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Read Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 190 – The Drug Addiction Kicked Up!

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Chapter 190: The Drug Addiction Kicked Up!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Upon looking at this same scene, Lu Zhanbei’s expression changed slightly. He looked at the vibrating mobile in his hand, turned around, and headed outside to pick up the call.

After the celebratory toast, it was the interview segment next.

The reporters had long prepared a bunch of questions and immediately rushed to ask them.

“Director An, you have complimented Lin Wanwan greatly on several occasions. We could tell that you appreciate her a lot. Will there be another cooperation in the future?”

“Ms. Lin, you have been made famous quickly by playing the role of Bai Xianxian. Can we talk about your future plans?”


After they had finished asking, An Qiao signaled them to be quiet. All the media’s microphones stretched over.

An Qiao first answered a few questions, then pa.s.sed the microphone to Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan gave a slight smile and said in a clear and sweet voice, “I have accepted an urban television drama series, and I am filming…”

The reporters listened as they recorded.

However, Lin Wanwan did not manage to finish her words. Her body suddenly trembled, as if it was being stripped off all strength. The microphone fell to the ground and made a loud sound.

“Girl!” An Qiao’s face changed slightly. He looked at Lin Wanwan, whose body started to tremble. “What happened to you?”


The sudden itch in her bones made Lin Wanwan want to scratch her skin off. She struggled hard to tolerate it, and both her hands clenched the long table’s tablecloth tightly. She tried her best to maintain a calm expression, but a trace of pain was visible from her eyes.

She had some impression of what this feeling was.

She was afraid… her drug addiction had kicked up!

What does she do?!

“Girl, what exactly is wrong with you?!”

An Qiao’s anxious shouts surrounded her. Lin Wanwan did not have any excess energy to answer him. All her willpower was being used to resist this overbearing invasion!

Numerous minute veins were already visible on the hand that was holding on to the tablecloth. Her face with light makeup was now as pale as paper, and she was covered in cold sweat.

Her strange look naturally could not escape the eyes of everyone.

“What happened to Lin Wanwan?”

“I don’t know. She became like that suddenly.”

“Hold on, don’t you guys think that the situation now looks like her drug addiction had kicked up?”

“… Now that you mention it, it does look like that. Wasn’t Lin Wanwan injected with drugs by Tao Xinyue before? It’s not easy to kick away this addiction!”

“Should we help?”

The reporters talked among themselves and even forgot about taking photographs.

The rest of the guests in the room sensed the commotion and gathered around.

After knowing what was going on, they watched with excitement as they pointed at Lin Wanwan, obviously not intending to help.

“Hang in there, I’ll send you to the hospital immediately!” An Qiao immediately wanted to lift Lin Wanwan up.

She nodded with difficulty. She was already drenched in sweat and felt that her crumbling rationale would completely disappear anytime soon.

She had to leave immediately. If not, once she completely lost control, her ugly behavior would be seen by everyone. If word gets out, even if everyone knew that she had her difficulties, she would be blacklisted forever!

Just then, Bai Youran delicately and gracefully walked over. Her exquisite face couldn’t hide her smugness and disdain. She deliberately said in a loud voice, “Lin Wanwan, the interview’s not completed yet. How can you leave the scene earlier? Or are you trying to say all of us here are not worthy in your eyes?”

A small gla.s.s of alcohol could bring about such a huge surprise. Even G.o.d was helping her!

It was very clear that the intention of Bai Youran’s words was to sow discord.

After hearing this, the rest of the sons from rich families looked unkind. They wanted to continue watching the excitement and kicked up a fuss together.

“Exactly, it’s still early. What’s the rush?”

“The interview’s not completed yet. n.o.body is allowed to leave. We are not here to see an actress stirring up trouble!”


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