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Read Supreme Lord Shapeshifter 88 Arkansos Family – Icean Family – Chapter 88

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Read WebNovel Supreme Lord Shapeshifter 88 Arkansos Family – Icean Family – Chapter 88

Gevan took a deep breath and started talking.

“What’s the problem, why are you here?”

After Gevan’s words, the creature, Stone Death, began to speak with a thick, horse voice.

“We’ve proven that it’s Deadly Sky Group planned the attack. At the same time, if there is no wrong understanding, they have a.s.signed a Lord Intermediate level person around this area who can carry out long-distance attacks called Imp Sniper.”

With those words, Gevan and Lila looked at each other and after making a head sign to each other, they began to move straight back into Allie’s room.

Martin had already finished talking to Allie by then. He talked about the shapes.h.i.+fter creature that Sisillia had, and at the same time, he had learned about who would be the attackers in general.

As Martin left the room and going to his room. he saw Gevan and Lila. Lila did not looked at Martin and continued to move on to Allie room without looking at his face, but Gevan stopped and began talking after looking at Martin once.

“Leave this school for a short time and go somewhere different. It’s going to get messy around here. It’s good for someone like you who’s young and potential die just because of staying in the middle”

Before Martin could say anything, Gevan turned his head and continued to move forward behind Lila’s back. Martin knew that the information given to him was because he was able to save Sisillia, and at the same time, as Gevan spoke, he could understand that he was in a serious psychological state, as he understood from his facial testimony and eyes.

“If it’s as dangerous as it is to be mentioned, it would be logical for me to get out of town and improve myself by hunting around. Although I’m standing here comfortably and I’ve just come, I’m having trouble with my strength.”

Martin went straight outside the building where he was found and left the Dark Sword School.

Allie was slightly surprised when he saw Gevan and Lila again in front of him, and then realized that the situation had evolved into a serious event, as much as he understood from his faces. It was not a strange and unseemly incident when students, especially students with potential owners such as Sisillia, were killed by different shapes.h.i.+fters. That’s why Allie cla.s.sify this situation in a cla.s.sic way.
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At the same time, their conversation with other teachers and officials after the attack ended in this way. But now that he understands, the situation wasn’t as simple as it was.

A few minutes later, Gevan and Lila informed Allie about the situation and also talked about what a dangerous and powerful group the deadly sky group, the attack organization, was. Allie wasn’t stupid and ignorant. Naturally, he saw Deadly Sky Group. But even for him, the power and knowledge that this group had were too much, and there was no way to meet them normally.

It was only three or four minutes later that Allie had learned that the Lord Level, who is now famous around many continents called Imp Sniper, was also in the city and around the school. It made him even more uncomfortable. Although he didn’t know much about The Deadly Sky Group, he had enough information about the mentioned.

Imp Sniper was the one that even powerful organizations respected and went to when they wanted to kill someone. Soul Ability, owned by this person, was generally different from the Soul Ability that other people had.

If Imp Sniper met its requirements and the other person wasn’t too strong than him, he was applying “Instant Death” to the other side because of the Soul Ability he had. In short, the knowledge, the war experience, the planning, did not work in front of this man.

If Imp Sniper completes his fitness, and he’s in the same powers as you, it meant you’d lost your life. Allie didn’t like it. They couldn’t even see the target. Of course, this didn’t apply to Lila and Gevan. These two had the power not to be affected by the Imp Sniper attack.

After a period of silence, Allie stood up and started talking after putting both hands on the table.

“What do you intend to do?”

Gevan spoke without thinking. Lila was constantly checking the perimeter through the window.

“We intend to take the fog with us and get away from school. Even if you can’t kill Imp Sniper, we’d like you to at least keep the school and Sword Blade City away.”

Allie made a confirmation sign with his head and smiled lightly. After smiling, he asked another question, and with the question, the inside of the room began to freeze with all.

“I a.s.sume that the agreement we’re talking about is valid. As long as he’s kept safe enough, you said you’d give us what we wanted.”

His belongings in the room began to be covered in ice. Lila and Gevan were naturally unaffected. Gevan was going to talk right in the line, and Lila started talking instead of himself.

“We as Arkansos family have never come back from any of our agreements. We made a deal with you for the reasons for the situation, and we will fulfill this agreement, no matter how strong you are, you don’t have to react like that, do you, Icean family?”

With the words of the Icean Family, Allie swallowed lightly and calmed down and all the ice in the room began to melt. Allie sat in his seat and after saying he would do the necessary procedures, Gevan and Lila left the room and went straight to find The Sisillia.

After Gevan and Lila left the room, Allie slightly bit her tongue and started thinking through it.

“The talent that a woman named Lila has is extremely dangerous. I can’t do anything after the information I’ve been given about him, and I can’t do any of my ruin in front of him.”

Allie looked out the window and was told again.

“He knows a lot of things I’m thinking about doing, and it bothers me.”


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