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Read Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife Chapter 931 – Li Chunmei Kept Running After The Cart

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Chapter 931: Li Chunmei Kept Running After The Cart

Li Wazi looked at Ye Mo beside him then turned back to catch a glimpse of Li Chunmei running after their cart.

“Chumei, you’re getting married. It’s better for you to stay at home. Don’t come after Mo anymore!”

He did not want her to taint Ye Mo’s good name.

Ye Mo already did not have a good reputation among the villagers, but that was only because of his temper!

Other than being irritable, the man still had his merits. He was down-to-earth, caring, hardworking, and a man with self-respect.

“Brother Li, there’s something I want to confess to him, can you stop the cart? I’ll leave when I’m done and I won’t disturb him again.”

Li Chunmei spoke quite sincerely, as though she had repented for her sins. She looked pitiful.

Li Wazi was quite moved by her words and could not go against his conscience. He looked at Ye Mo next to him and recounted what his friend had said just moments ago. He wondered if Ye Mo would like to hear what the woman had to say.

Ye Mo just looked directly ahead. He had no intention of listening to her.

And so, Li Wazi steered the cart onwards.

“Mo, I really need to talk to you, or I can’t live with myself! It’ll only take a while, please?”

Li Chunmei kept running after the cart.

The only house in the depths of the bamboo forest gradually came into view. This made Li Chunmei frown in frustration.

She would not stand a chance of telling him in front of so many people!

So, Li Chunmei sped up and overtook the cart. Risking her life, she stretched both arms and blocked its way.

Her bold move frightened Li Wazi, as the man held tight on the reins and stopped the bullock cart.

“Chunmei, what the h.e.l.l are you doing? You could be killed!”

Ye Mo frowned. He absolutely loathed the woman’s conduct. He clenched his fists and contained his anger.

“I’m heading home now. You better catch up soon, Li Wazi.”

Then he took the sack with him as he leaped from the bullock cart and walked straight ahead.

Li Chunmei saw her chance and chased after him.

“Mo, I…”

Before she could finish, Ye Mo frowned and yelled directly at her, not holding back, “Stay the f**k away from me! I don’t want to hear your nonsense! Go away, as far as possible! I don’t want to see you! You shameless b.i.t.c.h!”

It was then that he realized…had he overdone it during all those times when he called his wife shameless?

Liu Duo had only been showing affection to her husbands regardless of the occasion, how was that shameless?

Li Chunmei, however, was relentlessly clingy and devious. Now that was shameless and morally bankrupt!

Upon being yelled at, the woman’s face showed hurt and pity, “Mo…”

“Keep calling me like that and I’ll tear your tongue out!” Ye Mo glared at her. “Not another word; my fists target men and women alike!”

On the cart, Li Wazi could see Ye Mo’s rage and ferocity. He worried that Li Chunmei would be on the receiving end of his punches.

Heartbroken beyond repair, Li Chunmei let her tears fall.

She just wanted to apologize. Why wasn’t Ye Mo willing to listen to her?

Was he really that reluctant to hear her voice?

She watched Ye Mo walk further and further away. Finally, she could not contain the tears she had been holding in for so long.


Li Wazi, his path still blocked, could never bear to see women cry.

He opened his mouth but he was unsure of what to say.

So he just watched her cry and waited for her to leave.


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