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Black light wrapped around the black armor, causing it to turn cold!

When the Exotic Demons’s Demonic Commander descended on the Yi Jian Palace, a terrifying shockwave shook the heavens and shook the earth!


The void within a circ.u.mference of a hundred thousand li began to tremble unceasingly.

Even to the point of the entire Tianguang Continent, there was a slight tremble in the air.

Countless living beings of the Tianguang Continent could not help but raise their heads to look in the direction of the Yi Jian Palace.

The warriors around Pi Jian Shan felt it even more deeply.

Waves of unease caused them to be unsettled!

His terrified eyes could not help but look at the great hall above the Pi Jian Shan, as he understood that an evil demon had descended there!


Soon after, the palace hall in the bamboo forest at the peak of the mountain directly collapsed.


Terrifying devil aura surged like a torrential flood, crazily gus.h.i.+ng out and pervading the entire mountain!

It was as if a demonic G.o.d had opened the gates of the Infernal domain, turning this place into a demonic land!

An indescribably strong devil G.o.d slowly appeared in the sky above Yi Jian Palace.

This demon G.o.d was over 100,000 feet tall. He stood atop a mountain, carried the sun and moon on his back, and exuded an endless demonic energy; he was extremely ferocious!

The demonic G.o.ds trampled upon the heavens, causing the entire world to be shocked!

“Such a perfect world, it should be owned by my demon race!”

The demonic G.o.d looked around with an intoxicated expression.

Every word it said resonated with the Laws. Its mana pierced through the universe, and thousands of wisps of demonic energy fell down, shattering countless mountains!

Such power directly shocked the surrounding Human Warriors and Goblin Tribesmen. Their pale expressions were all over their faces.

“Is this the Exotic Demons?”

“Isn’t the Yi Jian Palace gathering? Why would there be a Exotic Demons appearing?!”

“I’m not talking about the Skylight Seven Stars Formation. It will take a thousand years for it to collapse. How could a Exotic Great Demons descend upon the continent?!”

The crowd of warriors and demons trembled as they shouted out.

Facing this terrifying demon G.o.d’s sudden appearance, their hearts were filled with shock and panic.

They never would have thought that a great demon from the Exotic Demons would suddenly descend for such a good Heaven Brilliant a.s.sembly!

Moreover, the might of this great devil far exceeded everyone’s imagination. It was like facing an extremely powerful Demon G.o.d of the Nine Serenities, its might unstoppable!

“This great demon is even stronger than the Sword Master!”

When the disciples of the Yi Jian Palace felt this great devil’s aura, they became even more soulless and their limbs became ice-cold.

As disciples of the Yi Jian Palace, they naturally had a certain level of understanding towards the cultivation of the Vast Star Sword Sovereign, but their imposing manner could not compare to this Exotic Great Demons’s.

Vast Star Sword Sovereign was already an almighty in terms of Six Saints, but this great devil’s aura was even more powerful than Vast Star Sword Sovereign’s. This meant that this great devil was clearly the Exotic Demons’s devilish commander-in-chief!

Instantly, everyone’s hearts rose to their throats.

All the almighty beings of various powers were still staying in the Yi Jian Palace!

A Demon Commander suddenly appeared in Yi Jian Palace, how could the various almighty beings react?

One had to know that there were no powers here.

Even if the leaders of various forces and intermediate saint grade war weapon s were unable to fully awaken, they would still not be a match for a Demon Marshal!

If this was the territory of a large power, then a large power might have some methods to awaken their background, but it would not work in the Yi Jian Palace.

Everyone was outside of Yi Jian Palace, so it could be said that they were completely blind to what was happening inside. They did not know anything and could only be anxious.


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