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It breaks my heart to post this late but real life matters.

I added some translators note in some line that I think a little bit confusing so decrease the complaint that someone did not get it.

If you have any comment or suggestion please let me know.

Anyway, enjoy reading! You’ll see Gale in a new light.

After sealing the “Miasma Hole of Doom” for the second time, I returned to the kingdom’s capital. Water mostly went down already.

No matter how much magic is used to generate a flood, a good land with drainage can’t be made a lake forever.

Lyle-sensei was preparing for the attack of a advance magician but it seems that he realized that Gale has failed and did not show up again.

Sensei was frustrated to the point of stomping with vexation his foot on the ground. Probably because the preparation were not enough.

As for that magician, the ident.i.ty remains a mystery.

An advanced magician is famous in every country, so I thought we can find it but it seems that there is no corresponding person.

Well, it’s hiding with the use of a black robe.

It is already sunset at the time we’re finished taking care of most of the remains of monsters.

In spite of that fierce battle, I was amazed at Louise, who started dismantling the monster’s flesh.

I’m the one who said to postpone it when we’re climbing the mountain. I can not see the bottom of Louise’s physical strength.

Well, we’re distributing rice porridge for the refugees. We also helped with cooking. After eating, I fell on my face on the ground since I’m quite exhausted.

Finally, the rebuilding of the Kingdom’s Capital began a few days later.

—Scene Change—

「Thus, Takeru-dono will be the regent of Princess Silhouette.」

「Is that the pattern again?」

Finally, sensei has a sense of extraordinary feeling against me.

By the way, what rank is it? If an official is appointed to a position that far exceeds his ability, the other party will put a curse and kill him.

***TN: Takeru is thinking about what is a regent and his ability to be one.**

「You want to avoid marrying Princess Silhouette? Collaboration between the hero and royal family’s lineage is at the very least, will be the line that can sustain the Kingdom’s Government against other countries and aristocrats.」

「Well, only in name.」

Why are you all trying to push the responsibility on me?

It’s better than getting married.

「I will do everything I can to negotiate with the government and the kingdom. If you don’t like the t.i.tle then First Consul, Guru, Generalissimo, or  whatever you want.」

「I had enough already with regent.」

The first consul is Napoleon.

Perhaps I think a Silesie Kingdom was a French model country, but the time would be different.

「Burnt down by a conflagration, and drifted by the flood. We have no choice but to rebuild the capital from scratch. It’s serious.」

「To that extent you look happy, sensei.」

Sensei has such a unique imprudence.

I’m neither insane nor ruthless, but a rogue ruler is good just like the reign of n.o.bunaga.

「Because we were able to clean up, we couldn’t say that the last state of the capital was of a wonderful city.」

「I understand it well.」

The refugees are overflowing and received no help. The royal family and aristocrats are just exploiting their people. The Knights and the bureaucrats are also making it worst for the people. They just folded their arms and look.

The whole city is covered up by something like hopeless miasma, and is gloomy just to see it; felt unpleasant.

Gale’s coup was foolish but it is a good opportunity for the oppressed people to overthrow the government.

The true “Miasma Hole of Doom” may be the previous capital itself.

After everything is washed away beautifully, there is nothing in the kingdom’s capital now, but the complexion of the citizen who grinds on in rehabilitation is cheerful.

The threat of the approaching monster also disappears. The party who repressed it by power was swept away by the top.

***TN: The party he’s referring to is the group of black dragon wyvern***

Even though lots of supplies are scarce, people can live if there is hope for the future.

「There’s a way for my firm to make money by bringing Ox’s wood and stone and metal products from the Ye Mountain range.」

When I said such a thing, I was seen in a surprised face.

「Takeru-dono still wants to gain more? 」

「It’s obvious. I want to set up a branch in this new capital. It may widen the business network in the kingdom’s side.」

「No, I was really appalled. I may be too ambitious to be a little too much, but Takeru-dono is also much more.」

「It would be nice if you could make money with an honest business. It’s much better than aristocrats who exploit from the bottom without doing anything.」

「That’s good. Then the reconstruction supply for the capital’s revival will be controlled by the Sawatari Commercial Firm. I will negotiate with the Kingdom’s government. The national treasury will be upset because of this. Let’s also repaint the capital in a splendid city with a cannon.」

「It’s called government rigging. As for this for the security of the nation, monopoly can’t be helped either.」

「Takeru-dono, this is also a charity project.」

「No, it is different.」

In any case, he will not do what she wants in war and politics without permission.

