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Supreme Conquering System is a web novel completed by Yi Jiang Chang Ge.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Cloud Mist Pavilion.

In the quiet room.


A milky-white stone was emitting a faint glow from Qin Yi’s hand. The resplendent divine patterns and the ethereal laws were all circulated within it.

Having lost the concealment of its original netherworld energy, the origin of the heavenly dao was revealed to its original appearance. It quietly lay in Qin Yi’s hands, with an everlasting and everlasting dao heritage!

The dim light of dawn illuminated the quiet room, brightening it up.

The boundless immortal light filled the quiet room, the ancient and boundless aura was vast and powerful!

The Laws within this stone resonated with the river of Laws in the void. It was like a G.o.d or emperor that was reciting an ancient scripture.

The teachings of a G.o.d were natural!


The formation engraved around the quiet room lit up slightly. Only then did he manage to suppress the aura of the Heavenly Energy in the room.

So much so that the formation that was originally set up by the Cloud Mist Pavilion was actually reinforced by Qin Yi, which was why he was able to use it to block the aura of the heaven’s way origin.

Otherwise, the aura of the heaven’s way would have long been leaked out, causing a huge sensation in the Treading the Emperor Realm!

A piece of the Heavenly Dao’s origin was enough to draw the Treading the Emperor Realm’s Emperor to act.

If the heaven’s origin laws in Qin Yi’s hands were to be obtained by those fake emperors of the Treading the Emperor Realm, it would definitely allow them to transform and become true emperors.

With such a great temptation, how could those false Emperors possibly sit here?

“Dong, dong, dong!”

The source of the Heavenly Dao gently trembled, as if it was resonating with the river of Laws that existed in the underworld.

Every movement caused the natural law to rumble!

Being in this quiet room, Qin Yi felt as if he was in a world of laws. Laws that were originally unattainable were everywhere, and the speed at which they were being comprehended was multiplied by several times!


Countless streams of chaotic energy circulated around Qin Yi’s body, and an illusionary world floated above his head.

In total, there was an illusory world within it.

And near this small four-dimensional world, there was a ma.s.s of swirling chaos energy.

Su Er, the primal chaos shattered.

Yin and Yang were perfectly round, evolving into the sun, moon, stars, mountains, rivers, vegetation, and the boundless earth. In an instant, countless years had pa.s.sed, as if a world had been opened.


When the ninth world was opened, the aura emitted from Qin Yi’s body increased by another level.

The illusory little world of the Nine Directions once again solidified!

Only three months had pa.s.sed since Qin Yi had deducted the indestructible body from the source of this illusory world to the peak of the Ancient Sacred Realm, and now, this clone of Qin Yi had finally condensed another nine-sided illusory world, and once again stepped into the eighth realm of the Emperor’s Scripture of the Absolute Beginning!

The silver light gradually dimmed, and sank back into Qin Yi’s Zifu world.

From within the Zifu world, a slightly dissatisfied roar could be heard, following which a shadow appeared from within the Zifu world and entered the illusionary world.

If one were to look carefully, one would be able to see a divine beast that seemed like a dragon or a horse.


At this moment, Qin Yi finally opened his eyes.


When Qin Yi opened his eyes, he could see two rays of piercing divine light shooting out. The entire room, and even the Heavenly Sword Mountain, shook simultaneously!

The spiritual energy in the air surged like a tidal wave, and an unfathomable aura rumbled through the nine heavens.

The many experts in Heavenly Sword Market could not help but turn their gaze towards Cloud Mist Pavilion.

‘Which one is about to come out? ‘

At this time, it had only been three months since the old man killed the three quasi Emperors of Hanging Mountain.

It seemed that this person’s cultivation had broken through to the next realm as well!


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