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Swallowed Star is a web novel produced by I Eat Tomatoes, Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi, 我吃西红柿.
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Even though Wei Tie, Wei Qing, and Chen Gu were surprised by their captain’s suggestion, they still nodded in agreement in the end. They also knew clearly that one of the members in the fire hammer squad will grow at a rapid rate. If they can’t keep up….. then in time, they’ll be abandoned.
After that, Luo Feng and the others split up in the HR alliance market and returned to their respective homes by train.

Yang-Zhou city, Ming-Yue sector.

As of now, it was already deep into the night. A fighter-only car——a Volkswagen Touareg SUV, encountered no resistance as it entered the sector.


The Volkswagen Touareg stopped in front of the entrance to the Limit Hall. Chen Gu, Zhang Ke, and Luo Feng’s homes were all gathered in front of the Limit Hall’s entrance. Homes of dojo instructors, like chief instructor Wu Tong, were also there.

Luo Feng opened the door and got off the car. The first thing he saw was his father and mother standing and his brother sitting in his wheelchair.

“Brother!” Luo Hua was the first to yell.

“Luo Hua, Dad, Mom” Luo Feng hugged his parents and his brother. Luo Feng was able to feel his parent’s joy. Chen Gu and Zhang Ke were also with their family members. However, the faces of Zhang Ke’s wife and daughter were filled with tears.

Even though they already knew beforehand that Zhang Ke lost his arm, they still cried.

“Wife, daughter, I’ll be with you guys forever now”. You couldn’t see any sorrow on Zhang Ke’s face.

“Brother Zhang” Luo feng stole a glance. There was an extremely high possibility of the tiger fang squad attacking the fire hammer squad because of the feud he had with Zhang Ze Hu.

“The three heroes of our dojo have returned safely. It’s quite late now, so let’s all get some nice rest” laughed chief instructor Wu Tong. The group laughed as they split up and Luo Feng and his family members returned home.

After returning home, Luo Feng was finally able to completely relax. On the first day he returned, he didn’t train and just relaxed. Wearing his loose dojo uniform, he took a relaxing walk in the sector.

Afternoon, the September sun was still ruthless.

“Luo Feng, take a trip to the dojo” called Chen Gu through his phone, “The captain’s here”.

“Oh, I’ll be right there”

Luo Feng immediately rushed towards the Dojo of Limits.

In a bar on the Dojo of Limit’s first floor, Luo Feng, Chen Gu, and Gao Feng were sitting together. The drapes covered the window on the side to prevent the sunlight from s.h.i.+ning in.

“Luo Feng, here are the two 9th series throwing knives you wanted” laughed Gao Feng as he handed them over, “A total of 45 million. Hurry up and transfer the money, you rich man. I won’t mind accepting any extra tip if you’re willing to give some”.

“9th series throwing knives?” Luo Feng immediately accepted the delicately wrapped box.

After opening the box, the interior was split into two sections. Each section had a knife in it, and both of them were black. When Chen Gu and the others asked Gao Feng to help them purchase the genetic medicine, Luo Feng asked the captain to help him buy two 9th series throwing knives. Right now, good throwing knives are very important to Luo Feng!

Whether throwing knives or other weapons, the prices keep going up!

Throwing knives are cheap because they’re small and use very little material. Even a high level horde leader level monster would have trouble destroying a 9th series throwing knife.

“Captain, I transferred 45 million” Luo Feng directly transferred through his cell phone.

“Didn’t even give a dollar extra” said Gao Feng purposefully.

“Luo Feng, you have so much money now, so why don’t you buy a better blade? A better battle uniform?” laughed Chen Gu. He just received his genetic medicine, so he was in an extremely good mood.

Luo Feng shook his head: “Throwing knives are light and don’t use much material, so I can afford them. A blade and uniform? A 9th series ghost blade is 3 billion Chinese dollars. A 9th series battle uniform is even more absurd. In total, it’ll be 12 billion Chinese dollars. How can I afford that?”. The price difference between soldier level, warlord level, and warG.o.d level weapons were indeed very large.

So he’ll just buy throwing knives!

If even a horde leader can’t rip open that battle uniform, then it wouldn’t be weird for that uniform to be extremely expensive.

And with his ‘advanced warrior level’ fitness level, even if he’s wearing an 8th or 9th series battle uniform and it remains intact after the attack from a horde leader, the impact of the attack would be enough to destroy his vital organs! Even if a beggar wears robes, he wouldn’t become royal. If his body is warrior level and his battle uniform is warG.o.d level….. that’s a waste of a battle uniform!

“A battle uniform is way, way more expensive than throwing knives” laughed Gao Feng, “Luo Feng is right. His 5th series battle uniform is appropriate for his current body fitness level”.

“Luo Feng” said Gao Feng.

“Hm?” Luo Feng looked towards the captain.

“Right now, Chen Gu and the two Wei Jia brothers are all going to use the genetic medicine. The genetic medicine will need around a months time to completely show its effect! And after their strength increase, they’ll also need one or two months of training to get used to their stronger power. So——We’ll probably rest for two or three months. After two or three months, we’ll enter the wilderness again” said Gao Feng.

Chen Gu also nodded.

“I understand” laughed Luo Feng as he nodded, “I’ll take this chance to train too. I gained quite a bit from this time’s trip into the wilderness. Now that I’m back, I’ll train productively”.

“Okay” laughed Gao Feng as he nodded, “If we want to meet again, let’s meet in the main city sector. Coming here from my home takes quite a bit of time after all”.


Luo Feng and Chen Gu nodded.

The main sector city is the center of the entire headquarter city. It’s extremely convenient to go there from Yang-Zhou city or any other surrounding city.

After the captain left, Luo Feng brought the two throwing knives home.

