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All viewers of channel S5 found it incredulous and hard to believe.

Being able to detect ore by hearing?

When even the majority of detection instruments could come into contact with magnetic and energy fields but not be able to accurately determine their position, how could this pair of ears locate the position of ore?

Was this even possible?!

If they had not seen this live broadcast for themselves, if not for the speaker being the planet Baiji’s commanding officer, who held the rank of lieutenant general, the online audiences would have dismissed it and laughed sarcastically.

However, now, there was no reason not to believe it!

A moment after Shanta had just finished his sentence, many people received multiple push notifications one after another.

The notifications of news from subscribed e-magazines, informing subscribers that grade A power ore had really been found on planet Baiji!

It seemed like every news outlet was in a race, competing to see who could release the news fastest and attract more viewers.

Being Project Starlight’s only official news outlet, First Frontline was really reaping in the benefits at the moment.

The first piece of news they released pertaining to planet Baiji’s grade A power ore included many photos and video that had been captured by Kevin Lin inside the tunnel. A large portion of these had not been shown on the live broadcast. One of the photos had been taken after Fang Zhao had excavated the first piece of grade A power ore. In the photo, beside Fang Zhao and Kevin Lin were Hayden and a few old miners.

This piece of news gave a more detailed report on the finding of the ore. After it was released, almost immediately, other large media outlets cited it, just removing the headline and sending it out.

When Hayden found out about it, he was happy beyond measure. He had never imagined that a n.o.body like him would actually appear in news headlines in his lifetime. Although he’d only had a minor role, that was enough for him to brag for decades!

An hour after the live broadcast ended, the military deployed additional personnel to planet Baiji. The Academy of Science’s HQ had also deployed a team to follow the military. According to a Frontline First leak, among those were seven veteran mining engineers.


And engineers from the headquarters!

In the past, every year, the headquarters had only dispatched a young engineer to Baiji and other such planets that were near the back end of the development sequence. This was only so the personnel could gain experience and train at a basic level. Now they were sending seven veteran mining engineers right away. As for their purpose, even without saying anything, everyone knew.

And this was just a small portion that was leaked. Perhaps there were even more important personnel headed there.

Three hours after the live broadcast ended, channel S5’s live broadcast turned on once again. This round, the broadcast time was much shorter, as it was mainly Shanta speaking. He told the audience that after the old detection instruments had undergone a series of adjustments and limited upgrading, they had been able to detect large amounts of grade A power ore. However, it might not necessarily be accurate, so they were required to wait for the specialized team dispatched from Academy of Science HQ as well as the latest models of detection equipment.

Upgrading planet Baiji’s old equipment in those three hours had been really hard work. The figures were still not too precise. Luckily, there had already been two pieces of mined grade A power ore to provide data. This had let the engineers save quite some time in setting up the parameters. Otherwise, even if Shanta had pointed a gun at them, they would not necessarily have been able to complete it in such a short time. 

During the live broadcast, Shanta seemed pleased, bewailing their poverty in an extravagant fas.h.i.+on.

“We are poor. Our detection instruments are old models that haven’t been updated in a long time and are difficult to upgrade. We still don’t have an instrument that can disregard the energy field and accurately detect the position of ores. As such, for now, we can only trouble Fang Zhao.” Shanta also would not forget the outstanding service that Fang Zhao had offered. Beaming at the camera lens, he said, “Speaking of which, if Fang Zhao had not come over to planet Baiji for military service, we would not have discovered this new power ore so quickly.”

Given the extent of the mining area, if they continued digging deeper, it was possible that, one day, the ore would be discovered by a random military conscript, but n.o.body could say for certain how long that would take.

Edmund, who had originally planned to transfer to civilian work, was rejoicing even more. Fortunately, Fang Zhao had arrived at planet Baiji for his military service this year. If there had been no Fang Zhao, he might have transferred straightaway. That cushy job would be better left for someone else.

Shanta had shown off rather excessively, but inside, he was deeply moved. Guarding this harsh land for all these years had not been easy at all!

The development sequence of planets were cla.s.sified according to their power sources. Previous data had ranked them at the back of the development sequence.

Planet Baiji’s position on the development sequence was too far behind. All these years, their facilities had not been able to keep up. Since planet Baiji had been first discovered by an exploratory s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, the detection instruments had been unable to discover the grade A power ore buried deep in the ground. After that, they had continued using these old instruments and so had not discover anything new, as before.

All these years, it was not that Shanta had had no plans to survey the planet again but that the equipment had been outdated and they had lacked the funding for upgrades. Numerous equipment requests submitted to the higher-ups had always been overruled. In addition, given that there had indeed been no big discoveries on planet Baiji all these years, he had no longer daydreamed and ran the place as simply and straightforwardly as possible.

Till now, there was only one planet that had grade A+ power ore. Furthermore, it was a planet still not suitable for habitation. On that planet was a sealed military base and an advanced laboratory, both of which were highly cla.s.sified. Ordinary folks would simply not have any means of getting involved.

