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Read Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 322 Dragon 2

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Read WebNovel Survival Records Of 3650 Days In The Otherworld 322 Dragon 2

Chapter 322: Dragon (2)

“Kiiiek! Human!”

“Stop! Warning you! Stay!”

Warnings were broadcast through the speakers, but none of the goblins stopped. They acted rebelliously and taunted the soldiers instead.


A goblin charging at a soldier fell as he spat blood. More goblins then shouted with vicious cries.

“Kiiiek! Kill! Human!”

A goblin was then struck on his head and rolled on the ground, b.u.mping into another table.


An angry goblin charged at another soldier.

“Sen! b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!”

“Phil! Move!”

A large man rolled to dodge, and a goblin struck the chair where he was a second ago.

“Ugh, this crazy goblin! Die!”

And just like that, all the soldiers and goblins who were in the saloon began to brawl.

“Those fools are fighting again.”

Soon, soldiers with blue armbands filed into the saloon. They were peacekeepers.

“Stop! Arrest all of them!”

The fight quickly died down. No soldier or goblin could resist the official peacekeepers. It was a common sight.

“They are good with handling the goblins now.”

“Yeah, we are now living in peace. I mean, we can’t go in there easily.”

Jinpok nodded at Joonb.u.m’s comment. He was talking about the cave network that appeared after the disaster. Earth had changed so much that it was now hard for humans to reach everywhere.

“We are having more of the other races coming to ally with us.”

“Yeah. I didn’t think humans have turned to that…”

Jinpok couldn’t finish but he was looking at a man with a dog-like face. There were also ones with horse bodies, and others with wings. They were like the races from mythology. However, unlike how they looked, they were still based on humans and wanted to side with the Khalodian Empire. These races only asked for equal treatment as humans and Khalodian’s medical support. They were especially interested in healing potions.

“But for those that suck blood… I was actually quite shocked.”

Doral recalled as Joonb.u.m and Jinpok smiled.

“Well, we can provide them with enough animal blood, and if that’s not enough we can have them take some blood we have for patients.”

“Yes. I think we are doing well.”

Joonb.u.m answered Jinpok and Doral responded.

“Are we? Humans are too greedy. I heard some out there are thinking about taking goblins back to Khalodian and selling them as slaves.”

Jinpok shook his head. The other countries beyond the Gate still had slaves. And with the recent drug incident, the forces from the other countries were now hostile to the Empire base.

‘Do we really need to take care of them?’

-We must not let them take land for themselves. That will allow n.o.bles to rise again.

Joonb.u.m thought of what Jackson said. But what he warned of would happen much later, when both Joonb.u.m and Jackson pa.s.sed away. That was the likelihood of how history would unfold in the future.

“Well, look at them flying!”

Jinpok looked up to the sky and saw a winged man flying. Joonb.u.m also followed where Jinpok was looking.

“If we have them in our empire, we can have flying troops.”

“Whoa, that sounds like an idea. But they are better.”

Jinpok turned to a man who looked like a wolf. His ears flapped, he probably had heard what they were talking about.

“We are just amazed at the different races, please do not be offended.”

Doral bowed respectfully; the man grinned and nodded as he walked away. Joonb.u.m smiled.

“They have good ears.”

“Good sense of smell, too.”

“And strong.”

Those men were werewolves. They were very strong physically.

“Well, why don’t we eat first?”


Joonb.u.m suggested and the other two agreed as they looked away from the werewolves.

End of Chapter


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