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Chapter 838: Longing And Desire

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Cen Tianlong’s reaction to this turn of events was surprisingly calm.

“Yunyang Zongzi, this sort of situation is normal,” Cen Tianlong said with a smile, “Our Human Race has a vast reach of control and includes many thousands of subservient tribes. However, it is still inevitable that there will be some restless tribes that want to test our ability from time to time.”

“Even if their level of strength is a far cry from ours, they still wish to satisfy their own self-esteem through compet.i.tions or matches every once in a while.”

At this point, Cen Tianlong’s smile widened. “Hong Meng Sacred Hall Zongzis have encountered similar incidents many times. Back then, even I encountered this sort of thing twice.”

Luo Yunyang glanced at the pleased Cen Tianlong and immediately understood that this person must probably have been flying high back then. Otherwise, he wouldn’t seem this proud and pleased.

“Looks like I will have to learn from Brother Cen!”

Even though Cen Tianlong was an eighth-level Heavenly Venerate with a higher potential than most, he didn’t find Luo Yunyang’s way of addressing him inappropriate. Cen Tianlong even thought to himself that he rather enjoyed being addressed as Brother Cen.

This was not just because Luo Yunyang was already a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate, but because Luo Yunyang’s potential was limitless and his future prospects were boundless.

“Zongzi, you don’t have to show any respect during this challenge. Just use your strongest means to crush them.”

“Only by displaying our overwhelming strength will we be able to make them fear the Human Race even more,” Cen Tianlong added with a smile, “We are representing Hong Meng Sacred Hall here.”

Cen Tianlong uttered the four words ‘Hong Meng Sacred Hall’ proudly.

Luo Yunyang nodded. At the moment, he too felt a sense of belonging.

Half an hour later, the s.h.i.+p Luo Yunyang was on had already descended on a huge purple planet. The air of this purple planet wasn’t suitable for ordinary humans. However, Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up when he breathed in this air.

“The Dragon Yuan Purple Cloud is indeed extraordinary,” Luo Yunyang told Cen Tianlong.

Cen Tianlong nodded. “Although there aren’t many significant effects to breathing the Dragon Yuan Purple Cloud once or twice, staying a long time in this place would increase the intensity of one’s body and improve the body const.i.tution of an entire tribe.”

“I don’t mean to exaggerate, but this is one of the most valued possessions of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.”

As they were having a conversation, someone called out, “Sacred Wyrm Tribe Attendant, Aoyun Donghai is here to receive Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Luo Yunyang!”

The mighty voice resonated all around. Although this greeting was formal and respectful, it was also a display of strength.

“Yunyang Zongzi, Aoyun Donghai is a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe and holds great authority in the Sacred Wyrm Tribe,” Cen Tianlong explained, “Seems like you are viewed really highly if he has come to receive you personally.”

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “Brother Cen is Hong Meng Sacred Hall’s Attendant. Perhaps Aoyun Donghai came to receive us to show some respect to you.”

Cen Tianlong, who was already overjoyed by Luo Yunyang’s att.i.tude, laughed heartily. “Yunyang Zongzi, you are wrong about this.”

“Although the Sacred Wyrm Tribe is a subsidiary tribe of the Human Race, they are also prideful. A person like me, who hasn’t yet become a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, wouldn’t be taken seriously by them.”

The two of them stood on the s.h.i.+p while chatting.

Outside the s.h.i.+p was a three-meter-tall humanoid wyrm that was standing majestically within the void.

He chortled and greeted Luo Yunyang and Cen Tianlong when they came out. “The Sacred Wyrm Tribe is honored by your presence, Yunyang Zongzi. The pride of our Sacred Wyrm Tribe, the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pool, will open in three days.”

“Zongzi and Brother Cen, please come with me to the Eight-Sided Dragon Hall. You’ll stay there for the time being. Our Patriarch also wishes to meet you, Zongzi.”

Cen Tianlong’s expression s.h.i.+fted slightly. This reception hadn’t exceeded Cen Tianlong’s expectations. After all, Luo Yunyang had managed to leave his name on the Origin Martial Divine Tablet, which meant that he definitely had a high possibility of becoming a Yuan Venerate Almighty.

Plus, Luo Yunyang’s projection of a paG.o.da during his comprehension of the Creation Disc some time ago had explained everything.

Naturally, all this couldn’t be kept from people who were determined to find out.

The Sacred Wyrm Tribe Patriarch was clearly a determined person. He was also willing to become friends with Luo Yunyang, who was a Zongzi with unbounded potential.

Luo Yunyang shot a glance at Cen Tianlong, indicating that Cen Tianlong should reply on his behalf. However, Cen Tianlong tactfully stood on the spot.

He too shot a glance at Luo Yunyang to express his reply. He silently answered that Luo Yunyang was the main guest, so he should be the one who replied.

“You are too polite, Heavenly Venerate Aoyun. I have probably troubled Heavenly Venerate Aoyun considerably by wanting to use the Eight-Treasure Dragon Transformation Pond for cultivation.”

