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Read Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! Chapter 772 – Taste of Conspiracy (2)

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Chapter 772: Taste of Conspiracy (2)

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She stepped forward. Her clear eyes were full of arrogance and unwillingness, but most of all, there was anger. She was seemingly not afraid of the emperor.

“When you were young, you were a great hero who conquered powerful tribes one after another. Why are you so silly now as to accept a demonic girl as your concubine? I definitely disallow it!”

The extravagance and dignified look Lin Wanwan displayed was incomparable. Everyone was absorbed in watching the drama, and no one spoke for a very long time.


In the end, Luo Nanxi coughed.

The director seemed to have woken up from a dream. He smiled in embarra.s.sment. “Your acting… is ok.”

Upon hearing this, the staff personnel in the room could not help but pout.

This could only be deemed as… ok?

He was blind!

It was Luo Nanxi’s turn next.

Luo Nanxi glanced at Lin Wanwan. There was a faint look of smugness in her eyes, as if she had already won.

Lin Wanwan could only pretend she didn’t notice her gaze. A trace of playfulness arose in her heart.

It looked like her sixth sense was correct. Indeed, this was a conspiracy.

Luo Nanxi’s acting skills were better than the starlet’s, but it was not much better. Anyone with eyes could tell that she paled much more in comparison with Lin Wanwan.

It looked like there wasn’t any suspense in the outcome.

As everyone came up with this thought, they heard the director say in admiration, “Luo Nanxi has acted well. She managed the degree of relaxations well and has acted out the princess’ arrogance and dignity. Although Lin Wanwan’s acting was ok, she was too serious and lost the liveliness a princess should have.”

“…” Everyone looked as if they had seen a ghost.

The director couldn’t have been blind, right? How could he go against his conscience to say such words?

Lin Wanwan was indifferent. As long as one was determined, he or she could pick out bones from an egg.

“The role of the princess goes to Luo Nanxi.”

Luo Nanxi walked up elegantly and gave a bow. “Thank you, Director, for your recognition of me.”

The director nodded absentmindedly. He couldn’t stand everyone’s strange gazes and made up an excuse to leave.

Luo Nanxi smiled. She was about to ridicule Lin Wanwan, who had failed, when she found the latter holding her hand agitatedly, looking sincere.

“That’s great, Ms. Luo. I was fretting that my schedule was too packed and I wouldn’t have time to accept this drama. Thankfully, you are here to help!”

Luo Nanxi’s face became contorted immediately.

If a loser didn’t feel that she had lost, then even if the winner had won, she wouldn’t feel too happy either.

“Lin Wanwan, I know you must be feeling uncomfortable in your heart now that you lost. Why do you have to pretend in front of me?”

Lin Wanwan smiled meaningfully. “Ms. Luo, go for it. Your acting skills are enough to match up to the quality of this drama.”

Such a soft needle pierced Luo Nanxi and her face changed.


Without waiting for her to continue polluting the air, Lin Wanwan turned around and left.

Luo Nanxi gritted her teeth and flipped her hair. She walked away with her high heels.

This was just the beginning. The best was yet to come!

The starlet left together with Lin Wanwan. She was called Mi Xue. Her face was filled with indignation at the moment.

“Ball, there must be an inside story. Luo Nanxi’s acting skills and yours were like a showdown between a primary school child and a post-doctorate student. She couldn’t possibly have won against you!”

Lin Wanwan smiled. “It’s not that exaggerated as you have said. No worries. Anyway, I’m not interested in this script to begin with.”

The cute fan was still feeling indignant.

Lin Wanwan bid farewell to Mi Xue. She was about to drive back to Yun Mansion when she received Si Han’s call.

“The audition failed.”

“How did you know?”

“Go to Weibo and take a look for yourself.”

Lin Wanwan opened the application and realized that the t.i.tle “Luo Nanxi suppressing Lin Wanwan” was ranked seventh.


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