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“If I make some progress with my bladework, it would be too simple to just go kill the three demon undyings. There’d be no challenge, naturally I wouldn’t be able to fully test my blade work.” Luo Feng’s eyes were excited. Even though his rewards from his 1,200 years of study in primal chaos city were huge, however law comprehension…was simply just theory.

Theory was very important.

Usage was just as important.

And the techniques that were used to attack and defend, like the four absolute manuals of Xi Luo Duo were most suitable for himself. As Luo Feng trained in the Beast G.o.d path too, these four manuals suited him well! Hence he had already reached a very high level of using the Beast G.o.d armament.


His earth body and gold horned beast were strongest at close combat!

His earth body, because of the soldier armor, was naturally strongest when using blade skills. But, Xi Luo Duo’s manuals had no such techniques! As for the golden horned beast’s close combat…none of its techniques were made with the concept of the Beast G.o.d path too.

Hence Luo Feng had to create his own.

“Back then, the illusionary seven blades that I learnt had long reached the creator’s level, however the seven blades themselves have no limit theoretically. They are simply seven techniques, Dutchman’s pipe, Pensive, Burial, Nightmare, Regret, End of the world. These seven techniques had seven different pathways, however they could be further studied…

“From my many battles these hundred years.”

“The experience I got from killing the other races, the practical experience has allowed me to constantly put the Beast G.o.d presence into these seven blades, making them stronger. Over the hundred years…I’ve finally made some progress with these seven techniques. The new seven absolute blade techniques are much more powerful, even though they still aren’t as powerful as Xi Luo Duo’s creations.”

Luo Feng’s new blade techniques were very powerful. However, compared to Xi Luo Duo’s absolute manuals…Luo Feng only dared to call them mild progress.

Of course…

This mild progress was only in comparison to Xi Luo Duo. Who was he? He was the greatest being in history of the entire gold horn race, a true absolute power of the universe.

“Star eating plant.”

Luo Feng smiled and raised his hand, the undying plant swiftly shrank from all the caves of the fragment into a little plant that entered his shoulder.

“Let’s head out to test my blade!” Luo Feng’s eyes gleamed as he flew out.

He took a black disc s.h.i.+p and flew at sub light speed over fog island.

“Luo Feng, there’s a team by that mountain range, there are four undyings.”

“Too weak.” He stood in the control room and gazed at the vast Fog island. Fog engulfed the entire area, he could barely see the mountain ranges along with the statues that were scarred from the trillions of years of battle.

After awhile…

“Luo Feng, there is a team of six undyings 920 hundred million km away.”

“Just six? It’s still not enough. It’s best to get an official level undying, batting with one…” Luo Feng shook his head, “It’s been 100 years since I came to Fog island and yet I’ve never b.u.mped into an official level undying.”

Babata’s voice resounded in the control room, “Fog Island is incredibly vast. There are only twelve known officials, how could it be so easy to into them?”

After awhile…

“This team is not bad, there are eight undyings.”

“Barely enough to test my blade, however let’s look for something stronger.” Luo Feng replied, “Babata, continue the search.”

After awhile…

“Wow, 990 million km away there are twelve undyings gathered together. Twelve undyings, Luo Feng, isn’t this too much?” Babata was hesitant, “You couldn’t even withstand the fight against eight of them back then, and you’ve never encountered so many before. Even though you’ve improved a lot, this time…let’s look for ten undyings.”

“Twelve?” Luo Feng looked at the details on his arm quantum computer.


Looking at the group of undyings, his eyes gleamed. These twelve undyings were split into three races. The Eternal dragon race, the Ka Wu race and the Starlight race.

The Eternal dragon race was a flesh and blood life form. They were about 6-8m tall, and were bloodthirsty and renowned. Its head was somewhat like an alligator, and it had four thick limbs and a scaled tail along with a black sh.e.l.l on its back.

Ka Wu race: This was a rock life form, which was 15-20m tall. From a glance, it looked like it was completely made of alloy, and it had all sorts of appearances. It could look like humans or demons, however it was mainly a rock life form.

Starlight race: They were an energy life form. It was a peculiar life form that could take all forms. It wasn’t affected by soul attacks. It was similar to the Mosha clansman…of course it didn’t have its heavenly cloning ability. However the moment it reached undying, the starlight clan became very powerful, and its energy crystal within would meld with its undying body. Because of its natural talent, it’s regeneration ability was incredible, even more so than the Qiu s.h.i.+ race. It would probably take destroying its body hundreds of times to kill a normal undying from the starlight race.

