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Read Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 649 – When Did He Learn To Say Something Like That?

Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife is a web novel made by Nian Yishang, 念已伤.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 649: When Did He Learn To Say Something Like That?

“That’s nice to know. Now you can feel free to stay longer.” Ye Liu smiled back.

By the time they had taken all the tomatoes indoors, Ye Yang and Old Liu came back with their farming tools.

Ye Yang spotted Dongfang Ming in the house and greeted him with his eyes, then both he and Old Liu went to wash up by the well.

After a morning’s work, they were sweaty, sticky, and overall uncomfortable.

“Yang, come get a drink.” Liu Duo went up to them with some water. She also brought bowls for both of them.

After getting to know them for some time, it was apparent that they were an easy-going family. Old Liu’s constraints had soon vanished. He casually accepted the water and drank it in one go.

Ye Yang felt better after a face wash. Liu Duo pa.s.sed a bowl of water to him, but he did not drink it immediately. With a glimmer in his eyes, he said to her, “Good.”

He drank it all then said again, “Tasty.”

Coming home to a virtuous wife made Ye Yang feel that his life had become so wonderful.


Blus.h.i.+ng, Liu Duo peered at Ye Yang. Is he flirting with me out in the open?

When did he learn to say something like that?

She did not know how to react, so she averted his gaze. Shyly, she took the empty bowl from his hand and returned to the house.

It was obviously an icy glare, but somehow she was stunned just looking into his eyes. Her heart beat fast, and very soon she was fl.u.s.tered.

Ye Yang caught up with her. He took a good look at her flushed face, and the angles of his lips curled up a little.

“Time for lunch.” Ye Ling came out of the kitchen with a dish.

Ye Yang moved to the kitchen to help serve the food.

Everyone sat around the table, eating merrily. The conversation between Ye Liu, Liu Duo, and Dongfang Ming went on harmoniously.

Not so for Ye Mo. Whenever Liu Duo spoke to Dongfang Ming, he would eye the man suspiciously, finding him more and more despicable!

He thought, you think you’re so good-looking? Quit smiling. It’s repulsive.

“Dongfang, I want to ask about the frozen fruit salad. When do you intend to sell it in your shop in the capital?” Liu Duo asked him.

Their little town would not stand a chance. If they did not sell it now, when the weather was still hot, they would not have the chance to do so after summer ended, and they would have to wait for next year.

Dongfang Ming replied, “I’ve arranged for Chef Liu to return. In a couple of days, the menu will be ready. You just wait for the bonuses, Little Duo.”

It was sunny today. Chef Liu should be on his way there now. It had been raining for the past two days, and he had stayed put here.

“Alright, I’ll count on you then.” Liu Duo grinned broadly. She had gained another source of income. How wonderful.

Ye Mo kicked her lightly under the table. What was her deal, smiling to other men like that? Did she have any shame?

Liu Duo dropped the smile when she felt the kick. Which rascal had kicked her?

Without being detected, she surveyed the few people sitting opposite her. They were Ye Mo, Ye Ling, and Li Wazi.

To her, Ye Mo was the most suspicious one. Ye Ling and Li Wazi would not do something as immature as this!

Ye Mo noticed Liu Duo glaring at him with fire in her eyes. Deliberately, he asked, “Dear wife, just eat. What are you staring at?”

As long as she stopped talking to Dongfang Ming, and instead s.h.i.+fted focus onto him, he was more than delighted.

Go on, keep pretending then! You’re just asking for trouble!

She brought her leg up and kicked him back. “I’m just admiring Aunt Li’s cooking. It’s all so good, I don’t know what I should try.”


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