I will let her at least let me expand my business in the meantime.

—Scene Change—

With wanting to found out more about the fatal defect that happened in the “Miasma Hole of Doom” event, Lia started managing it with the church support.

A nationwide warrant was issued for the advance magician.

The cleaning up of this event is endless because it is boundless.

Even if I’m not involved, Lyle-sensei will be able to make sure that remedial measures are good.

Leaving the shrewd sensei like a fish that got in the water in the capital, I decided to go back to the City of Est with Louise.

When I arrive at the city, it is the same city as usual.

***TN:He’s basically saying nothing has changed***

What changed was that Count Donovan was promoted to a marquis.

Well I guess the Marquis Donovan will be able to increase the territory for a moment.

When I visit the Marquis’ residence, he still hasn’t return from the capital yet.

I guess that person was the Prime Minister. I am sorry to have kept you going back to the territory.

I was relieved to go back to the office of Sawatari Commercial Firm.

「Welcome back, Master!」

Sharon and the slave girls are busy working.

They went back to this office as soon as the war was over.

「Master, M&A advance smoothly.」

***TN: mergers and acquisitions***

「We finally started to buy company…」

Anyway, because the mining rights and the Ambazac Barony were rolled into the Sawatari Commercial Firm, a number of related professional guilds and company guilds have been affiliated.

The commercial firm won’t be around if Sharon is not the chairman. Rather, if Sharon didn’t manage everything by herself, it will not reach this scale(or maybe not).

***TN: He’s basically saying that the growth of the company is due to Sharon’s effort alone***

When it comes to product distribution and corporate acquisitions, the almost white silver haired Sherry is fighting with numerical formula at the side of Sharon.

Sherry is among the second batch of slaves after Sharon’s batch. She has a strange background as a daughter of a gambler. When sharon taught them about business for trial, she demonstrated high mathematical understanding and market a.n.a.lysis ability.

We get the market price and information gathering in the firm under our control and a.n.a.lyze it, how to distribute goods, and which business should be purchased next. I have raised my precise proposal to Sharon, my boss.

The information they are writing on the board with chalk is no longer in a state I can understand even if I am a highschool student.

It’s fun to watch when it’s vibrant. It has such a feeling like Seri City.

***TN:No idea what/where is Seri City***

「Well, Sherry seems to be working hard, do you have something you want?」

「Master, I have such a feeling during your absence, so please check it out.」

As I ask Sherry for a reward for her service, I was given a bunch of papers with numbers I don’t know. I am from liberal arts course.

Sherry looks at me expecting to look at the doc.u.ment with ease.

With this, I am troubled even if I am told to just check it.

I did not say this since I will be despised by Sharon. In fact, both bookkeeping and financial statements are things I do not understand well.

There was no such practical business affair processing in a game. Why is Lyle-sensei not on my side at time like this?

Pressed by the pressure, I have to say something.

「Alright, I’ll leave it to Sherry in the future. Do not acc.u.mulate the stock in circulation too much. Aim for efficient and simple logistics. Focus on industries that are oligopolistic or monopolistic. The rest… Well, listen to what Sharon says.」

***TN:Somehow I feel like in the future, he’ll say “Demiurge, I permit you to explain.”.***

「Indeed Master. Accurate comments hurts.」

I do not have confidence at all, I wonder if this is the right thing to do.

Honestly, I don’t know the meaning of the instructions I’m leaving myself.

「Sherry is doing well.」

「Thank you very much for your compliment. I am honored to be able to help master.」

I’m just talking about secondhand information of a simulation game.

For a high school student to be asked for decent business capability, I am in trouble.

It will be good if the bottom figure is the profit which is probably false.

The slave girls are mix of gems and pebbles. Sending someone like Sherry as a workforce until crushed to the mine is a waste.

***TN:Remember, Takeru and Lyle are buying slave girls that will be sent to a mine***

This country’s way of doing things is useless.

—Scene Change—

I took a bath as soon as I got back to the company.

I watch the water temperature now while a Rolu puts firewood.

Because the making ammonium nitrate is completely outsourced in the City of Est, Rolu becomes the person in charge of the bath.

If I were the usual, I will soak her in the bath, but today I am exhausted and I can not afford that kind of thing.

After that war, what kind physical strength everyone has to be able to return to normal business immediately?

I feel like going to Losgow and get cured by the hot spring.

