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Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner is a Webnovel completed by Yi Xi Xi, 艾兮兮.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Supernatural Rebirth Genius Girl Diviner: Chapter 30

Antique Market Leftovers (1)

WenLai street was lively as always, calls came from every direction of the stalls, and the all shapes and sizes of novelties were spread on the floor. Some you could obviously tell they were counterfeits and some that were intentionally made to look older with moistened soil, used to dupe customers as freshly excavated antiques. Of course, there’s a chance a genuine could be included.

This would depend on the person’s discernment.

Yang ZiMei remembered this one time when a major stir was caused by one of the leftovers of this place. It was said that an old man bought a blue and white porcelain for 300 kuai from one of these ground stalls. Afterwards, it turns out it was a precious and rare original blue and white porcelain valued over a million. Consequently, this kicked up a craze over these antiques for those that understood and didn’t understood to try their luck.

(There’s a variety to choose from but close enough)

In the past, Yang ZiMei also really wanted to try her luck, it was a pity she didn’t even have the funds to buy a counterfeit.

Now, she there was 300 kuai in her pouch, let’s see whether she has any luck.

She searched over each and every one of these stalls to see if anything catches her eye.

Too bad, she knew nothing of antiques. No matter what she looked at, they kind of looked real to her but also kind of fake.

All the way until she arrived in front of a middle aged man’s stall, she discovered something that gave off a soft blue light within a pile of dark items.

She thought it was very strange and reached out her hands to rummage for that glowing item.

The stall owner saw that she was only a little five year old girl, blocked her and shouted, “Little girl, don’t mess things up, where are your parents?”

“Ah…… my parents are over there.” Yang ZiMei randomly pointed to a nearby couple as she lied.

“Go go go, go find your parents, don’t mess up my things, my things are antiques.” The stall owner impatiently waved at her.

Yang ZiMei saw that the glowing item was a little twisting circlet, gilded bronze with a touch of old soil still on it.

Why would this twisting circlet give off light, there wasn’t any light source on it.

She couldn’t explain it and this drew her interest, she asked the stall owner: “How much is that twisting circlet?”

“Little girl do you like it, call your parents over, I’ll bargain the price with them.” The stall owner saw possible business to come so he didn’t mind Yang ZiMei’s young age anymore.

“It’s better to bargain with me, I’ve got New Year’s money. If you told them, they may not buy it.” Yang ZiMei said.

“How much New Year’s money do you have?”

“You don’t have to know how much I have, you should tell me how much that costs.”

If he had met someone else who wanted to buy this twisting circlet, the stall owner would definitely exaggerate to high heavens. He’d say it was an antique excavated from so and so period and the like. However, he was now facing a five year old child, it was useless no matter how much he boasted. He might as well be straightforward, in any case, he had only spent one kuai and five jiao for this twisting circlet. Trying to see if he could dupe a couple more kuai from this little girl, he s.h.i.+ftily stuck out one finger, “Little girl, this here is an antique. Uncle sees that you like it so I’ll take a loss and sell it to you for a hundred kuai. Do you have enough?”

He’s clearly trying to deceive a child! Some people nearby already started to shoot disdaining looks at him.

“Too much, I just thought it’ll be ten kuai at most.” Yang ZiMei intentionally called out, “Yesterday, I bought a very good toy at only 5 kuai. Your broken and old metal circle actually cost so much. Does uncle think you can easily cheat a child, then I won’t buy. Humph.”

Seeing the surrounding people all giving him despising looks, the stall owner felt his mental pressure capacity was a bit lacking and he almost couldn’t keep face. Anyways, he still earned with ten kuai, he quickly put on a face of loss, “Ok Ok Ok, ten kuai it is. Since you’re so cute, I can only take the loss.”

“Ten kuai can buy a lot of candies to eat, five kuai, uncle, how about it?” Yang ZiMei blinked with ‘naïve innocent lovable’ big eyes aimed at the stall owner.

When he saw those eyes, the stall owner felt that if he didn’t sell it to her, it would be like a crime. Fine, it wasn’t worth much anyways, five kuai then five kuai it is.

“Five kuai for you!” Said the stall owner as he placed the twisting circlet into Yang ZiMei’s hands with an unwilling look.

“Thanks uncle.” Yang ZiMei smiled as she pulled out five kuai and took away the twisting circlet. She repeatedly searched where the light came from but nothing came up.


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