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Read Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 1211 – My Mother-in-law Is the Best!

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Chapter 1211: My Mother-in-law Is the Best!

The moment before the clash, Lin Wanwan took a sudden turn, and the car ahead could barely touch her boot.

However, the car following behind wasn’t so lucky. It took too long to brake, and the two vehicles collided head-on.


The engines were wrecked as the cars lost control on the road.

Lin Wanwan smirked and drove off casually.

Back at the Yun Mansion, she dialed Lu Zhanbei’s number, but his phone wasn’t turned on.

“This unreliable guy.”

Lin Wanwan couldn’t help but wonder if the Lu family sent the men. After all, there weren’t many who would dare to her in the Imperial Capital.

Fu Wanyi’s words could be a warning, or they could be a reminder.

The night pa.s.sed quietly.

“Fiery Rose” brought a bright smile to Yue Xiang’s face. He agreed to a media conference despite hating the need to face the camera.

Lin Wanwan and the leading actors attended the conference along with him.

In the backstage, Lin Wanwan was putting on makeup. Lin Qingxi, Li Yan, and other female staff were present as well.

Li Yan looked at Lin Qingxi in admiration. “Qingxi, your performance was praised by everyone, and your fans on Weibo had risen by millions!”

Lin Qingxi smiled humbly. “I’m just doing fine.”

Just then, a staff member turned on the TV out of boredom.

“Wow. It’s an interview with Fu Wanyi.”

The reporter was asking Fu Wanyi. “Secretary-General Fu, we all know that the female lead was based on your great grandmother. Some feel that Lin Wanwan’s acting was disappointing, and others said that Lin Qingxi would have done better. What is your opinion on this matter?”

The ones in the holding room turned their eyes to the screen.

There were indeed such rumors these days.

Lin Wanwan felt slightly nervous.

She had Si Han investigate the matter and found out that someone was leading the comments. However, she didn’t mind it.

If Fu Wanyi agreed to the rumors, it would be detrimental to her.

Lin Qingxi was becoming hopeful.

As long as Fu Wanyi showed the slightest dissatisfaction, she could use the chance to attack Lin Wanwan.

“Qingxi, the viewers are the fairest judges. Madam Fu must also feel that it would have been better if you acted instead of Lin Wanwan. Lin Wanwan, what do you think?”

Lin Wanwan took on her taunt. “There is no such thing as ‘if’ in this world.”


Lin Qingxi cut Li Yan off. “Yanyan, everyone has an idea of how acting works, and I’m sure Madam Fu is a wise person.”

Lin Wanwan found it hilarious.

Did Lin Qingxi imply that Fu Wanyi would undoubtedly agree with the rumors?

Where did she get such confidence?

However, Lin Wanwan couldn’t deny that possibility when she recalled Fu Wanyi calling her “nondescript.”

“Lin Wanwan is the most suitable person, in my opinion.”

Fu Wanyi’s words caused varying reactions in the room.

Li Yan and Lin Qingxi looked like they were slapped in the cheeks as their faces turned red. Even Lin Wanwan found it rather unbelievable.

Did she hear it wrong?

Fu Wanyi didn’t take the chance to mock her but helped her out instead?

My mother-in-law is the best!

The reporter continued, “Does this mean that Madam Fu is satisfied with Lin Wanwan?”

“Acting-wise, I have nothing against her.”

Others wouldn’t understand what she meant, but Lin Wanwan did.

She had approved of her acting but didn’t agree with Lu Zhanbei being with her.

Her way of speech was impressive.

“Wanwan, Qingxi, it’s your turn!”


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