When I washed my face with hot water, I felt like all the tiredness was going through.

「Haa, it is a bath after all.」

I may sound like a grandfather but I still like baths.

It reminds me of my hometown. Whichever world I enter, the goodness of bath doesn’t change.

I wonder if it’s a luxury to monopolize a large bathroom.

I entered without putting feint so someone might enter.

Look, as I say that, a little girl came in.

A shortcut silver hair. What is it, Sherry?


「Do you mind if I disturb you, master?」

「Ahh, I do not mind.」

I do not mind, but I thought Sharon would come.

She was saying that she was going to wash my hair all the time, it was unexpected that Sherry came.

「Is it unexpected that I have come?」

「Well …..」

She get into the bathtub after pouring the water properly. Properly educated.

「Sharon-onesama gives in for the reward.」

「Is that so?」

I was surprised again.

It’s super surprising for that woman to be obedient. Outside her gentle expression, she absolutely is not the type to give up.

Did she think highly of Sherry as a brain?

「Master, I think you are tired, but…」

「Ah, don’t tell it to everyone that you wash my hair.」

Sherry nodded.

It won’t take a big effort for one child.

I wash my body.

As I got out of the bath, I whipped soap.

I would like to have a light haircut. Even a clumsy one would be enough.

「It is the greatest honor of a slave girl to have wash master’s hair.」

「I see, I see……」

While my hair is being washed, I wonder if it is good to say to a child to stop doing things a little too much.

***TN:Takeru means there is no need for the slave girls to wash his hair and wanted to tell them to stop thinking that it is an honor to do so***

It’s Sharon’s bad influence by all means…….

Sherry’s hair has a beautiful texture like silver.

It is interesting because such a rare hair color does not exist in the world I came from.

「Next to master, I also want to wash Sharon-onesama. It is my dream to help Sharon-onesama to make the commercial firm bigger.」

「Is that so? That’s amazing.」

Sherry talks happily. She’d taken enough of my work and I do not mind it.

If that is what she want, I want her to do it at will.

I think that it is a favorable change because when Sherry came to me, she looks like dead even though still living.

「A merchant has a merchant country. In order to let master rule another Kingdom, I’ll also exert myself to the fullest.」

What a big vision. Another kingdom? What an impact.

Is it because this girl has a gambler’s blood? I become slightly worried that they may make a terrible mistake and make management go bankrupt…….

However, it is also probably good.

「All right. Then do as you like with all you have Sherry. Even if you go well or you do not, I will take responsibility! 」

「I’ll do my best!」

If you think about it in reverse, I won’t be bothered if Sherry fails and go bankrupt.

I do not rely on me alone. Because there are Louise and sensei too, even if a slave girl goes bankrupt, it is possible to feed her.

There are no problems.

「Ah, I’ll also wash master’s back.」

「Then, please.」

With her little hand, she rubbed my back with a towel, so I smiled.

Yeah, it was a good break.

「Then, we’ll soak in the bathtub again. Sherry, do not go up until counting to one hundred.」

「One, three, five or thirteen, eighty-nine, two hundred and thirty-three, one thousand five hundred and ninety-seven, twenty-eight thousand six hundred and fifty-seven, five hundred and fourteen thousand two hundred and twenty-nine, four hundred and thirty-three million four hundred and ninety-four thousand four hundred and thirty-seven, two billion nine hundred million…..」

It’s scary. When I thought it was a prime number, what is it? It’s a large number.

Stop doing mathematically blurry beyond the scope that I can tsukkomi!

Another one hundred are far far enough so it will go up!

—Scene Change—

「Well, it’s quite a taste. Let’s drink Sherry.」

「Thank you very much.」

How luxurious it is to have a cold drink from the refrigerator in the bath.

I can’t say that real fantasy is tough anymore.

By the way I’m drinking water ice coffee, Sherry is drinking fruit milk.

Of course my cup and Sherry’s milk bottle are made of gla.s.s.

「Mmm, after all, it is still impure.」

「The real bottle is transparent.」

It’s black history that I baked sand and failed in order to make gla.s.s. I burn weathered granite and quartz crust at high temperature and I understood soon enough that one like this bottle can be done.

It’s just low in transparency, far from being a transparent bottle like in modern times.

The information might be kept secret somewhere like the Venetian gla.s.s.

「Sherry, information is money. People who control the information will win the business.」

「I take master’s word in my heart.」

When I said that, Sharon who finished her work came.

