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Read Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 1043 – The Real and Fake Young Miss (4)

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive is a Webnovel created by Gao Qing, 高擎.
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Chapter 1043: The Real and Fake Young Miss (4)

Ruan Qishan was tired after greeting everyone with the tiny rice ball, so he placed the tiny rice ball back in the carriage.

Upon seeing his daughter-in-law crying, he asked curiously, “Why are you crying?”

If she was crying in such a large and public place, who knew what kind of rumors would spread about the Ruan family.

Ling Tianya quickly wiped away her tears. The reason why she cried was first, because she had really missed Madam Ruan and, even if it was to hear her nagging, Ling Tianya was still happy.

Second, she cried for w.a.n.g Manpeng to see in order for him to confirm that she was actually w.a.n.g Mandy.

From w.a.n.g Manpeng’s perspective, Ling Tianya was a calm person and wouldn’t cry in public.

This was the biggest difference between w.a.n.g Mandy and Ling Tianya. A sparrow was a sparrow. Even if it wore a phoenix’s feathers, it could never become a phoenix.

The birthday banquet could finally begin its proper course.

In reality, this so-called course was quite simple: Ruan Qishan would go onstage and speak as the birthday boy and then thank his friends, family, and business partners for attending. Then, everyone would wish Ruan Qishan a happy birthday and give him gifts. Afterward, they would cut the cake.

This was a simple, kid-style birthday party process. w.a.n.g Mandy had said with great fanfare that she was going to organize a blowout for Ruan Qishan’s birthday banquet, but in the end, the plans were so-so.

Even if w.a.n.g Yazhi had organized it, it wouldn’t have been as boring. In reality, both w.a.n.g Yazhi and Madam Ruan were very disappointed by the party. However, because they were concerned about Ling Tianya’s emotions, they didn’t say anything.

However, the guests who came to partic.i.p.ate in it didn’t dismiss it. The banquet hall’s decorations were like those of a high schooler’s party at home and didn’t carry the aura of a high society family.

Didn’t the Ruan family’s young lady have extraordinary abilities? She was a gold medal screenwriter and a big boss of a large entertainment company. Why couldn’t she even organize a simple birthday banquet? Did she only look impressive but was actually worthless? After all, in high society circles, there were many people who looked impressive but were actually worthless.

Ling Tianya stood in the middle of the banquet hall and took in all of the criticizing words that called her into question. However, she was still happy, because from w.a.n.g Mandy’s perspective, being able to do even this was considered a success. Therefore, w.a.n.g Mandy would think that she was fine and also believe that she did something awesome.

As for Ling Tianya, she thought that since she wasn’t the one who had planned this banquet, people could say whatever they wanted about it.

After all, having a birthday was a celebratory thing. Although there was a small interlude before, Ruan Qishan was quickly put at ease. Now, he walked up to the main stage and said a couple of words to the guests who had arrived to celebrate him.

On stage, Ruan Qishan quickly said a few words before ending. The day’s banquet was supposed to a relaxed and happy occasion. Ruan Qishan didn’t want to say too much and make it into a larger meeting. Plus, it was only a birthday celebration. There was nothing much to say about it.

After a series of respectful and congratulatory drinks, waitresses wearing beautiful uniforms pushed the cake cart out. On top of it was the cake that the Ruan family’s dessert chef, who had come from France, had made personally.

Everyone gathered in front of the cake. On top of it was a candle.

After so many years of holding a banquet on his birthday, leaving out when he was a child, this was the first time he was able to blow out a candle, and it gave him quite a fresh feeling.

In order to construct the right mood, the lights in the hall dimmed, and Ruan Qishan prepared to blow out the candles. However, he was stopped by w.a.n.g Yazhi. “Before you blow out the candle, you must make a wish.”

“Is that it?” Ruan Qishan paused and then said, smiling, “Then… I wish for all of my family members and friends to live successfully and peacefully.”

After he was finished speaking, Ruan Qishan blew out the candle.

“Speaking of friends, Uncle Ruan, don’t you have a friend named w.a.n.g Zhengguo?”


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