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Chapter 1171: Deterring Everyone With A Single Shot

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

One, two, three…

 Yuan Venerate Kongjing felt his heart tremble as his fellow disciples appeared one by one in front of him.

Those who could follow Yuan Venerate Kongjing into Boundless Taixu were all elite martialists of the Dakongfan Sect. Although their cultivation was not as good as Yuan Venerate Kongjing’s cultivation, there wasn’t that big of a gulf.

 Now, these fellow disciples had not only lost their Sky Seal Jade Plates but had also been knocked unconscious and acquired b.u.mps on their heads that would last for a while.

While staring at Luo Yunyang, Yuan Venerate Kongjing got angry at first. However, his rage quickly cooled off.

 While Yuan Venerate Kongjing himself could seize a Sky Seal Jade Plate from one of his peers, it was impossible for him to seize the Sky Seal Jade Plates of so many people and knock them out so casually.

What sort of strength did this guy possess that made him so fearless?

Although he could not let this matter rest, Yuan Venerate Kongjing couldn’t act too rashly without thinking either.

When he thought of this, Yuan Venerate Kongjing looked at Zheng Rulai. “Zheng Rulai, the Taixu Sect must give the Dakongfan Sect and everyone present an explanation. Otherwise, we will not agree to this!”

The Nineteenth Prince of Sacred Emperor Palace was very keen on tearing Luo Yunyang into pieces. After hearing what Yuan Venerate Kongjing said, he felt that this approach was a little soft but still agreed and said, “Sacred Emperor Palace will not agree to it either!”

“We won’t agree either!”

 Although most of the people Luo Yunyang had robbed of their Sky Seal Jade Plates were from the Dakongfan Sect, there were also many lone rangers like those from Sacred Emperor Palace.

Many of them were unable to enter Boundless Sky Palace, yet most of them had been integrated and become part of the Dakongfan Sect.

 Otherwise, Zheng Rulai would not have been defeated so miserably!

 Zheng Rulai had a slightly inexplicable look of delight on his face as he listened to the angry protest. It could be said that he hadn’t taken this unrest to heart at all.

 Instead, he laughed in response. “So what if you don’t agree to it? Are all of you going to beat us up?”

After he said that, he pointed at the Nineteenth Prince and the rest. “Let me tell you something. Junior Brother Luo is already going easy on you guys. Otherwise, do you think you would still be alive?”

The Nineteenth Prince and the rest went silent when they heard this. They instantly cooled down as well.

 Luo Yunyang could knock them out, which also meant that he could have killed them. If Luo Yunyang had indeed acted ruthlessly, they would have lost even more than what they had gained by entering Boundless Taixu, even if they had the means to preserve their lives thanks to their respective sects.

It would then be more difficult for them to enter Boundless Taixu again!

 “Senior Brother!” Yuan Venerate Kongwu rushed over quickly. After casting a glance at Luo Yunyang, he whispered to Yuan Venerate Kongjing, “Luo Yunyang should be the strongest person among us. It would be best not to become enemies with him for now, or our trip to Boundless Taixu will end in complete annihilation.”

 Yuan Venerate Kongjing had originally been delighted to see that Yuan Venerate Kongwu had arrived. However, after listening to what Yuan Venerate Kongwu had said, he realized that things were far worse than he had imagined.

 “Is Luo Yunyang really so strong?” Yuan Venerate Kongjing asked with a hint of doubt.

 “I didn’t believe it at the time either, but when I challenged him, I had no idea how I lost. Furthermore, the Sky Seal Jade Plates I had with me were also taken by him.” Yuan Venerate Kongjing grimaced.

 He immediately calmed down when he saw the disappointment on Yuan Venerate Kongwu’s face. A flux of emotions went through his mind as he looked at his fellow disciples and Zheng Rulai, who was smiling smugly.

 “Luo Yunyang is too much. Everyone, let’s team up and take back our Sky Seal Jade Plates!” The Nineteenth Prince, who had been observing Yuan Venerate Kongjing, shouted first after seeing that Yuan Venerate Kongwu was about to take a step back.

He hated Luo Yunyang, who had knocked him out and robbed him of his Sky Seal Jade Plate. How could he choose to retreat now?

However, right after he shouted, a deep sense of fear suddenly crept into his heart. This trepidation was so oppressive that he felt like he could not breathe.

 He looked in the direction the oppressive fear came from and saw that a six-colored bowstring had appeared on the stone rod that Luo Yunyang was holding. Luo Yunyang began to draw the bowstring slowly when it appeared.

When the bowstring was half-drawn, a six-colored arrow appeared. An arrow that seemed like it was capable of capturing and destroying a soul.

The oppressive trepidation that was sending chills down the spine of the Nineteenth Prince was indeed coming from that arrow.

The Nineteenth Prince wasn’t the only one feeling this way. Other people present also felt this strong pressure and they all went silent immediately.

Some of those who had incited the rest to seek revenge against Luo Yunyang previously took a step back very carefully.