「Arara, you’ve gotten along with Sherry.」

「Thanks to you.」

Sharon being an elder sister is much better than I expected.

You can understand by seeing the intelligence of the slave girl she is raising.

「It’s still early, but would you like to go to bed now?」

「Oh, yes. I am tired of being shaken by a carriage for a long time. I’ll brush my teeth and sleep slowly today.」

「Ok, master, please go here.」


Even if I’m not guided by Sharon, I know about my room.

Oh, there is no room for me.

「Master’s bedroom was changed to the room in the back of this place when the office was remodeled.」

「Is that so? I don’t mind since I entrusted it to Sharon but the bed is awfully big.」

It’s about the size of a semi-double.

Such a luxurious bed is in my house.

「Yes master, this was purchased you you can sleep slowly. I usually warm the bed.」

「Oh, I see.」

No, my bed is nominal. Sharon has a hobby of not getting permission. You bought a big bed and sleep.

Is it probably good? It cannot be helped because I entrusted it to her.

The greater also serves for the lesser.

I must say that a big bed feels good. I decided to go to bed slowly.

—Scene Change—

「I’m too careless. I…..」

Early morning, I thought there is something soft on my bed. Sharon was sleeping sideways in cotton underwear as it is quite natural.

It is good because this development should only be expected.

The problem is, if you think there is something soft in the bed it means that I fall asleep deeply that I did not notice that it is already crowded.

I embrace Sharon with all one’s might particularly, and make her a pillow. I don’t regret having spent the whole night.

The knowledge of the habitual presence in battlefield. If this is the world of master swordsman Musashi Miyamoto, I can get killed while sleeping.

I am called a hero too. The number of allies increased but the number of enemies also increased.

Originally, I should be more cautious.

「Sharon might not be necessarily wrong to say that I need a personal guard at bed.」

However, Sharon is sleeping with a happy face. Though she doesn’t seem to be useful as the guard of the bed, I permit it because it is lovely.

Oh, her ear moved twitchily.

「…… Good morning.」

「By any chance, were you awake?」

She’s good at sleeping, Sharon is a dog.

Dogs and cats are shallow sleeper but is a quarter beast person too?

「When Commander Louise is near, I do not have to worry. When you are in the company, we will protect you, master.」

「Really? You’re thinking in various ways.」

By the way, Louise and me came back to the City of Est yesterday together. Since she is responsible for the volunteer corps, she went to visit the base camp in Ona village and stayed.

Oh, wait a moment.

By any chance, when I peek outside the room.

「Master, good morning.」

Claudia was sitting with a chair in the hallway.

Fully armed with a bayonet and “black dragon wyvern scale armor” early in the morning. It’s a small Louise.

「Were you keeping an all-night watch?」

「I sleep by turns properly with Commander Louise so you do not have to worry.」

Suzanne is sleeping in a makeshift bed next to her.

She’s sleeping with a bayonet on the right side, these guys are doing Miyamoto Musashi more firmly than me.

The combination of Suzanne and Claudia. They received a graduate knight’s education from Louise.

There may be a teaching same as [the book of the Olympic Games] in the chivalry of the Middle Ages.

「Umm, for this…..」

How should this be judged? I told Sherry that I like what her doing. In the case of these girls.

When strict defense is strengthened, is it going to be a flag wherein I’ll be attacked?

***TN:He gave Sherry a push so he’s being cautious that if he also gave a push for these two, there is a possibility that instead of being safer, he’ll receive an enemy attack instead***

「What will you do, Master? It’s a result of thinking about what we can do.」

Unnoticed, Sharon got up and is stuck to my back.

I feel like deriving my conclusion somehow while saying what I want to do.

But well, there is no malice, so it is not that annoying.

「Claudia, you had a hard time. I will go to bed a little more so please continue.」

「Yes! I will protect master’s quiet sleep.」

The young knight apprentice stood up from the chair and smiled with a beautiful salute.

Looking at her, I slowly close the door.

「Then I’ll accompany to bed.」

「Do whatever you want.」

It makes you happy so it’s OK.

After all there is not enough rest.

It has become troublesome to think about various clutter.

I will dive into bed for a while and sleep.

Even if Sharon is rustling next to me, even if she smells good to extent where it doesn’t hinder quiet sleep. I’m in this harsh environment. Maybe I’m getting used to it.

Next chapter preview, Sister Stelliana and Princess Silhouette visit the Sawatari Commercial Firm.


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