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Read Sweet Chief Secretary Chapter 218 To Die With Honor Instead To Live With Disgrace

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.Coming out of the home of Jiang Yayan, Xia Yu received a phone call from Shen Qiang, “Sister!”

Shen Qiang did not continue to speak after that.

Xia Yu felt her heart tightened, “Any results?”

“Nothing. My second brother said that the members of Tengfei will also join in the vote. Now, not all attendance arrives, so the vote has not started.”

“Will your grandma agree with that?”

“Yes, but Second Madame said that only those who are above the middle cla.s.s in the company have the qualification.”

When the faces of the middle-cla.s.s members flashed through her mind, Xia Yu felt somewhat afraid because beneath the superficial modest and courtesy, they were indeed flip-floppers.

“Sister, do you also feel unexpected about this?” Shen Qiang was also shocked by this news because he couldn’t figure out why his Second Aunt expected the quit of Xia Yu so resolutely, which was tantamount to help the elder brother.

“Not too much.”

Xia Yu sighed. This time, it seemed that Second Madame had made up her mind.

Second Madame had inherited the shares left by Shen Yan’s father and had token a temporary post in the board of directors, and First Madame was no exception. There were conflicts between them but obviously, First Madame gained the upper hand in the battle. It was Yang Ke’er’s idea to replace Xia Yu. Although Second Madame was reluctant to do, the one-year employment had come to an end and the vote from Yang Weiye was critical.

Moreover, First Madame hated Xia Yu from the bottom of her heart while Second Madame wanted to replace her by use of the power of First Madame. Therefore, she put forward the idea to let members of the middle-cla.s.s in the company vote. She was also clear that over half of the middle-cla.s.s members were subject to Shen Mo or were totally the jollier. Few people would stand on Shen Yan’s side.

“Sister, it seems that my Second Aunt is determined to arrange Yang Ke’er on my second brother’s side.” Shen Qiang said helplessly.

Xia Yu could understand the principles that under the illusory glamour of notable family. They often tended to be treacherous by the interest disputes. Shen Yan seldom talked about the internal affairs of the headquarter, but sometimes she could catch the tiredness from his face.

Xia Yu pressed her forehead by her hand.

“The result is that I should work in headquarter?” Xia Yu said with a smile. This was a kind of promotion in the eyes of others.

“Maybe. But…” Shen Qiang was really unwilling to see the quit of Xia Yu. Yang Ke’er and Xia Yu couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath.

Xia Yu said bitterly, “Actually, Miss Yang is not as incompetent as you consider.”

“Far more than that. It’s worse!” Shen Qiang curled his lips and said.

Xia Yu stopped listening to the verbose words and hung up. She raised her head but found that it was going to rain under such dull weather.

Standing by the roadside, she was waiting for a taxi to pick her up.

At this moment, the bell rung. It was from Second Madame. She picked it up, “h.e.l.lo, Second Madame.”

“Girl, how strange you call me like this! I have told you many times to call me “aunt”. I will get angry if you do so next time.” Second Madame blamed.

Xia Yu beamed and said, “I’m so appreciated for your generosity, but I have to be respectful. By the way, what’s the matter?”

The rich madame could be modest to you without any cla.s.s differences, but self-knowledge was an indispensable characteristic.

Second Madame seemed to find that Xia Yu couldn’t be handled easily, so she changed her att.i.tude and said, “Xia Yu, I know that you blame me for bringing you to the headquarter. However, I have no choice because it’s good for you.”

“It’s very kind of you. I can figure out that the headquarter is better than the brunch in many aspects.” Xia Yu was still as calm as usual.

Second Madame took a deep breath and all the memories about Xia Yu and Shen Yan came to her mind. Calculated by Zeng Mina, when Shen Yan’s candidature was about to be canceled, it was Xia Yu who forced Zeng Mina to clarify everything regardless of her own safety. When framed up by Shen Mo, it was also her who debated with the boards for Shen Yan who had been the target of the public…

Now, Second Madame felt naturally sorry about her because Xia Yu was abandoned by herself.

However, she had to do this for she could feel the hards.h.i.+ps that her son had experienced.

Her son was not such a man of ingrat.i.tude and she would bear the blame of doing so. “Xia Yu, you have been the most sensible person and you don’t disappoint me as expected. If Shen Yan must muddle things up, I hope you can persuade him not to do that. Now, I would like to offer my thanks in advance.”

“You are welcome, Second Madame. Don’t worry. I will submit my resignation to him.” Xia Yu tried to control her emotion.

“Xia Yu, be at ease. I a.s.sure to give you the promotion when you enter the planning department.” Xia Yu agreed without hesitation. Second Madame felt relaxed and made a gesture of OK to Yang Ke’er.

Yang Ke’er was pleased with herself to think that Xia Yu had no qualification and capability to win her. For Shen Yan’s sake, they would give her little punishment for her big mistake. If she were obedient, Shen Group would offer a position for her. If not, she should stay positive to any impoliteness from Shen Group.

“Second Madame, you may misunderstand my words. I mean I will quit and leave Shen Group.” Xia Yu explained.

“Xia Yu, are you blaming me for that?” Second Madame was shocked and stood up from the chair. “Let me explain.”

“Second Madame, there is no need to do so. I won’t blame you but just feel disappointed. I earn my life by my own capability in work. Now that you deny my work ability, there is no need for me to stay here.” Xia Yu finished calmly and hung up the call resolutely.

“Hey, Xia Yu, it’s not…” The phone beeped quickly and Second Madame reclined in a chair feebly.

