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Read Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 758 – Blacklisted

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Chapter 758: Blacklisted

Ling Tianya informed everyone in the Ruan Family of everything that happened. After w.a.n.g Yazhi found out about Liu Cen’s actions, she sighed.

“Such a nice girl. Why is her heart so evil?” w.a.n.g Yazhi said.

“One may know a person for a long time without knowing his nature. You are too simple, and you think that everyone is good. Have you not seen enough deception in this circle? You just never learn your lesson!” Madame Ruan scolded w.a.n.g Yazhi.

w.a.n.g Yazhi pouted, unable to refute her mother-in-law’s accusations. She definitely had that problem. She would easily believe a person. As long as someone was slightly kind towards her, she would give her heart to them. However, she would always find out in the end that she was the most idiotic one.

However, w.a.n.g Yazhi stuck to the belief that stupid people have their own kind of luck. Even if she was the one who was taken advantage of, as long as she was the only one affected and her family remained unscathed, then everything was okay.

“Since it is like this, then I will see less of the people from the Liu Family.” w.a.n.g Yazhi weakly said.

“En.” Madame Ruan nodded and then said to Ruan Qishan, who was watching Tiny Rice Ball sleep, “You also should stop interacting with the Liu Family as much in the future!”

“Okay. The elders in that family must not be all that great if they could raise that kind of daughter.”

Liu Cen’s acts of jealousy had impacted her entire family and caused the Liu Family to be blacklisted by the Ruan Family.

Very quickly, the news that Ling Tianya had given birth to a boy went viral. In order to let Ling Tianya rest, the Ruan family didn’t allow anyone to visit her.

However, there were some people who couldn’t be refused. When Yu Chens.h.i.+ received the news, she quickly rushed to the hospital, just in time to see Ling Tianya walking around.

The first thing she did upon walking in was embrace Ling Tianya, her tears falling. “My good Tianya. You are the best!”

The entire Ruan Family knew what had happened between Yu Meizi and Ling Tianya. However, since Ling Tianya chose to hide it from Yu Chens.h.i.+, they also helped to keep the secret.

Madame Ruan walked over. “Ai yo. My daughter-in-law’s maternal grandmother. You cannot cry. You will make the Ling girl cry too. It’s not good to cry during the puerperium.”

“Right, right!” Yu Chens.h.i.+ obediently wiped her tears away.

Soon, Xiao Hong also received the news and came over. Her stomach was now large. However, because she was worried about Ling Tao, Xiao Hong only stayed for a while to chat briefly with Ling Tianya before leaving.

For the rest of her stay in the hospital, Madame Ling did not come to visit Ling Tianya, nor did she call.

Ling Tianya didn’t blame her. After all, she was an elder and some things couldn’t be digested easily.

Xiao Hong was now six months pregnant. Technically, she could find out if it was a boy or a girl. Originally, Xiao Hong was going to copy Ling Tianya and find out the child’s s.e.x after giving birth.

However, Madame Ling was anxious. If Ling Tao were to never awaken again, then, the child in Xiao Hong’s stomach would be the Ling’s family’s future hope.

However, the more Madame Ling acted like this, the more pressure Xiao Hong felt. She could no longer endure Madame Ling who kept repeating the same things in her ears. Whenever she became emotional, she would begin crying.

Madame Ling had accompanied Xiao Hong to her recent check-up. In the end, she was unable to hold it and asked the doctor about the child’s s.e.x. Originally, the doctor didn’t want to say anything. However, Xiao Hong got her check-ups at the same place Ling Tianya did and so, all of the doctors here knew of her status.

On the one hand, there was the Ruan Family’s young miss’s grandmother, on the other hand, there was the Ruan Family’s young miss’s younger brother. Since the person asked, the doctor could only vaguely say, “You could prepare some pants for the child.”

When Madame Ling heard the doctor’s words, she immediately began to cry. Did pants mean that it was a boy?

She had wished for so long. Finally, she was going to have a grandson!


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