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Read Supreme Uprising Chapter 154: Leaving On A Rosy Cloud

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The majority of the Qitian Martial Academy students in the practice room were staring at Luo Yunyang in a strange new light. Although they didn’t know his ident.i.ty, Luo Yunyang had done something that had delighted them.

However, he had also trampled all over their school’s reputation.

While a big number of people was looking forward to the academy president’s appearance in the hopes that he would be able to knock out Luo Yunyang, a loud rumbling sound was heard.

Some people who couldn’t help but look outside the practice room saw a squadron of combat aircrafts.

“What the f*ck! The Qin Family is awesome. They even mobilized combat aircrafts!” a student said as he watched the aircrafts fly high up in the sky.

Being able to beat up a hooligan like Qin Shang was very satisfying, but if his family retaliated, things would get tragic!

They couldn’t afford to offend a big financial group like the Qin Family. If anyone experienced Qin Shang’s oppression in the future, they would just swallow their anger to avoid getting in trouble.

Although Qin Shang was all muddled-up from the beating he had received from Shen Yulang, when he saw the fighter aircrafts speeding over, a pleased look appeared on his face. If being rich was a crime, then he would gladly be found guilty. Who were these people who dared despise him?

It seemed like his family hadn’t abandoned him. They had actually sent air reinforcements! Ha ha… This battle array was something no ordinary person could accomplis.h.!.+

“This kid must be detained and taught a severe lesson. This is the only way my anger will be soothed! d.a.m.n it! A lot of people despise me, but who do you think you are to dare stand up to me? I bet you think of yourself as a G.o.dd.a.m.n savior!”

As Qin Shang cursed silently, several figures jumped off the combat helicopters. Each and every one of them was equipped with all sorts of heavy weaponry.

Although the usage of hot weaponry against martial masters and higher-ranking individuals was not very effective, ordinary people found these weapons really intimidating.

“Reporting, Sir Luo. The Combat Dragon Brigade has been ordered to fetch you back to the base!” a firm-looking, middle-aged man said as he saluted Luo Yunyang.

The Combat Dragon Brigade, which was the strongest squad of the Rising Dragon Army, was composed by over 100 smaller squads. Normally, the squads would use their own names during missions. If the Combat Dragon Brigade’s name was used, then this meant that there were at least half of the Combat Dragon Brigade’s divisions there.

When Luo Yunyang looked at the middle-aged man, he realized that he was a first-grade martial master, so he could be considered a powerhouse among martial masters.

“If I don’t return, are you going to tie me up and drag me back?”

“We have been ordered to take you back to the Chang’an General Headquarters at all costs, Honorary Delegate.”

Although the middle-aged man stood straight and saluted once more, his tone was firm. “Your family has already arrived at the Chang’an General Headquarters. They will be safe there. Your mother is hoping that you will hurry back to the Rising Dragon Army.”

Luo Yunyang chuckled soundlessly as he stepped out of the practice room. He glanced southeast before turning back to Shen Yulang. “Alright, have you had your fill?”

“Yes!” Shen Yulang was buzzing with excitement as he looked at the rows of Combat Dragon Brigade elite martialists around him. His voice was actually a little shaky.

Luo Yunyang nodded and patted Shen Yulang’s shoulder. “Let’s go. There isn’t much to learn at such a trashy place. If you return with me, you could join the Rising Dragon Army’s elite cla.s.s tomorrow!”

The Rising Dragon Army’s elite cla.s.s? This was something that every Qitian Martial Academy student had heard of. There were actually many students who had been working hard towards this dream.

However, most of them would have their dream crushed at a preliminary stage!

If Luo Yunyang had let Shen Yulang enter the Rising Dragon Army’s elite cla.s.s earlier, the majority of the students would have turned their noses up. Things were different now, though. Luo Yunyang had taken action and brought a flashy aircraft array along, so anyone could tell that he undoubtedly stood out from the

This proved that he wasn’t just talking big.

“Who is he?” a number of people asked their companions in bewilderment as they watched Luo Yunyang get on a helicopter.

Although their question wasn’t answered, the majority of them kept watching him with fervent gazes.

The instant Luo Yunyang stepped into the cabin, a cold glint flickered through his eyes. This time, he sent out a wave of repressive mind power.

The moment he used his mind power, his Appearance-Changing Technique faded away. Luo Yunyang’s actual appearance was reflected in the eyes of every Qitian Martial Academy student present.

Ten combat helicopters escorted Luo Yunyang’s party as it headed over to Chang’an City. Only when the aircrafts flew off into the distance did most of the Qitian Martial Academy students finally recover from the shock.

“Luo Yunyang! It was actually Luo Yunyang. We got to see Luo Yunyang!”

“Shen Yulang’s friend was actually Luo Yunyang! My idol! I never dreamt that I would get to see him in person!”

“Woah, it really was Luo Yunyang. I saw him clearly, it was him!”

A fervent clamouring arose among the crowd. There were even some tears in a few people’s eyes.

The most pa.s.sionately discussed name in the 13 Eastern Cities was Luo Yunyang’s.

The short-haired girl who had led Luo Yunyang in his search for Shen Yulang said in a dream-like trance, “That was really Luo Yunyang! After seeing him, I suddenly realized that handsomeness can be very specific! I saw him and talked to him… Did I look bad at the time? Did I look particularly unladylike?”

The long-haired, delicate girl clasped her hands to her chest and said, “I didn’t look that great either!”

When He Mingwu heard that this person had actually been Luo Yunyang, he was astonished. However, he was still rather calm. Meanwhile, Qin Shang looked as forlorn as though he had just lost his father.

Although he was conceited, he knew that the difference between him and Luo Yunyang was great. Considering his status, taking revenge was impossible.

Just as half of the Qitian Martial Academy was cheering jubilantly and the other half was feeling deep regret, Qi Yunhao and the calm middle-aged man walked out of the bamboo forest.

“What a tremendous spirit!” the calm middle-aged man said with a heartfelt sigh. “He really is an outstanding hero of his generation!”

Qi Yunhao nodded. His eyebrows scrunched up as he said gravely, “If the two of us make a move, the probability of killing him won’t be very high.”

“Yes, his position on the Earth List must be even closer to the top!”

The two of them were silent for a moment before their eyes met. They both had a resolute expression on their faces. The reward for killing Luo Yunyang was too tempting after all.

The offered items were things that they had been yearning for in their dreams, so they wouldn’t give up, even if they had to put their lives on the line.

“If it’s just the two of us, killing Luo Yunyang will be difficult. However, it won’t be just the two of us fighting,” the calm-looking, middle-aged man said in an encouraging manner. “His reckless challenge means that we still have a chance.”

“Right! The Wind-Rain Crossing is probably our only opportunity. However, what we don’t know is how dangerous it will be when the time comes.” Qi Yunhao’s fist struck a huge boulder as he muttered something to himself.

The huge boulder instantly shattered into pieces.

“Even though it will be dangerous, we still have to do our best. Fortune favors the bold after all…”


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