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Read Sweet Wife in My Arms Chapter 449 – Digging Out A Familiar Person

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Chapter 449: Digging Out A Familiar Person

“Help me, help me…”

At this time, a faint cry echoed in her ears. This voice seemed to be transmitted from the bottom of a pile of ruins not so far away.

Yan Huan ran over following the origin of the sound. “Hey, are you there?”

Yan Huan knocked on the rocks.

“Help me, help, help me…” It was the same voice again, for sure it was the right direction.

Here was another victim.

“Come, come, help” Yan Huan shouted for help while her hand carefully moved the bricks and debris at the top.

“Help…” This person screamed again, obviously revealing a sobbing tone.

“Don’t hurry, don’t move. We will save you right away.” Yan Huan listened to the voice, not knowing why but she felt like crying, worrying about the condition of that person. She recalled the b.l.o.o.d.y and vague scene of the man who broke his legs and the image of the two white leg bones.

“What happened?” Lu Jin brought a group of people over. It was raining cats and dogs at the moment as though it dropped straight from the head, so when he opened his mouth, the rain droplets would fall into his mouth.

“Someone is at the bottom, Dad.”

Yan Huan pointed downward; her hands did not stop moving the rocks to the side.

Lu Jin walked over, knocking on the rocks. “The person inside, are you still alive?” He questioned loudly.

“Alive, alive, I am still alive. Quick–save me. I don’t want to die…” The whining sound caused Lu Jin to feel a surge of irritation.

“Save some energy, don’t cry. Are you hurt anywhere? How’s your condition now?”

“Yes, I have some injuries. My leg bones seem to be fractured. I am stuck in a floor slab.” The person inside was still crying. It was obviously a grown man, but still acted like a woman from the way he cried. For Lu Jin, he felt annoyed having to deal with guys like him, especially a brat like Ye Xinyu who loved to cry since young and was born with a facial features similar to that of a female. Each time when he saw him, he had to prevent himself from punching Ye Xinyu on his face.

When others heard of this, perhaps they would say it was fortunate of them to find a person buried inside and was still alive, as it was not known how many people would be discovered alive after all.

Those people who were dug out by them from the ruins were mostly hurt with either severe or minor injuries. Human’s body is fragile. Most casualties here had either fractured bones or missing limbs.

Lu Jin checked around to confirm the location.

Then, they started to move the rocks above. The physical strength of a few men was indeed favorable as they could move things swiftly. Yan Huan who was standing by the side continuously looking inside, and it seemed like she saw a person.

Finally, once the debris on top were cleared off and left behind a hole, the person inside stretched out one of his hands, “Pull me out, quickly pull me out, Waah, dad, grandpa, I am sorry for everything…”

“Shut up!”

The corner of Lu Jin’s eyes lifted. He had a strong urge to knock this person out with a rock as now did not seem like the right time for someone to utter dreadful cries and screams. They still had to spare some time to save others.

Lu Jin and the others dragged that person out. This person’s hair was long drenched; his face was covered with a layer of soil, and due to the rain, it turned into a pile of mud. His clothes were in tatters, and some parts were ripped or torn apart. One leg was pulled up; and it must be broken. However, he was lucky enough for not ending up like the other person, whose flesh on the leg had almost dropped off completely.

The face of the man lying on the ground could not be seen clearly. He was still hugging his legs, but he had stopped crying. If he dared to cry anymore, Yan Huan had a feeling that Lu Jin would throw a brick at him right away.

“Here is another one.” Someone was shouting at a short distance. Lu Jin rushed over with a bunch of people for a rescue.

Yan Huan walked over and squatted down before the man. “Can you walk? I can help you to the other side to take shelter from the rain.”

“I can walk by myself. Thank you.” The man said as he wiped off the mud on his face. The rain was heavy enough to clean the mud stain on his face, revealing his actual skin tone.

Yan Huan jumped forward all of a sudden, causing the man to be taken aback.

“What are you doing?” He hugged his chests as though Yan Huan was a perverted woman approaching him from somewhere. Yan Huan extended her hand to wipe off the mud on the man’s face directly.

“Why are you here, Ye Xinyu?”

As Lu Jin who was not far away heard this name, he immediately turned around and walked back toward them. Looking at the person he rescued like pulling out a carrot just now, he gave him a real slap in the face accompanied with a snapping sound.

“Why are you here, Ye Xinyu? Aren’t you studying overseas?”

Ye Xinyu was indeed crying this time, “Big Uncle…”

He nearly could not return anymore, so how could he not slap him? He did not want to be here, but he was now here. He was back for a trip with his friends, but who knew that it would be an earthquake? Then, they all ran outside, however, they were not sure who made it out safely. He only knew that he was stuck here with a broken leg and everything was perfect, not missing or broken.

However, who could tell him why his Big Uncle was here? He would be dead this time, completely doomed.

“You little brat, I will deal with you later.”

Lu Jin raised to his feet, and moved forward with big steps. He needed to rescue others.


Ye Xinyu obviously could recognize Yan Huan by now. When he saw Yan Huan, he felt scarier than meeting Lu Jin. Yan Huan was not frightening but Lu Yi was terrifying. Now his Big Uncle and cousin-in-law were here, his cousin brother must not be far away.

“Rest a.s.sured, he’s not here.”

Yan Huan walked toward Ye Xinyu to help him up, “I will carry you to take shelter from the rain, and then provide treatment for your leg.”

Ye Xinyu used all his might to stand up, but found it hard to move forward step by step. He was obviously in a lot of pain, but he clenched his teeth and forcefully dragged his broken leg. This made him look like a family member from the Ye family, appearing like a man, a grown-up.

Yan Huan carried him to the bottom of a big tarp. Although the rooftop was covered, the ground was wet and their clothes were also drenched, so even if they sat on the ground, it would not be very comfortable.

Ye Xinyu was painful until his face was twisted with pain. His forehead was dripping with cold sweat. He could release cold sweat in such a cold weather proved that he must be in real pain which was intensely painful.

Yan Huan was the youngest in the family, and Yi Ling had always tolerated her. Now that she was married to the Lu Family, the entire family treated her well, and even Lu Yi pampered her like a child.


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