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Posted on April 14th, 2018Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 27

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Seeking the Dragon Acupoint (2)

When Yang ZiMei was looking around the surrounding group of mountains a moment ago, she discovered a place on the west with a faint layer of dawn like pale golden mist shrouding it. Taking another careful look around, its depending mountain was plump with a form that compliments the main mountain. It acted like a depot for the wealth of the master, the most beneficial for business development.

The Huo household centered on business so that acupoint was the most appropriate. It would be even more conducive to his future developments, making him a tyc.o.o.n of the generation and protect his descendants.

She led Huo WenHua and Hua ShaoGuang over to that place.

Hua ShaoGuang circled some tens of rounds with his luopan until he turned to Yang ZiMei with a face of admiration and said, “Here, really is the most suited place!”

As soon as Huo WenHua heard it, he lit up, “Is this place really suited?”

Hua ShaoGuang nodded, “This place is like a depot for wealth to acc.u.mulate. Little girl was not mistaken.”

“That’s great, thank you little master, thank you little master!”

Huo WenHua was so excited that he picked up the little Yang ZiMei and twirled a couple times.

His father already pa.s.sed away, if he couldn’t find an appropriate acupoint, he’d be anxious to death.

Now that Yang ZiMei helped solve his problem, he could quickly return back to Hong Kong and properly arrange his father’s burial matters.

“Lei Zheng, when you return with the little master, give the reward of a hundred thousand yuan to her family to express my grat.i.tude.” Huo WenHua said to Lei Zheng.

Hundred thousand yuan?

Yang ZiMei hadn’t thought Huo WenHua would be so generous and reward her a hundred thousand in just a moment. She originally thought he at most would give a thousand.

Who would’ve known, he had invited Hua ShaoGuang to help seek the dragon acupoint with the remuneration of two hundred thousand. So a hundred thousand was not considered high.

When Lei Zheng handed over the bag of bills into Yang Bai’s hands, his hands shook and he nearly slid off his stool.

“Is…… this real money?” He’s lived over 60 years, when has he ever seen this much money?

“Elder Yang, that money was just withdrawn from the bank, it’s absolutely real.” Lei Zheng said with a smile.

“Why are you giving me this much money?”

“Little ZiMei helped Mr. Huo with a big problem, this is the reward for her a.s.sistance that he’s giving her. Please accept it.” Lei Zheng looked over to Yang ZiMei, who was teasing her little sister, as he said that.

“Help…… with what? Aren’t you people thinking of buying my granddaughter?” Yang Bai held out the hand grasping that bag of money and shook his head as he said, “Although I’m poor but this isn’t a household where you can buy children.”

“Haha, that’s not it. It’s because little ZiMei helped find an auspicious burial location. Mr. Huo is deeply grateful therefore he’s giving it.” Lei Zheng smiled, “Elder Yang, you have a very good granddaughter, treat her well!”

Yang Bai had a stupefied expression. He looked over to the granddaughter that he’s always thought of as a money losing good.

Before, Yang He brought him a thousand kuai and said it was to thank Yang ZiMei for helping him sell his phoebe zhennan at a good price. That had already shocked him for a while but now he just gained a hundred thousand kuai, this was simply an astronomical figure!

This child, how did she suddenly become a lucky star of wealth?

“Father, sweetie, it’s not good!” Yang He suddenly rushed inside, “Dai LiTou just received a call from the city, it said big brother was. .h.i.t by a car and is now in the hospital.”

When Yang ZiMei heard that, her heart sank!

Didn’t she put the talisman in his clothes?

Why couldn’t he avoid this disaster?

Yang Bai hadn’t recovered from the shock of the hundred thousand kuai yet and was now daunted by this news.

Huang XiuLi was in the middle of gathering water at the well when she heard this and her footsteps faltered. If it wasn’t for Lei Zheng swiftly rus.h.i.+ng to support her, she nearly would’ve fallen into the well.

“Grandpa, grandma, mom, you don’t have to be too worried, dad only hurt his leg.” Yang ZiMei thought of the situation from the previous life and hurriedly comforted them.

“Right right right, that’s what Dai LiTou just said, he only hurt his leg, there’s no danger to his life.” Yang He looked at Yang ZiMei with great reverence. “Sweetie is really fierce, you already perceived this!” [1]

Although he only hurt his leg but to loved ones, it still pulled at their hearts.

1. Fierce as in a slang for impressive/awesome. Seems to be Yang He’s signature word so ima keep it like that instead.

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