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Read Sweet Chief Secretary Chapter 72 A Fight Was About To Break Out

Sweet Chief Secretary is a web novel completed by Qing Cheng Xiao.
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Read WebNovel Sweet Chief Secretary Chapter 72 A Fight Was About To Break Out

Xia Yu replied weakly: “I’ve never even seen him before.” Then she leaned against the seat.

“Well, I don’t know what happened to my big brother today.” It was undeniable that Shen Mo came to bully Shen Yan today.

“This time, almost all of the informants that he arranged in Tengfei have been eliminated by your second brother. It’s normal that he is unhappy.”

“I didn’t expect that everyone dislikes my second brother.” Shen Qiang felt terrible for his second brother. After all, no one wanted to know that the employees in the company are spies.

“They shouldn’t be blamed either. On the surface, it seems that Young Master Mo has a better chance of winning. “

“But Sister Xia is very supportive of the Second Brother!” Although Shen Qiang said so, he was still worried for Xia Yu. One year later, if his big brother won, it would be very disadvantageous for Xia Yu.

“I have the power to predict, right? Your second brother will win. ” Xia Yu smiled. She did not want to stand by Shen Yan’s side. She was forced, but there was nothing she could do.

Xia Yu was very tired, but in a daze, she thought of Shen Yan’s face. Shen Mo had many people who could work for him, but Shen Yan might only have less than ten people, which included even Shen Qiang. It was truly difficult for Shen Yan.

Well, there are things in everyone’s life that don’t go well. Just do your best and leave the rest to heaven.

Xia Yu fell asleep in the car. When Shen Qiang woke her up, she opened her eyes and saw that she was already outside the house.

They got out of the car and went in arm in arm.

Shen Qiang asked, “Are you all right? I’ll cook something countering the effect of alcohol for you.”

Xia Yu staggered while walking, couldn’t help but joke, “You can even cook something countering the alcohol? You don’t even know how to make egg soup. “

Shen Qiang replied calmly, “I’ll boil the antidote in water. If I give you the medicine directly, I’m afraid you might think that I didn’t take good care of you. “

Xia Yu could not help but laugh, “Fu*k Off!”

Three seconds later, the two of them burst out laughing at the same time.

Although she went back home, Xia Yu didn’t even have the strength to bathe. She struggled to take off her clothes and fell into the bed, not knowing when she fell asleep.

When she opened her eyes again, she was not woken up from her sleep, but by Shen Qiang’s shout.

Shen Qiang rudely pushed her and said anxiously, “Get up, quickly get up, something’s happened.”

Xia Yu had been dreaming just a moment ago, but now she suddenly saw Shen Qiang wearing his pajamas and looking at her anxiously.

Xia Yu laid on the bed and was stunned for a few seconds. She slowly turned her head and looked at the clock on the wall.

The hour hand pointed at two. She just opened her eyes and was not fully awake yet, so she was stunned for a moment. Then, she suddenly opened her eyes wide. “What are you doing?”

2 AM! Was there something wrong with his brain?

“They are almost fighting! My big brother and second brother. ” Shen Qiang was afraid that Xia Yu didn’t understand whom he was talking about, so he specified.


“Get up quickly! They had gone to the old house. We must get them apart before grandma gets angry. ” Shen Qiang said as he ran back to his room to get changed.

My G.o.d, this matter really couldn’t be ignored!

Xia Yu lifted the cover, put on the slippers and ran out, asking loudly: “Why do you call me so late?”

“I know it too! Why don’t you change your clothes? “

Shen Qiang pointed to Xia Yu’s pajamas.

She wasn’t awake yet! Xia Yu quickly went back to change her clothes.

“They argued in front of Grandma. It shouldn’t be!” After getting into Shen Qiang’s car, Xia Yu still did not figure it out.

“Who says no?” Shen Qiang didn’t know about it until his mother called him. Judging by his mother’s tone, grandmother was already angry.

They drove fast. Twenty minutes later, Shen Qiang and Xia Yu arrived in the living room of Shen Family.

Everyone looked terrible in the room. Grandma stomped her feet. When she saw Shen Qiang, she waved him over to her side.

“Xiaoqiang, you are a good boy. Tell me, what exactly happened?”

“This …”

Shen Qiang subconsciously raised his head to look at his brothers.

“Did I place the camera in Shen Yan’s office?” Shen Mo asked him first.

“Humph!” Shen Yan turned his face.

It was not easy to answer this question. Shen Qiang felt very awkward.

Xia Yu hurriedly stepped forward and smiled apologetically, “This was a misunderstanding. Previously, when Shen Yan streamlined staff in the company, a few employees wanted to know who would be dismissed, so they secretly installed a camera in his office. Those people also knew that they made a mistake. They have resigned. “

“That matter was already over. Why is it related to Young Master again?” Old Madame continued to ask.

“The more people, the more talk. It might be rumors.” Xia Yu replied respectfully.

“Yes, I think so.” Old Madame was satisfied with Xia Yu’s answer. She looked up at her grandchildren and said, “It was a straightforward matter. Why can’t you sit down and talk? Why did you fight? “

“It’s my fault. I’m sorry.” Shen Yan apologized to his grandmother.

“Hmph, now your secretary told the truth, and you apologize.” Shen Mo said with a cold look.

What did he mean? Shen Yan did not want to expose him at first, but in the end, he became even greedier.

Shen Qiang could not help but frown.

