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Read Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 136 – Served on a Platter (6)

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive is a web novel created by Gao Qing, 高擎.
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Chapter 136: Served on a Platter (6)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The reporters placed all of their focus and attention on Guan Meiyi and the Ruan family. They didn’t notice Ling Tao, who had been following them all the way at the end.

Those two days, Ling Tao had been so absorbed in the excitement, he did not expect that early in the morning, Guan Jianlin had forcefully requested him to come for that day’s press conference. He didn’t want to come initially since it wasn’t some glorious or happy occasion. When he thought about Ling Tianya and Ruan Zeyan’s marriage, he forced himself to come against his own body’s reluctance.

What he didn’t think would happen, was Ruan Qishan and w.a.n.g Yazhi coming as well. Ruan Qishan’s att.i.tude towards the Guan family had still been as good as usual, and w.a.n.g Zhiya had treated Guan Meiyi even better since the incident at the dinner party. People that didn’t know would a.s.sume that they were mother and daughter.

Ling Tao clearly was the one not welcome there, and was lagging behind everyone, his face dark. He knows that Guan Jianlin did this on purpose, to make him look bad!

The moment they entered the ballroom, the flashes’ high intensity had made Ling Tao very uncomfortable. He knows that the news about Ling Tianya had reached a peak online, and when he raised his head to look at Ling Tianya on the stage, she was calm and collected as ever. Her face no longer showed any form of apprehension.

Ling Tao was a little surprised, as a man that had been in the business world for a long time, even he was a little unaccustomed to such a scene. Ling Tianya, in comparison, was unmoved and dignified.

Ling Tao couldn’t help but think more about the situation. It wasn’t until then that he realized that he really didn’t understand his own biological daughter. Ever since her return to China everything that had happened seemed to be different from what he imagined. Looking at Ling Tianya, Ling Tao’s heart had a change. He straightened his form that was slightly bent from the pressure, and determinedly looked at Ling Tianya. He decided he should believe in his daughter.

Ling Tianya looked at the party walking in, her expression had not changed at all, as though already expecting their arrival.

Ruan Qishan saw Ruan Zeyan the moment he had entered the doors, his face turned dark the moment their eyes met, before turning his glare onto Ling Tianya who was seated on stage.

Feeling the warning coming from Ruan Qishan, Ling Tianya merely gave a polite smile and nothing more. In comparison to Guan Meiyi’s affectionate actions towards the Ruan’s, her att.i.tude was clearly a lot colder.

That was the first time that w.a.n.g Yazhi had taken a good look at Ling Tianya and observed her. She definitely was a beautiful woman, and amidst that beauty was a form of allure that not many women had. Those kinds of women, even if they did nothing more than just sit there, their aura alone would demand the attention of the people around her. She was definitely a vixen re-incarnate!

Guan Meiyi had kindly arranged Ruan Qishan and w.a.n.g Yazhi’s seats first, before sitting beside w.a.n.g Yazhi. She raised her head to meet the gaze of Ling Yuqing that was standing in the corner, before breaking their connection.

Ling Qi sat on the other side of Guan Meiyi, her eyes filled with poison as she glared at Ling Tianya on stage.

Guan Meiyi sat, and turned her head to look at Ruan Zeyan, who was not too far from them, but all she found was that man frowning as he gave them a short glance, before turning his attention back to Ling Tianya on the stage. It was as though, to him, there was no one else in the room.

Guan Meiyi gritted her teeth, she knew that the reporters behind her were filming and discussing her every move. Right then, she couldn’t show any forms of fear or apprehension. After that day, Ling Tianya’s future would be completely ruined. She wanted to prove to Ruan Zeyan that she was the only woman that was fit to be by his side!

Seeing that no one else was expected to arrive, the floor manager finally closed the doors to the ballroom. Several security guards then stood by them, preventing any non-related personnel from barging in.

The floor manager clapped their hands, “To the members of the media, the press conference officially starts now, you can begin asking your questions.”

A female reporter stood up first. “Screenwriter Ling achieved outstanding results overseas in a short period of a few years, not long after her return to China she got engaged to Mr. Ruan. What are your views about the articles online that reported that you climbed the ranks with your looks, your scandalous private life, your copying, and ghost-writing?!”

The female reporter’s words were sharp and concise, once question could lead to many more.

If Ling Tianya was any less than perfect in her answer, she would certainly bring more scoldings to her name.

She looked at the female reporter then, wasn’t she the person that had boldly asked Ruan Zeyan whether he was alright with being made a fool at the hotel’s doors?


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