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Read Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 411 – Whether She Wants It or Not Is Her Business.

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Read WebNovel Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 411 – Whether She Wants It or Not Is Her Business.

Chapter 411: Whether She Wants It or Not Is Her Business. Whether I Want to Give It or Not Is My Business.

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“You don’t have to worry. Leave this to me.”

“Ok, thank you. Si Dada will be a unifying ruler in the ages to come!”

“You may rise.”

Upon hearing these words, Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief.


She had managed to coax this man.

On the other end, Si Han left the noisy reserved room and arrived at the parking lot.

As he walked past a luxury car, he tilted his head fiercely. Coincidentally, the other party’s door was pulled open. A handsome and indifferent face was revealed.

“Come on in?”

Si Han looked at him and sat in. His tone was cold as he said, “Mr. Lu, if you would like me to help solve Lin Wanwan’s problem, you don’t have to waste time. No matter what, she’s an artist I brought up. The reason why I’m helping her is definitely not because of you.”

“I know.” Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow and took out dozens of doc.u.ments that were not too thick from his side. “For you. You can pick one yourself.”

Si Han flipped open one of them and realized that it was a contract signing with one of the TV stations. It was already stamped.

The column for the name of the production was empty. As long as any drama’s name was filled in, the contract would take effect immediately.

Also, the broadcast time on the contract was the primetime belt on Fridays and Sat.u.r.days.

Si Han flipped open a second doc.u.ment and it was the same as above.

He quickly flipped through all the contracts and realized these were all TV stations in Xia country that had received the most stable viewers.h.i.+p ratings. Even the Imperial Capital TV station was in this impressive list.

Under these circ.u.mstances, there were not more than three people in Xia country who could let all these major TV stations obediently sign the contract without even asking.

“…” Si Han could not help but twitch his lips.

It was just that when he thought of how Lu Zhanbei had liked Lin Xiao before and had now “forgotten the old for the new,” his tone could not help but carry a hint of sarcasm.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Lu to care so much about Lin Wanwan. On behalf of my artiste, I thank you. However, haven’t you expressed your sincerity to the wrong person?”

Lu Zhanbei pretended not to hear his ridicule. “If I give it to her, she wouldn’t want it.”

“Yet, you’re still giving it?”

“Whether she wants it or not is her business. Whether I want to give it or not is my business.”

The result was more important than the process.

Si Han gave a cold laugh. “So you want to pa.s.s them to her through my hands. Aren’t you worried she would be angry if she finds out?”

“She wouldn’t, and she couldn’t bear to.”

Upon hearing this, Si Han turned his head with a look of scorn. “If I’m so disgusted that I couldn’t eat my dinner, will Mr. Lu be responsible?”

Lu Zhanbei shrugged his shoulders, signaling he didn’t care about his appet.i.te.

Si Han threw the stack of doc.u.ments over. He dug out a cigarette and held it in his mouth. “Bring these back. I don’t need them. Although I, Si Han, have left the entertainment circle for two years, I can still settle such minor things myself. If you want to express your sincerity, Mr. Lu, it’s best to find Lin Wanwan directly.”

He pushed open the car door and got off the car with his long legs.

“Si Han.”

Though he heard Lu Zhanbei’s voice, Si Han didn’t turn his head back. “Is there still something else?”

Lu Zhanbei’s eyes were subtle, yet his tone was as indifferent as before. “Actually, Lin Xiao has always been by our side and never left.”

Hearing Lin Xiao’s name, Si Han experienced a moment of suffocation in his chest.

Lin Xiao’s death was a pain he’d carry in his heart forever.

“Of course, she would always be alive in my heart.”

After saying this sentence, Si Han stepped forward. However, he stopped again after taking a few steps.

“Lu Zhanbei, I can accept that you’ve s.h.i.+fted your love to another person. However, I can’t accept that you’re two-timing Lin Xiao and Lin Wanwan. If you still can’t completely forget about Lin Xiao, then you’d better not come close to Lin Wanwan. If you do, I will use all means to force the two of you to be separated!”

Lin Wanwan was an artist he had selected. No matter what, he would protect her.


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