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Read Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me! Chapter 209 – Rise

Sweet Military Marriage: Mr. Jing, Please Spare Me! is a web novel produced by EvaOrlando14.
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On the other hand, Lu Jin Xiao was almost sent into emergency surgery because Yi Yan Yu wanted to make sure that Lu Jin Xiao cannot remember the past. However, Jing Mo Ling found out about it in time and called Mo Xi immediately.

Jing Mo Chen had to go back to the military more frequently because Poker had become more active. There were a lot of activities, though small, and the attacks took place in different areas. Hence, Jing Mo Chen started to go for actual missions along with Ji Zheng Yang, Qin Feng, Zhan Bo Cheng, and Ru Hui Ya.

On the other hand, Mo Xi still couldn’t get the DNA sample of Shen Yu Rou as there were a lot of people guarding Shen Yu Ning and Shen Yu Rou. Moreover, they were very well trained. Hence, it was very difficult even to try to get close to Shen Yu Rou and so they couldn’t test if Shen Yu Rou and Ji Zheng Yang were related.

Wen Ting Ting managed to leave Ning’s Fas.h.i.+on successfully. Although the Wen and Ning family complained and got angry when they heard that Wen Ting Ting wanted to leave Ning’s Fas.h.i.+on, they still believed that Wen Ting Ting would always be their daughter-in-law. Hence, they thought that if Wen Ting Ting could get into Blue Diamond Entertainment, it would benefit all of them. That was why they decided to shut their mouth after thinking about the potential benefits that they could receive should Wen Ting Ting join blue Diamond Entertainment.

Phoenix, Jing Bo Chuan, Su An An, Huo Meng Li, Lu Jin Sheng, Bai Lang Yu, and Mo Xi had also just finished their National High School Examinations. The results would be out in about two weeks.

Mo Xi had also contacted her lawyers to draw up a will just in case anything happens to her because she felt very uneasy, and she doesn’t know whether everyone could be kept safe. However, she kept this from everyone else because she didn’t want them to be worried about her.

Two Weeks later. E’s Corporation’s Private Airport.

“Eve!” London opened her arms wide as she dashed to Mo Xi, casually ignoring Alexander, Jackson, and Yan Chu.

London hadn’t really been to Country X before, so she was really excited about coming here.

“Woah! Be careful!” Yan Chu hurriedly stopped London in case London banged into Mo Xi.

London was surprised by Yan Chu’s actions because Yan Chu doesn’t act that way often.

“Why are you acting as though Eve is very fragile now?”

“She is very fragile now.”

London thought that Mo Xi was injured again, so she became worried, “What’s wrong? Are you injured again? But the watch didn’t send us any alert.”

Mo Xi laughed, “I am alright. I am not hurt at all.”

“Then why did he say that you are very fragile now?”

Alexander then chuckled while he said, “She is pregnant.”

London’s eyes went wide, and she looked at Mo Xi’s stomach before she looked at Mo Xi’s face and looked back down again.

“Eve! You are pregnant?!”

Mo Xi laughed again, “Mm.”

“Ah!! Congratulations!!!” London was very excited by the news.

“You are still going to attend the anniversary?” France asked worriedly.

“It’s fine. I haven’t really experienced any nauseates or any other symptoms up till now.”

“You sure? Don’t force yourself, alright?” London asked worriedly.

Mo Xi chuckled, “I am alright.”

“Okays. If you feel uncomfortable, remember to tell us.”


“You guys should get going already. You guys have to dress up! The stylists are already in the office,” Mo Xi said.

“Alright. See you later.”

They left the airport together but went separate ways after that as Mo Xi was going to go back to Blue Diamond Entertainment.

Blue Diamond Entertainment.

“Brother, your designs are getting better and better!” Mo Xi looked at the clothes that Lu Jin Sheng designed for her, Phoenix, the Xia siblings, Chen Chu Yao, and Mo Yu Ze.

Phoenix was invited because they were global artists, and the Xia siblings represent the Xia Company, and Chen Chu Yao and Mo Yu Ze represent Mo’s Construction Company, and Mo Xi was the sole representative of Blue Diamond Entertainment. However, because the few of them belonged to Blue Diamond Entertainment, they represent Blue Diamond Entertainment as well.

Over the months, Xia Xing Yue had proven her skills and talents in the entertainment industry. Not only did she garner a lot of fans, but she also got praise from more experienced actors. Her skills were recognized, and she took part in many other productions as well.

However, because of a minor accident involving her and Xia Xing Ze, Xia Xing Yue had to reveal her ident.i.ty as Xia Xing Ze’s sister. Despite that, her efforts weren’t obliterated. Instead, her fame rose higher as she used her own abilities to prove her skills.

“That’s right. It’s been a very long time ever since I last saw clothes that could make my heart flutter,” Tang Ning Xu agreed with Mo Xi.

Lu Jin Sheng’s face went a little red from receiving Mo Xi and Tang Ning Xu’s compliments.

“Thank you, but I still have a lot to improve on compared to others.”

Tang Ning Xu shook her head and disagreed, “Your designs are really one of the very few that I have a sense of connection. Other designers just follow the mainstream styles while your designs are different and yet captivating. You design the clothes based on the people, and you used your heart to design the clothes that you think best present them. This is something that the designers nowadays lack. Although you never attended any designing school before, your skills are there. Your skills may not be the best in the industry, but your designs are definitely one of the best. I am sure that your skills would be the best in the fas.h.i.+on industry after you graduate from Capital College of Fas.h.i.+on.”


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