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Read Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 388 – Get To Know

Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife is a web novel made by Nian Yishang, 念已伤.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 388 – Get To Know

Chapter 388: Get To Know

On the way back, Ye Mo kept thinking about what Qin Fang had said. Their boss was coming to town, and he wanted to have a meal with Liu Duo?

“Liu, what do you think Miss Fang’s boss wants?” he asked doubtfully.

Ye Liu, directing the cart, smiled as he shot a glance at his brother, “What does he want? What else? Little Duo’s smart, being able to ill.u.s.trate patterns like that, so he wants to get to know her.”

He didn’t think Qin Fang’s boss would have ulterior motives towards Liu Duo! They hadn’t even met each other, so how could that be possible?

Qin Fang had also told them that her boss was a man in his mid-twenties, about the same age as Ye Yang.

Ye Mo nodded as his doubts were replaced by pride.

Their wife was a perfect combination of beauty and brains!

Back home, their guests had arrived and were having friendly conversations. Ye Liu and Ye Mo felt that their house had gotten a lot more homely than before.

“Liu, Mo, you guys bought so much. We won’t be able to finish it all,” Aunt Ye came to help carry the food into the kitchen.

Unfinished vegetables wouldn’t last long in the summer. They would go bad and cause illnesses.

Ye Liu smiled, “We’re bringing some over to Ran Er’s schoolhouse later, so it really isn’t much.”

Of course he knew food would spoil easily in the summer.

Although there weren’t too many students at the schoolhouse, there were more than ten people, including the teacher.

They had managed to greet the teacher on their way back, and they told him they would deliver some food after lunch.

Noon came, and it was time for lunch. Ye Mo took the initiative and packed the readily cooked dishes into an enormous basket to be carried by hand and another one to be carried on the back. He volunteered to deliver the meal to Liu Ran’s school.

“Mo, don’t spill them on the way,” Aunt Ye reminded him.

He nodded, “Of course. Trust me. Don’t wait up.”

He gave Liu Duo one last look before leaving.

She felt his gaze. Oh, what’s this? You’re thinking of a reward for a job well done? Dream on!

She had mingled with them long enough to know what Ye Liu and Ye Mo were saying with their eyes, which was nonsense most of the time!

“Duo Er, we’ll start when your longevity noodles are ready,” Ye Ling said gleefully.

Liu Duo was the birthday girl, so it was imperative to prepare a bowl of longevity noodles for her.

She smiled in grat.i.tude, “Thanks, Ling.”

The food for the celebration had all been prepared single-handedly by Ye Ling. The others, including Aunt Ye, had offered to help by erecting a temporary stove, but he declined. They could help with other work.

Ye Liu went to help get the fire going in the kitchen. Liu Duo and the others spent their time entertaining guests in the yard, waiting for lunch to be ready.

On the other side, Ye Mo arrived at the schoolhouse and placed the cooked dishes on the dining table, “Teacher, everyone, feel free to dig in while it’s still hot.”

“We appreciate it very much, Ye Mo. Do pa.s.s my blessings to your wife and wish her a happy birthday.”

“You’re very much welcome, sir. Thank you for teaching our Ran Er.”

They chatted for a while. When Ye Mo was about to rush back home, Liu Ran came to him, “Brother Mo, can you help me bring something back to my sister, since it’s her birthday today?”

He stood there, awkwardly, with a wooden sculpture in hand and seemed to be exerting force to carve something.

Ever since Liu Ran had moved in with them, the two hadn’t had a lot in common and seldom talked, even during weekends. Liu Ran hadn’t call him ‘Brother Mo’ either!


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