For grade A, there had already been three planets in the development sequence. One was unsuitable for human habitation, and the plan was to establish a military base and laboratory branch there. The other two planets were the focus of the immigration plan. Tourist districts had already been constructed on one of them. People from families with better conditions had already toured there.

There were seven planets with grade A− ore.

It might seem like a small number, but basically, almost all resources were allocated to the four planets right at the front of the development sequence. As for planets down the pecking order, it was up to their own capabilities to solicit military funds and resources. Those without much capability could only wait and hope till the day when planets at the forefront were almost fully developed and started accepting immigrants. Only then would the resources be allocated to the next in line. Planet Baiji had belonged to the tail end of the spectrum.

But now, everything was going to change.

Planet Baiji is going to be developed!

Planet Baiji’s position in the development sequence is going to really shoot up!

These were the thoughts of everyone in the know.

Activity had already begun in mining companies and numerous investment firms.

Feeling regret?


Regretting that they had not made a move first.

For instance, this was just like a poor and backward little hamlet going through a gorgeous transformation and turning into a nationally developed new district!

In the past, investment firms and mining companies had had an unwilling and uncharitable att.i.tude even when others had begged on their doorstep. Now, even offering money bags might not even get them a taste of this.

A certain reviewer gave his thoughts: “A minor celebrity has triggered a violent storm.”

However, online audiences did not agree with that statement.

“Minor celebrity? If you consider the amount of hot topics, Fang Zhao can no longer be considered a minor celebrity, right?”

“Indeed. Shanta said that Fang Zhao has the entire planet’s most precious pair of ears. ‘Entire planet’ probably means Baiji? From what I see, how can it even be considered Baiji’s most precious pair of ears? They are simply national treasures!”

In some notes left behind from people during the end of days, it was said that future generations shouldn’t depend too much on machines. When a day came when machines no longer worked, and when the time came when the a.s.sumed omnipotent advanced technologies couldn’t lift a finger against the miracles of nature, a person’s own capabilities could be the difference between life and death. 

Now, planet Baiji’s situation had proven this point. Without Fang Zhao, planet Baiji’s grade A power ore would not have seen the light of day so early!

“How much do you people reckon Fang Zhao’s pair of ears is worth?”

“A while ago, there were people comparing Fang Zhao to the mythical ‘diting’ in ancient stories.”

“Although it’s not as exaggerated as those fables, it is indeed exceptional.”

“Hahaha! I just saw a picture of Fang Zhao fused with a beast. I will send it to you guys so you can take a look.”

Someone with itchy hands had painted a drawing of Fang Zhao. However, this time, he was no longer muscular. Now he did not even look human!

The curious online audiences clicked to view it. A tiger’s head, a lion’s tail, a dragon’s body, a qilin’s legs… ha! Wasn’t this the mythical diting from ancient legends!

Below the drawing, the creator had left a remark: “Fang ‘Diting’ Zhao!”

Fang Zhao’s “Diting” moniker, along with that drawing, was circulated in many forums.

This time, Silver Wing had not even acted yet when news of “Silver Wing Celebrity Fang Zhao Excavates a Grade A Power Ore” had spread all around the world.

As Zu Wen was browsing news online, he asked the others in the office, “Why is the commotion when Boss undergoes his military service even bigger than when he wasn’t serving?”

Jinro and the others had just came out of their gaming studio. In their hearts, they thought,
only Fang Zhao is able to create such a big commotion.

“This is only his first official day of military service. He still has a year to go. Do you think there will be anything else big happening in the future?” Schwarzer asked.

Jinro wanted to reply with “How could there be so many big occurrences,” but as he was about to speak, he stopped.

The entire virtual projects department suddenly quieted down as everyone fell into a strange silence.

When everyone outside was making a big fuss, Fang Zhao received a real-time communication from Duan Qianji.

As of now, planet Baiji had relaxed the restrictions on real-time communications. As Fang Zhao had provided outstanding service this time, he had priority to use real-time communications.

Duan Qianji was clearly in a good mood in the video.

“A few old friends have contacted me. After you complete your military service, they wish to invite you to appear on their programs. Oh, there is also an invitation from Fiery Bird. Next year, they wish to invite you to shoot a commercial for their new model of earpieces.”

People who were able to contact Duan Qianji directly were definitely not n.o.bodies.

“Whether it is variety shows or invitations from large manufacturing firms, we can talk about it when you return. They have taken a fancy to your ears. Now, your ears are worth a lot. They promised that if you are willing, they will help you insure your ears for a considerable sum. They only hope that when the time comes, after your military service, you will consider them first.” Duan Qianji spoke briefly about the matters of commercials. Following that, her smile faded and became slightly serious. “There is still one more thing.”

Fang Zhao indicated that he was listening attentively. “Go on.”

“In First Frontline’s report, it said that there was a new element found in the grade A ore?”

Fang Zhao nodded. “Mmhm.”

“My main point is this. New elements need to be named. The Academy of Science HQ has a rule. The first person to discover an element has the naming rights. The HQ has already dispatch people over. I also do not know who they are or their character. When the time comes, you have to be vigilant and not be cheated. Make sure to keep the naming rights in your own grasp. If it is really impossible to do so, at least trade it for some benefits for yourself.”


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