Shen Yang, who was at the side, quickly pulled his son’s sleeves. Old Madame was so infuriated that he couldn’t provoke her anymore.

Shen Qiang snorted in his heart as he raised his head to look at the chandelier.

Old Madame certainly noticed everyone’s expression. She sat motionless with her crutches in her hands.

“Grandmother is also tired. Little Yan, apologize to your big brother,” the Second Madame pushed Shen Yan.

“Xiaoyan, don’t you know your big brother’s personality? How can you trust those who were trying to drive a wedge between you two?” The First Madame was delighted to see that the Second Madame had given in.

She should think more about her son’s morals and behaviors, as well as the methods that Shen Mo used to compete with Shen Yan.

“Actually, I should be the one to apologize. It was my mistake that caused the two Young Masters to misunderstand each other. It’s all my fault. I’m sorry! ” Xia Yu said. Shen Yan had already given in. If he still had to apologize, it would be an insult to him.

However, this was still the Shen Family. Everything depended on Old Madame.

“Is that your fault?” Old Madame said, “Now, the two Young Masters are at odds with each other because of your fault. Do you know the consequences?”

Xia Yu bowed to Old Madame, “I know. Now that I have made a mistake, I must take responsibility. “

Old Madame nodded, “Very good. One should know and correct mistakes so that he would not continue to make mistakes. Since you know you’re wrong, it’s over. “

Shen Mo, are you satisfied now?

Shen Yan glanced at Shen Mo and walked straight up the stairs without talking

“Xiaoyan!” The Second Madame called out from behind and turned to look at Old Madame. Old Madame gave her a look, indicating that she could leave, and then she went upstairs.

Old Madame stood up, walked to Xia Yu and patted her hand. She said, “You are a good girl. I am relieved that you are Xiaoyan’s secretary. You should go and see Shen Yan. “

“All right! ” Xia Yu answered and went upstairs.

“All of you can leave now.” After saying that, Old Madame returned to her room with the support of a servant.

Xia Yu stood at the door of Shen Yan’s room for a while before knocking.

The Second Madame opened the door and saw Xia Yu. She held her hands with both of her hands, allowing her to enter,” Xia Yu, you suffered from injustice just now.”

Xia Yu laughed and said,” Nothing. It’s just that I wasn’t considerate enough.”

The Second Madame understood that it wasn’t Xia Yu’s fault.

She looked at Xia Yu. She seemed nice and quiet, not like a picky person. Moreover, she had a sense of propriety in doing things. The Second Madame liked her even more.

“I will call you Xiaoyu from now on. You can call me Auntie.”

“Yes, Auntie! It’s late now, and you should get some rest. Young Master Yan, shall we go back? ” Because Shen Mo was also home tonight, Xia Yu felt that if Shen Yan did not leave, the two of them might start arguing again.

Xia Yu meant that it would be best if the two of them were not together.

The Second Madame thought so too. She quickly smiled and said: “Xiaoyan, go back with Xiaoyu!”

“Why should I go? I live here today. I’ll have the servant clean up the guest room later. Xia Yu will also stay. ” Shen Yan was still angry.

He thought he respected his big brother.

During the compet.i.tion for the President with his brother, Shen Yan was always polite to him.

He had already dealt with the matter of the traitor in a very low key and very carefully, precisely because he was afraid of hurting the feelings between the brothers. However, even so, not only did Shen Mo deny his mistake, he showed a strong att.i.tude.

Did he not know what he had done?

Ridiculous! What was he trying to do?

“My little ancestor, don’t be stubborn anymore. There is no way you can win against him.”

The Second Madame sighed. She thought highly of her son, but Old Madame didn’t think highly of him.

If the two brothers continued to compete, Old Madame would only hate him even more. He might as well be more practical and try his best to gain more benefits for himself.

“If I don’t compete, how will I know the result?” If the result of the compet.i.tion were that Shen Mo was more capable, then Shen Yan would concede.

However, Shen Yan did not feel that he was inferior to Shen Mo, so he would not give up.

“Xiaoyan!” The Second Madame looked at his son reluctantly.

Did Shen Yan not see what Old Madame looked like just now? Why did he have to make himself unhappy?

“I’m a little thirsty.”

Xia Yu found an excuse and left.

She drank too much tonight, and now her throat was burning.

Just as she walked downstairs, she met Shen Mo. He had a gla.s.s of red wine in his hand, and his face was dark.

Xia Yu s.h.i.+fted her gaze away from him. She quickly poured herself a gla.s.s of water and, without taking a sip, she turned and walked away.

After pa.s.sing by Shen Mo, he suddenly grabbed Xia Yu’s arm, she was scared. Her body trembled as she spilled the water out of the gla.s.s. She turned and looked at him unhappily. “What are you doing?”

“Let me remind you, hurry up and go back to Shengda. Don’t be a shameless person.”

This woman ruined his plan tonight. If she didn’t apologize for Shen Yan, then Shen Mo could make Shen Yan completely lose the trust of his family tonight. Shen Yan would never dare to go against him again.

She admitted that it was all her fault, so Old Madame didn’t look into the matter and just played dumb.

Shen Mo didn’t know her temperament back then. Although she didn’t work with Shen Yan for long, she was still willing to protect him.

Shen Mo thought that it was because Shen Yan had a face that girls liked.

However, why would women do that? They were willing to take the blame for a handsome man.


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