That night.

In Luo Feng’s home’s training hall, there was a transparent piece of gla.s.s with a width and length of around one meter in the middle of the ceiling. Like water, the moonlight shone through the gla.s.s. Sitting in the middle of the training hall, Luo Feng could see the infinite starry sky with a glance through the gla.s.s.

“HU~~HU~~” the two black throwing knives were encircling Luo Feng.

“The dark, golden ball is still in my realm of consciousness, and it holds a large amount of spiritual force! It’s just that my body isn’t strong enough to withstand so much spiritual force” Luo Feng thought to himself, “So what I need to do now is to raise my body fitness level as fast as possible!”.

“As my body gets stronger, my spiritual force will naturally get stronger too! It’ll keep growing until one day the dark, golden ball vanishes!”

After that, Luo Feng started practicing bitterly and seriously according to the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》 instruction manual and the DVD that came with it.

The technique, ‘Liu Guang’, the Dao Yin technique ‘Nine Stage Hun Yuan’, and the blade technique, ‘Thunder Blade’.

And Luo Feng has already completed the first stage of the thunder blade in the wilderness!



Deep into the night, whenever Luo Feng does a chop, an uppercut, or a slash, he uses the force exertion techniques from the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》. Each attack incorporates two stages of force exertion, which means that Luo Feng’s body’s muscles instantly exert another force each time.

Exerting another force instantly when slas.h.i.+ng is a huge burden on your bones, muscles, cells, etc!

After practicing for around half an hour, Luo Feng became so tired that he couldn’t even move as he sat on the floor, the force exertions from the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》actually bring a tremendous burden on every portion of your body! After resting for five minutes, Luo Feng started practicing the Dao Yin technique《Nine Stage Hun Yuan》, the originally exhausted body, as if relaxing in a hot spring, became comfortable and soft.

After practicing the blade and Dao Yin techniques, finally –

Luo Feng started undergoing the most basic genetic training technique that even the most powerful fighters of the world must follow: ‘Wu Xin Xiang Tian’.


After training, Luo Feng felt like every single cell in his body was starving. This caused the genetic energy he absorbed to be crazily swallowed up. Every time he practiced caused the limit to rise. One minute, two minutes….. as time went on, Luo Feng became more and more shocked. Finally, every cell in his body, as if stuffed with food, couldn’t absorb anymore.

“The amount of genetic energy I absorbed today is double the amount I absorbed in the past!” Luo Feng was completely astonished.

“The instruction manual said that, the more I practice the《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》the more genetic energy I’ll be able to absorb. I can’t believe it was this much!” Luo Feng didn’t think it would be this absurd, despite the instruction manual’s explanations.

When someone practices until they become so tired that they’re unable to move-

It means that there’s too much Ru acid in their muscles, which is when all the muscles in your body become tired! The body and many other cells didn’t really join in the exercise, but Luo Feng’s《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》force exertions causes the body and cells to join in too.

Just like someone’s appet.i.te becomes larger after exercising a lot.

When the body and cells use up lots of energy, their ‘appet.i.te’ increases greatly, allowing them to absorb much more genetic energy!

“I’m only on the first stage and yet the amount of genetic energy absorbed increased by so much. How fast will I be after getting to the ninth stage? Not only will I be able to train quickly, but my blade’s power will also increase greatly. No wonder you can become the strongest fighter on the entire world. Number one speed and number one body fitness” gasped Luo Feng out of amazement.

What does it mean if your body fitness level increases quickly?

For Luo Feng, it means that the amount of spiritual force he’ll be able to handle will also increase greatly!

Starting from this day, Luo Feng approached his limits every day as he trained himself. And he finally found the best way to train, which is undergoing ‘Liu Guang’ as he swings his blade! The speed doesn’t have to be quick, but each slash and step has to be serious. After exhaustion, he starts training his Dao Yin technique.

After undergoing Dao Yin technique training, he would have restored quite a bit of strength.

He’ll once again train his technique and blade technique! And then undergo Dao Yin technique training again!

Only in the end will he start his genetic energy training. This method of training is the most efficient! This process takes around just six complete hours, which is also the best way for Luo Feng to raise his body fitness level!

Actually, with the help of the spirit reader’s large amount of spiritual force, his body fitness level naturally improves quickly. And Luo Feng is also training in the world’s ‘ultimate’ technique, the 《Nine Stage Thunder Blade》, so his rate of improvement is even more startling. Luo Feng was improving every single day. In a blink of an eye, a month’s time has pa.s.sed.

“HU!” “HU!” Each of Luo Feng’s swings caused powerful winds to form in the training hall, which naturally dissipated when hitting against the walls. This villa was designed by the Dojo of Limits, so naturally the training hall was carefully made.

“Hm? A call from the captain?”

Luo Feng walked to the side and picked up the phone.

“Luo Feng, it’s been about a month. Chen Gu, Wei Tie, and Wei Qing’s strength have increased by quite a bit after using the genetic medicine. I think that we should meet a bit?” asked Gao Feng through the phone. As of now, the strongest person in the fire hammer squad is actually Luo Feng. And Luo Feng’s position will become more and more stable in the future.

So Gao Feng asks for Luo Feng’s opinion first.

“Alright, we haven’t seen each other for a while” laughed Luo Feng as he nodded. This past month, he has been completely obsessed with training. However, his swift improvement indeed feels really great.

“Okay, let me see. We’ll go to the HR alliance market, since they have the best service” said Gao Feng, “When is a good time?”


Luo Feng’s heart suddenly skipped a beat as he remembered Xu Xin’s words——“In the next few days, school will start for me. But during college, I’ll be the manager here on Fridays and the weekend”.
“Captain, I think we should meet this” said Luo Feng.

“ Alright, this”.


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