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Read Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 546

Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife is a web novel completed by Nian Yishang, 念已伤.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 546: In That Case, Come

Ye Ling felt like hundreds of thousands of ants were walking over his body. It made his heart itch but he didn’t know what he had to do to scratch that itch.

Ye Ling gulped and replied with great difficulty, “Duo Er, you… aren’t you going to sleep? It is getting late and you should rest. Don’t you need to go to town tomorrow?”

However, Liu Duo replied back with a strange question that was completely unrelated to what he said: “Ling, are you tired?”

“Huh?” Ye Ling was stunned for a few seconds before he replied, “I’m not tired. I’ve only peeled the garlic and that isn’t tiring.”

He felt that when compared to his brothers’ workload, how could he even mention the word ‘tired?’

However, Liu Duo laughed lightly when she heard what he said. “Then why don’t we do some exercise?”

Do some exercise?

Ye Ling didn’t understand what she had said. He just stayed dumbfounded and didn’t reply. What kind of exercise could they do at night when it was pitch black?

Without changing her expression, she got on top of him, lowered her head to touch his forehead with hers, and said softly, “Ling, why don’t we do some consummating exercise? Mmm…”


Did she want to consummate her marriage with him? Ye Ling couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He was stunned and even forgot to reply. He remained motionless as he looked at Liu Duo, but the only thing he could see was pure darkness.

Is this real? Is she really going to consummate the marriage with me? Ye Ling kept repeating this in his head. He felt it was just too unbelievable. Wasn’t this coming a bit too suddenly?

He always thought that when Liu Duo said wait, it would take a long time…

Liu Duo saw that he didn’t respond so she kissed his lips then blew some air at his ear and said gently, “Ling, do you want to? Or are you unwilling? You keep ignoring me…”

However, Ye Ling responded to this by pulling back his neck and saying, “I’m not…”

“Not what? Ling, do you want it or do you not? It is just a simple question.” Liu Duo pretended to be in a hurry and pushed him when she heard him stuttering and speaking so slowly!

When Ye Ling heard her, he replied shyly, “I do, I want it.”

Hearing this, Liu Duo laughed out softly and got down from his body. She lay on her side while facing him and said, “In that case, come.”

When Ye Ling heard her, his heart started pounding and he momentarily forgot to react again.

But his head was filled with what his brothers had said to him. Don’t be too excited when consummating the marriage. You need to control your emotions so as not to fall ill.

Ye Ling had taken good care of himself recently. Although his heartbeat increased, there weren’t any signs of him running short of breath.

Liu Duo waited for a while and didn’t see Ye Ling make any moves. He just lay there and didn’t move. Liu Duo stretched out her hands and drew circles on his chest. She also used her long legs to touch his legs.

“Ling, come on…” Liu Duo called him and made herself sound extra coyish on purpose.

She had already spoken as such but Ye Ling still didn’t start?

After getting teased like this, Ye Ling finally reacted and made a move. He stretched out his hand and grabbed Liu Duo’s naughty little hand.

“Duo Er, you… are you really willing?”


Hadn’t she said it very clearly? Liu Duo felt gloomy that he still asked. Did he feel so shy that he couldn’t even understand words?

“I’m willing! Ling, I am willing to consummate our marriage. Come quickly!” Liu Duo got close to him and again said clearly and earnestly beside his ear that she was willing.

It was only when Ye Ling heard Liu Duo speak so loudly that he replied while red in the face. “Oh.”

Liu Duo knew he was shy so she turned her hand to hold his hand again and then guided it towards her chest. “Ling, I am your wife. You don’t need to feel so shy when doing such intimate things with me, understand?”


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