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Read Super Urban Master Chapter 163 An Intense War With The Four Ghosts

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This formation was called the “Five Brothers’ Heart”. The five dwarves had spent great effort to create it.

In the formation, the five of them united. One man was like five, and five men were like one. When they stood together, they had extraordinary power, and even an expert in the Peak of Perfection Stage might not be their match. Unfortunately, there were only four now, and the “Five Brothers’ Heart” had become “Four Brothers’ Heart”, so its power would be significantly reduced.

Even so, Qin Hao was trapped by the formation. His whole body was covered by blood and wounds, and 80% of the injuries were made by the four dwarves.

Luckily, his blood wasn’t lost in vain. After fighting for half a day, he gradually understood the principles of this formation and found a slight flaw in it. After all, the formation played by four dwarves was never perfect.

“De, de, de …” The hair of a dwarf of the Four Ghosts upturned, forming the shape of a broom, and he gave a strange laugh towards Qin Hao, “Brat, let me see how long you can hold on. Surrender if you don’t want to die. ” He was the leader of the Five Ghosts, the strongest, and had already infinitely reached the power of Perfection Stage.

“Go to h.e.l.l! Get ready for your death!” Qin Hao roared as he rushed towards the dwarf leader with the Scarlet Blood Saber’s red blade making hissing sounds. That was the exciting shaking when it was about to absorb fresh blood.

“Now that you want to die let me help you. Brothers, kill him!” The dwarf leader growled, and the four of them immediately moved according to their respective positions, waving the same weapon in their hands — — the Universe Rings. They attacked Qin Hao from four directions.

Qin Hao revealed a wicked smile in the half air. His blade that was initially slashing towards the dwarf leader, suddenly turned to the weakest one who was wearing a large earring. The blade drew a red line in the air.

Seeing Qin Hao suddenly slashing towards him, the dwarf with the earring could not dodge in time and could only raise the Universe Ring to resist the Scarlet Blood Saber.

“Dang!” A crisp sound was heard, followed by a “ka cha” sound. The two forces clashed against each other, and the Scarlet Blood Saber forcefully cut off one side of the Ring.

“Be careful, Brother.” A dwarf cried out in alarm. The blood-red blade once again slashed at the dwarf with the earring, not giving him any chance to escape.

Even though he knew that his weapon could not resist the Scarlet Blood Saber, he had no choice but to raise his ring. Otherwise, he would die or be seriously injured.

According to the arrangement of the formation, there should be someone next to him who could rush up to help him, but that one had been killed by Qin Hao, so it would be too late for others to act.

“Ka cha!” Another sound rang out. The other side of the ring was also cut off. The ring soon became two half circles.

“The Scarlet Blood Machete Art’s 12th move! Deadly attack! You can die now!” Qin Hao let out an angry roar, and the Scarlet Blood Saber turned into countless b.l.o.o.d.y blade lights and covered the dwarf with earrings.

“Fourth Brother …!” Other dwarves howled in grief and anger. In their cries, the head of the dwarf with earrings tumbled down. The large earring made “ding, ding, ding” sounds as it rolled on the ground.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I’m going to kill your family!” The dwarf leader cried in madness. The next moment, his eyes were bloodshot and filled with anger. With a leap, he flew up to the top of Qin Hao’s head and smashed down fiercely with the Universe Ring. He was going to smash Qin Hao’s head into pieces and take revenge for his brothers.

Although the Elysian Five Ghosts were notorious, they had a deep affection for each other. One of them had already died, now, another was killed. How could they not be furious? The other two saw their leader become berserk and rushed towards Qin Hao.

In an instant, Qin Hao was blocked by his opponents in the air and on the ground, facing danger to his life. No matter how powerful the Scarlet Blood Saber was, it was impossible for him to cut off three Universe Rings at the same time. Even if he could kill one, the other two would take his life.

At this moment, Qin Hao finally realized how crazy the hatred and anger of the three dwarves were. They would even sacrifice one of their lives for his life.

What should he do?

Qin Hao’s brain worked fast. It’s not worth trading life with those ugly dwarves.

However, whether it’s worth it or not, things were not up to him now. And he had no time to think about it. In the blink of an eye, the three of them were slashing in front of him, like three waves of a gale, which raising up Qin Hao’s b.l.o.o.d.y robe.

At the last moment, Qin Hao let out a loud roar.

“AHHH!” In his roar, the Scarlet Blood Saber became weirdly red. He was determined to kill them. Killing one was better than none. He was worth living to this day. At the very least, he wouldn’t live like a useless man and suffer all the insults of others. Right now, even if he were to die in this battle, he would be considered a hero. He may not be famous for centuries, but someone must remember that he once swept the Dragon Group and fought against the Five Ghosts. They would remember his name.

“Roar —!”

At the critical moment, the roar of a beast came. The earth trembled with the sound of its rapid and heavy footsteps.

“Little Monster!” Qin Hao was overjoyed and responded with a roar, “Roar!”

In his roar, the shadow of the sword crossed. Qin Hao had rushed towards the dwarf on the left.

The dwarf on the right had his back facing Little Monster, and Little Monster’s powerful aura swept up a berserk hurricane, rolling up sand and dust all the way. The dwarf was so scared that he jumped up quickly and gave up attacking Qin Hao. No sooner had he jumped up than the monster rushed beneath his feet with a “boom” sound, and its back almost hit the dwarf’s soles, frightening him into a cold sweat.

When the Dwarf fell on the ground, he was still scared. Although he wanted to fight to the death with Qin Hao, he was afraid of death when facing it.

“Third Brother, help Second Brother.” The dwarf leader shouted.

The dwarf realized that their leader had been fighting with the monster, while his Second Brother was attacked intensely by Qin Hao, embarra.s.sed like a dog.

Qin Hao had the power to fight against an enemy in the middle period of the Perfection Stage, and now he had the Scarlet Blood Saber, so the dwarf was not his match in a one to one battle. In an instant, the Ring in the dwarf’s hand was sliced into three sections by Qin Hao.

Just as he was about to kill this dwarf, a strong gust of wind blew up behind him, and another dwarf dashed at him.

“Second Brother, I’m here to help you.” The dwarf shouted. Before he reached, the Universe Ring had already twirled to attack the back of Qin Hao’s head.


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