These three were all on the bug clan side.

Amongst these twelve undyings, eight of them were from the Eternal dragon race, three from the Ka Wu and one from the Starlight.

“My blade… will be tested on them.” Luo Feng’s eyes burned with spirit.

“Yes!” Babata replied loudly.


The disc s.h.i.+p flew swiftly towards the mountain range.

About one hour later, the s.h.i.+p finally reached the mountain range. With Luo Feng’s scanning device…it was obvious that the team didn’t even detect him getting close to them. The twelve undyings still stayed gathered together, discussing battles, allies, law comprehension and so on.

“Star eating sector lord, hmph.” The 16m tall Ka Wu undying raged. “You are overestimating him, he only has such strength because of that undying plant life form. Without it, how many undyings can he kill? Compared to the twelve officials…he’s far from them!”

“Long Suo.” An eternal race undying said solemnly beside, “We all know his true strength is a lot lower than the officials. However even an official level undying would normally find it extremely hard to kill a normal undying alone. That Star eating sector lord however can rely on his plant to trap his target. In terms of threat level…the star eating sector lord is higher. But a hundred years ago, when he hadn’t even come to fog island, the undyings all moved in pairs and three’s Now however, they all move in fives or sixes, why is this? It’s all because of that star eating sector lord, will you not admit to that?”


Long Suo snorted angrily, “His luck is just good. If he meets a true official level undying, against their undying body and strong attacks, he will definitely die.”



The side of the mountain immediately blew open with countless amounts of rubble flying about, almost like the entire sky was cras.h.i.+ng down on them. Rubble flooded the palace, making the twelve undyings enraged. They all released their powerful law domains, be it fire, lightning etc…to knock away all the rocks, burning them or freezing them.

Once the dust settled, a silhouette appeared.

He was covered in a black armor from head to toe, and was wielding a six edged s.h.i.+eld with a blade on his back. Pa! Pa! Pa! He slowly walked forward, and his boots smas.h.i.+ng the rubble below. As he got closer, his silhouette became visible. He stared coldly at the twelve powerful undyings, and the twelve of them all saw his face clearly.

“Star eating sector lord!”

“Star eating sector lord!”

The twelve undyings all felt pressure, as his reputation was renowned, having spread all over Fog island. Which undying wouldn’t know of the star eating sector lord.

“Star eating sector lord.” The most beautiful of the twelve with colorful star like long hair and crystal like skin, a lady 6m tall from the starlight race looked at Luo Feng, “We don’t want to be your enemies, but with the twelve of us combined, we are not afraid of you too, please leave.”

“We wish you to leave.” One eternal dragon undying said hoa.r.s.ely.

Luo Feng stepped on the rubble. Looking at the messy palace, his gaze sweeping past the twelve of them as he smiled, “What a joke, wouldn’t soldiers from different camps fight the moment they meet. Yet, you are actually asking me to leave, haha…I’m here to kill you all. If you are afraid, just flee now.”


“Despicable human.”

“Would twelve undyings fear you?”

The twelve undyings were all angered. Undyings were all prideful creatures,they may bow before the strong warriors but that didn’t mean they would take humiliation.

“Cut the c.r.a.p.” Luo Feng immediately grabbed his blade from his back.


He drew it out of its scabbard.

The blade and the six edged s.h.i.+eld were both weapons he ordered in primal chaos city. As his strength grew, the level 5 weapons would break easily in a fight with undyings. Hence, he ordered weapons made from materials used to make emperor level weapons, spending six million points.

“Other race warriors, die.” Luo Feng shouted.

“Savage human.”

“Star eating sector lord, the twelve of us don’t believe that we can’t kill you.”



The twelve undyings were raging. In an instant, six eternal dragon race members simultaneously unleashed their undying energy to use soul attacks. Weng! Six soul attacks instantly pa.s.sed the soldier armor, its special material had already diffused over 99% of the attack, and the remainder hit his core within.

The inner pearl had a little sleeping Beast G.o.d that wrapped about it.

Rumble! The soul attacks. .h.i.t directly on the Beast G.o.d.

Howl…the Beast G.o.d opened its eyes and roared. These ripples completely diffusing the attacks.

This was one of the four Xi Luo Duo absolute manuals, soul defense…Beast G.o.d Howl!


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