During this simple conversation, a magnificent dragon s.h.i.+p appeared in front of Luo Yunyang and the others.

“Yunyang Zongzi, please board the s.h.i.+p.” Aoyun Donghai made an after-you gesture.

After getting on board the luxurious dragon s.h.i.+p, Luo Yunyang saw two rows of more than 100 maids standing in wait. The maids all had a humanoid appearance, but they each had a s.h.i.+ning scale in the middle of their forehead.

This scale naturally indicated that they were part of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

Upon seeing Luo Yunyang, the maids bowed in sync, which was a mesmerizing sight to behold.

“Yunyang Zongzi, these ladies are members of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe. They have always admired Yunyang Zongzi. If you like, they could all serve as your maids,” Aoyun Donghai said with a smile.

In the outside world, these ladies would be considered beauties that could cause the devastation of a country. Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang wasn’t very interested in them, even though they were being presented as gifts to him.

He smiled back and said, “I will mainly be cultivating in seclusion during this period. The Heavenly Venerate’s kind intentions are appreciated.”

The Dragon s.h.i.+p traveled very quickly. In no time, a large city appeared before Luo Yunyang and the others.

This city was tall, imposing, and entirely constructed out of a violet divine metal. Luo Yunyang sensed that this city was an ultimate treasure capable of both offense and defense.

While Luo Yunyang and Aoyun Donghai were talking, news of Luo Yunyang’s arrival had already reached the ears of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s young generation of elites.

As the successor of the Scarlet Wyrm Branch, Chiming understood a lot about Luo Yunyang.

He had broken through the six stages of the 13 Origin Martial Stages and left his name on the sacred tablet! This was earthshaking!

After getting wind of this information, he did feel that challenging Luo Yunyang might have been a little impulsive. However, it was still exciting.

Purely in terms of combat, he knew he was no match for Luo Yunyang. However, in the Nine Heaven Falls, martialists from the Sacred Wyrm Tribe had an overwhelming advantage.

As long as he could defeat Luo Yunyang in the Nine Heaven Falls, he would immediately become a legendary hero in the entire Sacred Wyrm Tribe.

Even the Patriarch that lorded over the entire Sacred Wyrm Tribe would have to sit up and take notice.

Heaps of resources and some tribe treasures only available to Yuan Venerate Almighties would also be allocated to him.

“Nine Heaven Falls, I must win!”

Chiming wasn’t the only one with this ambition. It could be said that all the elites of the various Sacred Wyrm Tribe branches had the same intent.

This was the number one Zongzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall who was lauded as the Zongzi with the greatest chance of becoming a Yuan Venerate Almighty in this Yuanhui!

Although this victory would only occur in the Nine Heaven Falls by relying on their Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s advantage, it would still be inspiring news for the entire tribe.

“Sir Chiming, Sir Aoyun Dahai just sent an invitation. He’s asking you to attend Luo Yunyang’s welcome banquet tomorrow.” A servant bowed respectfully before handing the invitation to Chiming.

Although Chiming was proud, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to break through the sixth stage of the 13 Origin Martial Stages with his own strength.

He was not even confident about taking on the fifth stage.

The reason he had been confident enough to challenge Luo Yunyang was because he banked on the Nine Heaven Falls and the superiority the Sacred Wyrm Tribe possessed in the Nine Heaven Falls.

Naturally, Chiming was rather willing to befriend this prominent Zongzi from Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Thus, he took the invitation and said, “Tell the messenger that I will be there on time.”

“Oh, Sir Aoyun Dahai also sent an invitation for Princess Yun. He hopes that Princess Yun will attend the banquet tomorrow night as well.”

There was a tinge of unhappiness in the servant’s voice this time. “Princess Yun is currently at a crucial juncture in her cultivation. Why should she be made to attend the Human Tribe Zongzi’s banquet?”

Chiming had always revered his own sister. Upon hearing the servant’s words, he felt a hint of anger burning in his heart.

This anger came from the bottom of his heart!

“Those old fogies want to arrange a marriage alliance. Didn’t a virgin from the Divine Phoenix Tribe get married to a Human Tribe Yuan Venerate Almighty and allow them to surpa.s.s our Sacred Wyrm Tribe back them?” Chiming said through gritted teeth.

Although Chiming felt really uncomfortable, he knew that he had no way of rejecting Aoyun Donghai’s invitation.

Apart from the Scarlet Wyrm Branch Patriarch, no one else could reject Aoyun Donghai’s invitation.

“I got it!” Chiming waved the servant away disgruntledly.

While Chiming received the invitation, practically every top elite of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe received an invitation too. Famed beauties of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe also received an invitation.

This was an invitation they couldn’t refuse.

As these invitations appeared, large red characters illuminated the sky of the Sacred Wyrm Tribe’s virtual realm.

Thanks to the Nine Heaven Falls, they wouldn’t just win. They would crush them!


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