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Within the primordial chaos, dozens of streams of power flowed through the Sun and the Moon.

Dozens of emperors attacked at the same time, just how terrifying was their might!

The A Monarch was capable of suppressing a large clan, a Divine Sect, and even a Emperor Dynasty.

Even though most of these people were incarnations of Emperors, they were still incomparably terrifying.

A single drop of the Great Emperor’s blood was enough to kill A Quasi-Emperor!

Moreover, there were dozens of Emperor level incarnations here. Just how terrifying would it be?

At this moment, countless creatures finally understood!


Amidst the huge sound of shattering, a side of dimensional world was struck by the aftermath and silently exploded.

The life forms within that world, instantly perished!

The chaos within billions of miles began to tremble intensely, like paper shaking, ready to break at any moment.

A strike from dozens of Great Emperor with all their might, even the Great Elder of Emperor’s Realm Four would have to raise his eyebrows.

“Scram! Stars, are you trying to fight to the death with me?”

Great Emperor Taichu gave a long whistle, the G.o.dly aura around him suddenly expanded.

The world hung high in the sky, illuminating the heavens!

Strand after strand of divine light began to fall down. The ten thousand strands of Immortal light shook the four directions as they engulfed the entire s.p.a.ce within the primordial chaos.

The Laws began to condense into a divine chain, enveloping the entire world!

At this moment, this Great Emperor Taichu was extremely anxious. The power within his body surged, as he wanted to break through the seal placed on him by the many Emperors.

It was a pity that many of the Emperors could not compare to the Great Emperor Taichu.

However, even if it was him, he would not be able to break out of this encirclement if there were twenty or thirty emperors around him.

“You don’t give up until you die?

“Brother Tai Chu, our words are wrong. We are just protecting ourselves.”

Stellar Emperor was strolling in the courtyard, stepping on the river of stars.

Amongst all the Emperors present, he could be considered one of the strongest. His cultivation was at the peak of the second level Emperor, and his divine will clone could be compared to a supreme being’s Emperor’s Realm 1!

Apart from a few Emperors at the second level of the Emperor Realm, most of the other Emperors only had Emperor’s Realm 1 cultivation.

Amongst all the Emperors, the Stellar Emperor was the easiest.

“Brother Tai Chu, this prince of yours is too monstrous.

If we allow it to grow, there will still be a place for us in the eastern border?

We were forced to do so, I hope brother Tai Chu can forgive us. “

Stellar Emperor waved both of his hands, releasing countless starlight that forced Great Emperor Taichu back.

The huge stars turned into a formation that sealed s.p.a.ce and time, preventing the Great Emperor Taichu from leaving this place.

“Roar! From today onwards, I will not rest until you are dead!”

The Great Emperor Taichu continuously attacked the great star formation, coldly staring at the many emperors led by the Stellar Emperor.

If Jing Er were to die under the Emperor Level Thunder Tribulations, she would have no complaints.

However, if he were to die in these people’s conspiracy, how could he be willing to accept that?

They wouldn’t rest until they were dead!


He raised his hand and countless rays of divine light condensed into a divine saber.

The blade light flashed as if it had cut through time and pierced through the chaos, heading straight for Stellar Emperor.

“Brother Absolute beginning, what does this mean? My brothers and I are only here to protect ourselves.”

Stellar Emperor’s eyebrows jumped as he controlled the countless stars to block the blade.

However, his face became gloomy.

If he were to be targeted by the Great Emperor Taichu, he would be in deep trouble. After all, the Great Emperor Taichu was the master of the A Monarch’s third stage.

Even to the extent that Great Emperor Taichu was an extremely monstrous genius in terms of cultivation.

Back then, after breaking through Emperor Realm, he had stepped into the Emperor’s Realm 3 within a era, so there was complete hope for the Emperor’s Realm Four!

At that time, Great Emperor Taichu would have the power to kill him!


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