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Read Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 342 – Making Mother Angry

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Read WebNovel Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 342 – Making Mother Angry

Chapter 342: Making Mother Angry

“Why can’t I!” Liu Lius.h.i.+ suddenly shouted out of nowhere!

She started to cry after she shouted, no longer suppressing her emotions.

Liu Quanfu saw this and went forward to hug her, his face full of heartache and self-blame. He knew he had really fallen short in treating her well.

His heart was being torn apart as he listened to her cries. He finally looked like he was about to make an important decision, his eyes looking fearless. “Okay, I will tell mother right now!”

If he needed to severe their relations, so be it. He couldn’t lose his wife after losing his children. This family was already not as a family should be, so he shouldn’t feel reluctant to leave.

He let go of Liu Lius.h.i.+ and asked her to wait by the bedside. He wiped his own tears and went out to find Grandma Liu.

He knocked on the door, and Grandma Liu went over to open the door while cursing and scolding. He had interrupted her when she was counting her silver notes, so she was extremely angry. “What?”

“Mother, I’m moving out! If you want to severe our relations, then so be it! We will use the money from selling Duo Er to offset the balance. We will not have any dealings with each other in the future!” Liu Quanfu frowned and said everything he had wanted to say.

Grandma Liu was stunned for a moment after she heard what he said, she then frowned and scolded, “Was it that dirty wife of yours who urged you? I will go sort her out. She really became brave, urging you to move out practically every day!”

Liu Quanfu blocked her and said, “Mother, Little Yun did not urge me. This is my own decision! Let’s make everything clear today. The money is already in your hands. We will severe relations and not have any involvement with one another anymore!”

Liu Quanyan and his son heard the commotion and went over from the room on the other side. “Little brother, what are you doing? Why are you being unfilial by talking about moving out and severing relations again and making mother angry!”

He feigned sincerity to take on the responsibility of the oldest brother and reprimand him.

If they were to completely severe relations, would that mean everything would belong to him and his son?

“Yeah, uncle.” Liu Qing also pretended and went along with it.

His eyes, however, looked over at Grandma Liu’s chest, and then looked into her room. He took advantage of the fact that they were arguing and snuck inside.

Liu Quanfu could only listen and frown as Grandma Liu and Liu Quanyan kept scolding him. He only had one mouth, so how could he match up to them?

Liu Lius.h.i.+ was in their room and did not hear her husband’s voice. She went out to help him say something, “Mother, big brother, we have already decided to move out! Mother, if you want to severe relations straightaway, then use the money from selling Duo Er to offset the balance!”

She thought about how, although Grandma Liu had nurtured Liu Quanfu, she insisted they should pay money to severe their relations although he just wanted to move out. Why should they feel any reluctance to leave?

Grandma Liu wanted to hit her again after she heard her. Liu Quanfu stopped her and shouted, “Mother, that’s enough! You know very well how you treated Little Yun over the years. I also know very clearly. I won’t allow you to touch even a hair on her head ever again!”

“You…you unfilial son dare to speak like that to me? You…” Grandma Liu stared at him, her face full of anger.

Liu Quanyan also did the same, his face frowning. “Mother, since little brother is so insistent, let’s just let him! You still have me and Liu Qing to accompany you.”

Liu Qing was sneaking around very carefully in Grandma Liu’s room and cautiously looking for the purse while listening to what was happening outside.

He found the purse in a groove underneath the bed. Liu Qing opened it with a big smile on his face. And it was indeed eight one-hundred-tael silver notes.

He saw the argument outside had finished and immediately hid the money on his body. He then went out softly and quietly.

He suddenly appeared beside Liu Quanyan and went along with him, “Yeah, since uncle wants to be unfilial and keeps wanting to severe relations, you should fulfill his request, Grandma. In the future, dad and I will take care of you!”


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