 “A six-layered sky law supreme treasure.” Yuan Venerate Kongjing watched as the Six-Dragon Sun Bow was drawn and spoke hoa.r.s.ely.

 He had been hesitant to attack Luo Yunyang. However, he had now truly understood that he wasn’t even qualified to attack Luo Yunyang.

 He would be the one to die horribly if he did attack him.

Although he had brought along a supreme treasure when entering Boundless Taixu, this treasure had been given to him by his sect and it was only a four-layered sky law supreme treasure meant for self-defense.

 His treasure was too inferior to the stone bow with the six-layered sky laws that Luo Yunyang possessed.

 Furthermore, based on the way Luo Yunyang had conjured his bow with six-layered sky laws, Yuan Venerate Kongjing could feel that there was a big gap between him and Luo Yunyang in terms of cultivation.

 Thus, the desire to fight disappeared completely after he considered these factors.

 “Nineteenth Prince, how about an arrow?” Luo Yunyang drew his Six-Dragon Sun Bow even more tightly as his ma.s.sive killing intent locked down on the Nineteenth Prince.

The Nineteenth Prince’s face turned from red to black before becoming ashen.

 He knew that Luo Yunyang wanted to crush him with his might, but he told himself that he shouldn’t be afraid of someone else’s might in a situation like this.

However, although that was what he thought in his heart, the arrow that contained six-layered sky laws was really frightening.

 Even though the power of sky laws was greatly reduced in Boundless Taixu, the power of the Six-Dragon Sun Striking Bow still rendered him unable to breathe.

 “No, I admit defeat!” The Nineteenth Prince felt humiliated after he spoke.

 However, as soon as he finished his sentence, an arrow flickering with six-colored lights was hurtled at him.

 The arrow was as graceful and swift as lightning!

 The Nineteenth Prince felt his heart shaking in the face of this arrow. It could even be said that his entire body was trembling in fear!

He wanted to resist, but all his thoughts seemed to freeze up when the arrow arrived. He could not muster up any form of resistance at all.

 In an instant, the arrow had nearly reached the Nineteenth Prince, while the two companions beside him looked on in disbelief.

Yuan Venerate Kongjing watched silently from the side and made some calculations swiftly when the arrow was close to the Nineteenth Prince. Although the arrow was as fast as lightning, it would not cause any insignificant injuries to the Nineteenth Prince.

Even so, he had a solemn expression on his face because he realized that he would not be able to withstand that arrow either.

The arrow-light cut through the void and disappeared without a trace! It hadn’t hurt the Nineteenth Prince at all but it had still frightened him to death.

The people who had been trying to provoke Luo Yunyang shut their mouths. They too had been intimidated by this arrow.

 “You… You… You!”

 The Nineteenth Prince gawked and stammered. He disliked losing face, but he was helpless at this moment so he could not control his own emotions.

 Yuan Venerate Kongwu nodded at Yuan Venerate Kongjing before speaking to Luo Yunyang. “Senior Brother Luo, I’m utterly convinced this time!”

 Although Yuan Venerate Kongwu was not Yuan Venerate Kongjing, he also represented the entire Dafangkon Sect. Yuan Venerate Kongjing did not step forward as the leader of the Dakongfan Sect this time, but Yuan Venerate Kongwu was, in fact, representing him.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Yuan Venerate Kongwu and nodded. Then, a small gap opened in the gate of Boundless Sky Palace, which had originally been closed.

Boundless Sky Palace was opening, so many people’s attention had turned to the gates. They were really relieved upon seeing that the gates were opening up.

 The arrow unleashed by Luo Yunyang had put them under too much pressure.

Zheng Rulai watched Luo Yunyang gravely. He had originally thought that a big battle was going to happen in order to settle the conflict caused by the appearance of the Nineteenth Prince and his party. Unexpectedly, Luo Yunyang had merely used an arrow to successfully deter all the powerhouses of the Dakongfan Sect.

 The arrow had also intimidated Zheng Rulai!

 If he had been shocked when Luo Yunyang had taken out a pile of Sky Seal Jade Plates earlier, then he was utterly afraid of Luo Yunyang now.

 He was actually really formidable when there weren’t any sky laws!

 “Senior Brother Yunyang, after you!” Yuan Venerate Kongjing suddenly walked over and gestured to the gate of Boundless Sky Palace as Zhen Rulai was mulling this over.

 “Senior Brother Yunyang, after you!” Yuan Venerate Kongwu also stepped forward and made the same gesture, inviting Luo Yunyang to go first.

 “Senior Brother Yunyang, after you!” a man from Sacred Emperor Palace also said in earnest.

 “Senior Brother Yunyang, after you!” said Senior Brother Li.

 Upon watching the gestures of the others, Zheng Rulai also walked forward slowly and said, “Senior Brother Yunyang, please go ahead first!”

 Luo Yunyang took one look at Zheng Rulai and the others before strolling into the wide-open gates of Boundless Sky Palace!


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