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Read Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 582 – Help You Solve Your Dilemma

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive is a Webnovel produced by Gao Qing, 高擎.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 582: Help You Solve Your Dilemma

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

After the audition, Guan Meiyi rushed back to Li Meihong’s crew to complete her next few scenes.

Ling Tianya and Ruan Zeyan left Zhiya Entertainment and went to spend some quality time as a couple.

In the director’s office at the film and television department, Director Kong sat in front of his desk wearing his pink suit. He was in a sh*tty mood.

“This Ling Tianya just messed everything up! The reputation of Guan Meiyi right now is stinkier than the gutter. If she plays the female lead, no one is going to see this movie when it’s done!” The movie director complained with great discontent.

“No kidding. I was hoping to use this movie to promote some of the company’s new people. How am I going to do that now?” The producer felt extremely depressed about it too.

Director Kong’s face was icy cold. The company had already shelved Guan Meiyi. Then, when Miss Pan said that she needed people, they gave her Guan Meiyi. She was playing a bunch of extras and servants and took the role of a prost.i.tute not long ago. These were not big roles, and some didn’t even have a single line, so they let her do those.

However, “Wonderland” was Zhiya Entertainment’s annual big production. Letting Guan Meiyi play such an important role would be questionable; they couldn’t be sure whether the audience would accept it, and it would be impossible to explain to the higher ups of the corporation.

“Director Kong, say something!” The producer urged. She had no idea what to do.

Director Kong squinted and sighed deeply. “My biggest headache right now is how to explain this to the group’s top executives! The infighting among the executives of Zhiya Entertainment has finally stabilized after two years, and things have changed. The current president only got his position two years ago, and it’s said that there is another big shareholder behind him who is the actual decision-maker of Zhiya Entertainment. Therefore, the interests of the shareholders are more important than anything else. If we let Guan Meiyi play the leading role in this big production, we will definitely lose money. At that time, we won’t be able to explain it to the president, and the president won’t be able to explain to the shareholders. Eventually, the people who will take the blame will be the film and television department!”

Right now, the president is on a business trip. I just received a call from the vice president who straight up yelled at me. He asked me to solve this problem as soon as possible. It’s best if I can kick out Ling Tianya too, so she’s not in the way.”

“What are we doing now?” The director grimaced. “The person who agreed to Miss Ling was you.”

Director Kong opened his eyes wide. “At the time, how could I not agree to her? The priority pick was written in the contract. If we don’t comply, it’s a breach of contract! Besides, Ruan Zeyan was there too. How could I dare not to agree? If it had been you, would you dare?”

Faced with Director Kong’s questioning, the director and the producer couldn’t answer.

Now they were in a dilemma. If they let Guan Meiyi play the heroine, they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to explain it to the shareholders. If they didn’t let Guan Meiyi play the heroine, they would face the consequences of a breach of their contract.

“This Ling Tianya has really made our lives difficult!” The director said in a vicious tone.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door from outside the director’s office. Director Kong was in such a bad mood that he shouted, “Who is it?! Come in!”

The people outside the door paused and then opened the door and walked in.

As they walked in, Director Kong’s expression relaxed slightly.

It was n.o.body else but Yi Tian and her agent, Li Fei.

“Oh, Yi Tian.” Director Kong’s voice sounded tired. “I can’t do anything about it today. I actually wanted you to play the heroine, but Ling Tianya pressured me with the contract, and I can’t do anything about it. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with the board of directors.”

Yi Tian found a seat and sat down. She smiled sympathetically. “I understand your difficulties. I am not here to make a compliant. I know a way to help you solve the dilemma in your hands.”


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