gyun?” Li Zhanwu advised bitterly.

“At the very most, it’s just a show. I want them to see something more explosive.”

Li Zhanwu was startled. Looking at the wicked smile on Qin Hao’s young face, his heart skipped a beat. “You, what do you want to do?”

“Sending a challenge letter to the Dragon Group in the name of the special troop Eagle force. The challenge will be on the next month. Five contestants under the age of 40 will be selected from both sides for a duel, whoever wins three times in five rounds will be the winner. Pay attention, on the challenge letter, and it must be stated that fists and legs have no eyes, life and death depend on your fate! ” The smile on Qin Hao’s face became even wider, causing Li Zhanwu’s heart to thump even harder.

“You, you’re crazy!” A duel with the Dragon Group was already a crazy idea, but to claim that life and death were decided by fate, did he think that the five Sky Group members lived too long? The Dragon Group had been established for many years and was famous. Moreover, they could ask their sect to help and send out experts. In any case, if they insist that they’re members of the Dragon Group, no one could do anything about it.

As for the Sky Group, they just had only five young newbies, how the f.u.c.k could they fight with them. It’s courting death!

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