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Chapter 259: 259
‘They ignored Khalodian… and made the same mistake again . This kingdom is done for . There is no hope . ‘

Rohm was disappointed . The lord of the land had already escaped with his knights a long time ago . It was only the villagers and soldiers who were born here who stayed behind . “AAARGH! S-Save me!””UGH! NO! PUT HIM DOWN!”Rohm shouted as arrows penetrated the monster and the soldier’s bodies . ‘There’s no hope!’He was acting bravely, but it was fake . It had no use against the monsters . -Khalodian only helps those who help Khalodian! Listen, all those that hide behind clans and alliances, they are trying to backstab us! Our mercy towards you is done! You will face the brutal reality! To those who will prove yourselves, come to Khalodian! Those who will throw themselves at Khalodian to save your family, come! We will protect you! Anyone standing in our way will be our enemy!-Rohm now understood why the Emperor of the Khalodian Empire announced such a harsh declaration . It was him who had saved the continent from disaster after all . Yet the people seemed to ever so quickly forget the grace that saved them . “AAARGH!””STAND YOUR GROUND!”

“NOOOO!!!”People began to die, and the formation was destroyed . Rohm frantically swung his sword . He had incredible strength and was taller than anyone else as he had long arms that reached his knees, but his fighting prowess stopped anyone from making fun of him . “AAARGH!””KEEEKE!”His long arms moved like whips to cut monsters down . His 6-foot-long sword sliced through all the monsters that came near him and even made monsters back away in fear . “H-help, Sir Rohm!””Arrows!””Throw the fire bottles!”The people began to counterattack . Fire bottles were the outcome of a Khalodian weapon being replicated elsewhere, but they still worked wonderfully . As some monsters caught on fire, they began to back away .

Rohm stood still and breathed heavily . His energy was drained . It was then . -GYAAAAAAA!!!Everyone turned towards a tremendous roar and their eyes were filled with hopelessness . It was too big . A monster bigger than the wall was coming down the mountain . The other monsters moved out of its path as the giant monster walked toward the fortress . “W-what the h.e.l.l is that…?” someone mumbled, but n.o.body answered . They had never seen such a monster . “T-this… this was the monster they warned us of?””That’s impossible . . “”It even carries a weapon…”It was a monster that resembled a cyclops . The monster slammed its club on the ground and a few monsters were instantly killed . The monster then picked one up and ate it . “…Are we done for?” Rohm mumbled . Soldiers flinched and turned toward him . Their eyes saw Rohm’s fatigued expression . “…It’s been an honor, sir . “One of the soldiers spoke with a shaking voice . Some even began to cry . “Hey, we are not done yet! We will do our best until we die,” Rohm answered as he smiled .

“Yes, sir!”The soldiers shouted in unison . They began readying themselves . Arrows were fired and the monster began charging at them . As it strode up to the wall, it raised the club in the air to slam it down . Some soldiers closed their eyes, for what was about to come would surely kill them . Just then, they heard a gunshot . Everyone opened their eyes wide . The monster was standing still, with blood streaming down its head . “Gun! It’s a gun!” one of the soldiers shouted as the monster was flung back to the ground . “AINOS!””It’s the Ainos!”The soldiers shouted and looked in the direction of the gunshot . ‘The Ainos Guards! The army of the Khalodian Empire! So they have not abandoned us?’Rohm was confused, but he felt hope rushing back to him . “It’s the Ainos Guard! The Empire’s Ainos Guard is with us! FIGHT! FIGHT FOR OUR LAND! FOR OUR FAMILIES!!”Soldiers began bringing up their spears . It was time to counterattack . ‘I have to go . This place is ruined . ‘Rohm bit his lip . They had won this time, but there were more monsters to come . He turned to the Ainos people who had appeared .

End of Chapter


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