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Read Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 942 – The Real Him (1)

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive is a web novel made by Gao Qing, 高擎.
This webnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 942: The Real Him (1)

The footsteps were approaching and Ling Tianya listened to Gu Zhiqian’s instructions and started running along the corridor. “Gu Zhiqian, wait for me, I will come back for you!”

“Alright, I’m waiting for you.” Behind her, she could hear Gu Zhiqian’s shouts. “I’ll be waiting for you!”

Ling Tianya started sprinting forward with all of her strength. She tried hard to ignore the fact that footsteps were drawing closer to her. She willed herself to ignore the sound for she was afraid that she might be distracted and trip. The truth was that those scenes in movies and television shows where the main protagonist falls when they were running away from something could actually happen in real life.

The more nervous one got, the tenser their muscles became. It would cause a flight or fight reaction that would affect how her body moved.

The fear could make one breathless, have chest pains, and even fall down.

Of course, it was dependent on the character of a person as well. Ling Tianya had a strong will, and she had done this before, running ahead while someone chased her from behind.

It was almost like a dream, a dream that really happened. Everything seemed like it had happened before, it was so real.

She turned a corner, and she saw the door the Gu Zhiqian was talking about.

She felt a rush of joy as she ran towards the door. Her facial muscles were shaking as well, and her wound stung.

When she finally arrived at the door, Ling Tianya pushed it open without a second thought.

She thought that she would be able to escape this wretched place once she opened the door.

But when she opened the door, she collided with a man. Soon, the man was holding onto her tightly, quickly restraining her with his strong arms.

“Little Yaya, I didn’t expect you to run into my arms like this,” a voice that resembled Gu Zhiqian called out to her.

Ling Tianya’s body froze, and she looked up at the man who looked exactly like Gu Zhiqian.

When he saw Ling Tianya’s face, the man’s expression fell. He used his hands to caress her face forcefully, carefully touching her swollen cheeks that Mandy had slapped so viciously and the wound on her face that was still oozing blood.

At this moment, the people pursuing Ling Tianya had arrived as well. The first one to arrive was Zhang Ke. Mark was behind her and both of them were injured.

Behind them, there were other members of the organization. Mandy arrived shortly after them with her bandages still all over her face.

They were all stunned to see the man who was hugging Ling Tianya tightly.

Mark’s face turned as grey as ash, and Mandy was in shock as well.

Hadn’t the boss returned to the Gu family? There was no way he should have been back so quickly. Why did he appear here, at this time?

“Boss!” Zhang Ke and the rest of the members greeted him in unison.

Mark was a little slow but he eventually shouted, “Boss…”

He knew that he was in trouble. He had seriously screwed up and the boss was angry. He could tell by the way the boss was looking at him. The leader was looking at him as if he wanted to murder him.

Mandy was standing behind everyone and when she saw how the man was so affectionate to Ling Tianya, she pouted her lips spitefully.

“Who can tell me what on earth has happened here?” The man’s voice was low and deep. This time, he wasn’t using Gu Zhiqian’s voice, but his own.

He gave up on lying to Ling Tianya, so he decided to use his original voice instead.

Ling Tianya didn’t expect his voice to be so similar to Gu Zhiqian’s. His voice was just a little lower. That was the only difference.


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