Second Madame could understand the meaning of Xia Yu that she would like to die with honor instead to live with disgrace.

It was true that they lived up to Xia Yu.

Xia Yu raised her head with a long breath when a drop of rain fell into her eyes.

“Girl, do you need a lift?” A taxi stopped slowly in front of her. She came in and said an address.

As she went back to the villa, Shen Yan was sitting on the sofa in a daze and frowned when seeing her coming, “It’s too late. Where did you go?”

“Miss Yang and Miss Bai decided together to find fault with Jiang Yayan in her home. Jiangjiang was frightened and called me to have a look.” Xia Yu explained calmly.

Shen Yan’s eyebrows wrinkled even tighter. “How are they doing now?”

“They came to their own home and got hurt a little bit. Fortunately, there were only external wounds. They will recover soon after several day’s rest.” Xia Yu changed her shoes into slippers and came to her bedroom.

Shen Yan wanted to ask some questions, but Xia Yu had already closed the door with a slap. Thus, he had to swallow the words on the tip of his tongue.

Xia Yu entered the room and opened the computer directly. She spent about ten minutes to complete the resignation letter.

She was going to knock on the door of the Shen Yan’s study, but she found that Shen Yan was still sitting in the living room. She walked toward him and handed over the resignation letter directly.

“This is for you. I won’t go to the company tomorrow.”

“Xia Yu, what do you mean?” Shen Yan got angry suddenly because he just got a resignation letter after waiting for the whole night.

“This is what your mother meant. Keep it.” Xia Yu directly put the letter in his hand and turned back. “Tomorrow, I will find a place to move in. As for the money I owed to you, I will transfer it to your account.”

“Xia Yu, I won’t let you resign and leave me.” Shen Yan embraced Xia Yu from behind. “Don’t leave me. I love you!”

Xia Yu’s head was in a blank for a few seconds before it reacted, because probably she did not expect that the words were uttered from Shen Yan.

She removed the hands of Shen Yan, turned toward him and said with a blank expression, “Shen Yan, today is not April Fool’s Day.”

“You don’t believe me?” Shen Yan’s face turned blue.

“Should I believe you?” Xia Yu asked.

Shen Yan sneered, “You have been looking down on me from beginning to end. Good! Quite good!”

“Shen Yan, this has nothing to do with the contempt. This is the truth!” Seeing the anger of Shen Yan, Xia Yu asked, “Well, I’ll ask you in a different way. Did you tell your mother about this? Will she agree?”

Shen Yan stepped a few steps back and pointed at Xia Yu in a rage. “Xia Yu, don’t insult me in this way. I am an adult and it’s normal to have a girlfriend. Do I have to report this to my mother beforehand?”

Xia Yu’s words totally meant that he was a mama’s boy who was obedient all the way.

“Young Master Yan, the truth tends to be hurtful and I’m not willing to say either. However, the facts always tell the truth.” Xia Yu bent and picked up the resignation letter that fell on the ground. “You are the president of the company. It’s your mother who wants to f**k me off, and you could do nothing but just look on. Do I need to repeat what you did tonight?”

Xia Yu threw the resignation letter on his body and got into her room without looking back. The door closed again with a bang.

The face of Shen Yan turned pale in an instant but it was undeniable that the words of Xia Yu made sense.

Although he loved Xia Yu, his mother could let her leave easily. It was better not to start than to displease each other. At least, they could save the face for greeting each other next time.

To live like a puppet was not what Shen Yan wanted.

Taking a deep breath and holding Xia Yu’s resignation letter, Shen Yan drove to the old house without hesitation.

Holding the head by her hands, Second Madame sat on the chair and did not regain the control of herself for a long time.

She would give a lot of compensation to Xia Yu because she was not such an ungrateful person. Why could the girl be so stubborn?

Yang Ke’er felt very unhappy when she caught the expression of Second Madame. She was just a secretary. Why did she feel that she owed her that much?

“Second Aunt, it is Xia Yu who is ungrateful and unsophisticated. She can go if she wants. Can our company go bankrupt due to her quit?” Yang Ke’er really disdained people who became supercilious relying on the favor of others. For Yang Ke’er, it could not be better for Xia Yu to leave the company because she was just a trouble maker.

“Ke’er, you won’t understand.” Second Madame looked up and smiled constrainedly to Yang Ke’er. “Forget it and don’t mention her now. Start your work in Tengfei from tomorrow.”

“Well, ok!” Yang Ke’er achieved her goal and stopped here. She answered immediately. “I will contact Xia Yu and do the handover.”

“That’s great. Remember, Ke’er, the higher you stand, the humbler you should be. After all, Xia Yu helped Shen Yan a lot. You should always keep it in mind and feel grateful for it.” Second Madame felt happy about such a considerate Yang Ke’er.

The road was tortuous, but things went as expected in the end. As for Xia Yu, she was figuring out a way to make up for her. She wouldn’t let her down.

“I know. I will talk to Xia Yu and try to persuade her back to work.” Yang Ke’er sneered inside: You would never come back once you stepped out of here! In your dream!

“That’s fine. She must feel the honor if you go and talk to her.” Yang Ke’er would be the second young madame one day. She was supposed to stop here if she was really considerate.

“Well, I’m going back, Auntie.” Yang Ke’er stood up.

“It’s too late. How about staying here tonight? I ask my maid to prepare a room for you.” Although Yang Ke’er drove there, she was a girl alone. Second Madame felt worried about her.

“No, thanks, but I should go home. My mother would be worried about me.” In fact, Yang Ke’er was too afraid that First Madame would laugh at her face next morning to stay.


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