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Read Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 760 – Yes, Yes I Missed You Very Much! Is That Enough?!

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Chapter 760: Yes, Yes I Missed You Very Much! Is That Enough?!

Ye Mo, who was beside them, looked at his second brother’s gentle movements and voice. He puckered his lips and muttered in his heart, All you know how to do all day is to pretend to be gentle and coax beloved!

Ye Liu could feel Ye Mo was talking about him in his heart. When Liu Duo looked away and stopped looking at him face to face again due to her shyness, Ye Liu took the opportunity to look at Ye Mo and raise his eyebrows at him.

It was as if his eyes were telling him, Mo, you should learn from your brother. If you treat beloved gently and cherish her, she won’t feel any unwillingness in her heart. Instead, she will willingly agree and cooperate with you.

Ye Mo understood the meaning behind Ye Liu’s gaze and he lifted his hand to touch his nose. It felt like he had already changed a lot. How much more gentle did he have to be?

Ye Liu looked at his response and stopped communicating with him through his eyes. He turned his sights back to Liu Du’s body.

“Little Duo, did you miss me recently? Mmm…” Ye Liu teased her next to her ear. His hands were also moving around and setting fires everywhere.

Liu Duo didn’t understand why she would miss him so she asked him softly, “We see each other every day, what’s there to miss?”

When Ye Liu heard her, the corner of his mouth moved up and he smiled mischievously. He moved his body so his fully standing little brother moved for a while before stopping. He did this repeatedly to tease Liu Duo’s secretive place.

“When I asked if you missed me, this is what I meant! Little Duo, did you miss me recently?” Ye Liu reminded her, all the while touching and setting fires everywhere with both hands.

They hadn’t slept together for quite some time, so he wanted to know if Liu Duo had missed his body.

As he already gave such an obvious hint, Liu Duo would naturally immediately understand. The corner of her mouth twitched and she said, “Yes, yes I missed you very much! Is that enough?!

She knew if she didn’t say this now, this fella would definitely only keep teasing and ‘tormenting’ her by not giving it to her.

When Ye Liu heard what she said, the smile on his face only increased and didn’t decrease. Although Liu Duo only said that to put up with him, he still felt extremely happy when he heard it because he had also missed her.

He didn’t waste any time after that. When Ye Liu felt Liu Duo was ready to receive him, he gently and carefully went inside her secretive place…

Ye Mo looked from the side and the fire in his body started burning again. At the same time, he looked at Ye Liu as he took his sweet time. He didn’t know why but he felt very anxious in his heart.

While Liu Duo was being treated so gently, she couldn’t help but let out a sound of pleasure. “Mmm…”

“Little Duo, do you like it when I do this?”

“I like it, I like it a lot.” Liu Duo’s eyes were closed and she answered without even having to think.

Upon hearing him, Ye Liu turned his head sideways and winked at Ye Mo as if showing off. Mo, do you see this? Little Duo likes it when I’m gentle like this. She doesn’t like it when it is too rough.

Ye Mo didn’t feel he was rough, just that his movements were a bit big. However, he still nodded to show he understood.

Downstairs, when Ye Yang finished bathing and was about to go into his room, his sensitive ears heard the voices coming from upstairs.

He didn’t stop walking and went into his own room. He then got ready for bed.

He didn’t think it was inappropriate for his brothers to go into her bed but he didn’t know it was two of them instead of one!

After quite some time pa.s.sed, Ye Liu’s strength was still not reduced and he kept plowing diligently. Watching this made Ye Mo really jealous. Liu is really so strong. Is he still not done?

When he thought about how much his performance had sucked just now, he became really eager to showcase his strength again! What had happened just now was purely an accident.

Ye Mo shuffled his body over and came next to Ye Liu and Liu Duo. He stretched out his hands and gently caressed Liu Duo’s fair thigh.


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