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Read Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 790 – He Could Not Bring Himself To Hate Them Too

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Chapter 790: He Could Not Bring Himself To Hate Them Too

She was a wife after all. It was her duty to satisfy her husbands’ demands.

Furthermore, she was their only wife!

She had thought about the issue when she was taking a rest in the afternoon. She did not really mind a threesome every once in a while, but the problem was Ye Liu and Ye Mo were practically insatiable wolves and there was this ‘compet.i.tion’ going on between them. If it kept going on like that, she would always end up sore all over and have to sleep in the next day.

If they could be half as complacent as Ye Yang and Ye Liu and not be swallowed by greed, she could accept their occasional request more readily.

“Ling, you’re so cute when you stutter. How lovely. I was only joking. They won’t dare to gang up on me,” Liu Duo giggled, feeling relieved.

Of course she would not put him in a difficult spot. If she was unable to stop Ye Liu and Ye Mo from doing so, she would ask Ye Yang for help. She would not leave the ever protective Ye Ling with a difficult choice.

Ye Ling broke free from his nervousness when he heard her say that.

“Duo Er, your parents are here to see you and Liu Ran. We’ll have to add more dishes for tonight’s dinner.” Ye Ling changed to a different topic and spoke heartily.

He was as happy as Liu Ran when the couple came to visit. After all, Liu Duo’s relatives were their relatives as well.

Despite all that, he knew Liu Duo harbored a certain level of hatred towards them, and everyone else could guess why.

But he could not bring himself to hate them too.

The smile gradually vanished from her face. She replied plainly, “Oh, whatever you want, Ling.”

She felt cooler after was.h.i.+ng her face, having gotten rid of the sticky feeling.

“Ling, I’m going to check the kitchen,” she said, and that was where she headed. She was not willing to return to the house.

Ye Ling watched her leave. He washed his hands and went back inside. He could not leave his ‘parents’ hanging there.

“Mom, Dad, help yourselves to some fruit. Don’t be a stranger, make yourselves at home,” he said to them with a warm smile.

A plate of fruit, already washed, was placed on the table. They were all of Liu Duo’s favorites.

“Alright then. Don’t mind if we do,” Liu Quanyan said, his face wrinkled with age and bearing an uneasy smile.

Ye Ling handed them some fruit before sitting beside Liu Ran.

“Mom, take a look at my handwriting. I can write many words now.” Liu Ran happily shared with them the stories of his time at school.

For a while, the house was filled with Liu Ran’s joyful laughter. Sometimes, Ye Ling would engage Liu Quanyan in conversation.

“Ling…” Liu Quanyan called his name, but paused as he tried to figure out what to say.

Ye Ling maintained his smile. “Dad, feel free to say what’s on your mind, or ask anything you want. You don’t have to be so guarded.”

He could tell Liu Quanyan had something to say, but he might feel unqualified to do so due to their awkward relations.h.i.+p.

Liu Quanyan nodded at Ye Ling’s a.s.surance, cleared his throat, and chose his words carefully. “Ling, our daughter Duo Er has been living with you all for quite some time now. W-Why isn’t she pregnant yet?”

He feared that Liu Duo might be infertile. He wanted to be sure.

He was mainly afraid that the brothers would not want her, and might seek to repudiate her.


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