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Read Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 1019 – You Might Have Blinded Me!

Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife is a Webnovel made by Nian Yishang, 念已伤.
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Chapter 1019: You Might Have Blinded Me!

They managed to get him better medication ever since they became financially well-off. The improved medicinal properties served to control his condition much better than before, so he could afford to break out today. He was more capable of stabilizing his conditions now, as no discomfort was detected.

Ye Yang agreed with his youngest brother, and was pleased to see that fatherhood had helped him mature and become healthier.

Ye Liu whistled at him. “Yo, good call, Ling! I salute you!”

Liu Duo praised him with a thumbs-up too. “You’re awesome!”

Ye Mo might have thought that his brother’s statement lacked power, but Ye Ling had already exceeded his expectations!

Ye Ling did not want to stay there any longer, so he said to the shop a.s.sistant, “Are you done packing yet? Give us the goods when you are. We don’t want to be in the same place with some short-sighted folks, lest we be infected.”

Ye Ling still felt a little bashful, being praised by Ye Liu and their wife like that.

The woman fumed with rage upon being mocked. She talked back aggressively. “Who’re you calling short-sighted? I dare you to say it again!”

Liu Duo held onto Ye Ling’s arm and retorted, “It seems like you admitted it!”

She believed Ye Ling was a gentleman. He was not suited for quarrels.

“Let’s go. Get away from her.” Ye Mo accepted the packaged makeup, then he glared at the woman.

The others saw their cue and, bearing the same idea, ignored the woman and left the shop together.

As they walked along the street, Liu Duo smiled at Ye Ling by her side. “Ye Ling, you were wonderful just now! Of course, you’re always wonderful, but I think you might have just blinded me with your awesomeness.”

She did not mean it as flattery. Ye Ling was awesome even on usual days.

The blush on his cheeks, which had barely faded, climbed back up again.

He had not even responded to Liu Duo when Ye Liu intervened. “What about me, Duo Er? Did my awesomeness blind you too?”

Liu Duo rolled her eyes at him and, against her conscience, said, “You are just narcissistic! You look nice enough, but how could you ever compare to Ling’s awesomeness?”


Ye Liu could not hold back his laughter after having heard her remark.

He would not exaggerate his own looks, but how could it be just ‘nice enough’?

“Of course, I admit Ye Ling is the greatest one of all!” Ye Liu laughed and played along.

Just as they were browsing about the shops, they came across w.a.n.g Xiangyun out of the blue.

Upon meeting them, w.a.n.g Xiangyun first blinked, then frowned.

She could never forget the fact that her beloved Brother Ming had taken an interest in the Ye brothers’ shared wife!

Her mind raced. What’s she doing in the capital? Did she come all the way to visit Brother Ming? But why?

Ye Yang had never met w.a.n.g Xiangyun before, so he did not react. Actually, he would not have any reaction even if he had met her, since he was a ‘blockhead’ anyway.

The other four blinked at her too, wondering what had happened to her, for she had become a lot thinner than before.

When she was in Anping Town, they did not see each other often, and they were not acquainted anyway, so the five of them did not plan to greet her.

They believed w.a.n.g Xiangyun felt she was superior to them.


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