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Sweet Wife in My Arms is a web novel created by Xia Ranxue.
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Chapter 551: The Gift

“Yes.” Yan Huan walked toward Lu Yi and lay down in front of him, looking at the scroll that Lu Yi was opening. As a matter of fact, she did not understand a word written, this was the essence of Chinese calligraphy. It was much more wonderful than any language in the world, complex and highly varied. No other writings in the world could be the same as Chinese characters; each writer had a specific style, a specific spirit, and a specific artistic conception.

“Shen Junru will be pa.s.sing away next year.” Yan Huan let out a soft sigh. Life is unpredictable, humans are destined to die since the day they are born; the same was true for Mr Shen Junru. He had lived for 98 years and went through two different centuries.

He was considered lucky in his lifetime; having lots of children as well as grandchildren, and constantly immersed himself in refining his books and calligraphy. He had experienced what was regarded as a celestial state from the deepest part of his heart. It was said that he could die without regrets, and of course, the work he left behind would remain forever.

Yan Huan had picked up almost all of Mr Shen’s proudest artworks that was produced in recent years.

By next year, their values would start to increase, and the value growth would be rapid. Dad did not have any hobbies in particular, giving him calligraphies as gifts was what he liked most.

Only you would be this sensitive to details, Lu Yi looked at her face quietly. He placed the scroll down, stood up, pulled Yan Huan’s hand and walked into the bedroom.

Yan Huan could not help but notice that her face was flus.h.i.+ng, erm, is he going to…

“What nonsense are you thinking about?” At a single glance, Lu Yi knew that the little lady’s imagination has run wild. There was a hint of teasing in his tone, as though he was mocking her intentionally. Yan Huan pinched his waist, but it was as hard as a stone.

She recalled that night: the sweat on his body, s.e.xy and strong. Her entire body felt the touch of his flexed muscles, such good figure would just make others jealous.

That is enough, stop thinking, she shook her head. It felt like all the blood from her body was surging to her face. She was already a woman in her thirties, but right now, why was she acting like an innocent little girl.

She knew that Lu Yi was aware of her embarra.s.sment, but he was pretending as if he did not notice anything. Fine, if he pretended, Yan Huan would just pretend as well.

Lu Yi opened the drawer, took out a cow leather paper bag and placed it on Yan Huan’s hands.

“Take a look.”

Yan Huan held the cow leather paper bag and sat on the bed. She opened it, at the very moment she opened the bag, she let out a cry of shock and stood up.

“Isn’t this that piece of land?”

“Yes.” Lu Yi caressed the top her head, pampering her as though he was pampering a child.

“The members of the Su Family gave it up?” Yan Huan thought that she would not be able to get her hands on it. Unexpectedly, it ended up in her possession.

“It wasn’t up to them to refuse.” Lu Yi had plotted it meticulously. As long as Yan Huan liked that piece of land, he would help her in getting it; as long as he had evidence against the Su Family, he will get back the land for Yan Huan, no matter what it took.

“What is the use of this land?”

Lu Yi had been curious all along as to why did Yan Huan want to own this piece of land, and if it was true that there was something fishy in it.

“It is extremely useful.” Yan Huan opened the doc.u.ment and pointed at that piece of land, “Currently, it is not an eye-catching place, and no one is paying attention to it, but soon, it will turn into the second highest paying industrial area in Sea City. Besides, it has already attracted a few foreign investments, so in the future, its development will be shockingly fast. Of course, in time, this land would be very expensive. The Su family had gotten the airport construction rights from the Ye family in their last generation, and afterwards, they used this piece of land to build a large building with dozens of storeys, which made their forces even more powerful.”

In the end, Su Muran used that large building as her own office. At that time, Yan Huan was nothing compared to Su Muran. She the Su Family behind her back, whereas Yan Huan had no one. So it was unquestionable that Su Muran walked all over her.

The world was meant to be this cruel. If you could not learn, then you could only die when your turn is up.

Somehow in this lifetime, this piece of land had fallen into Yan Huan’s hands. After earning enough money, she would build Linlang Entertainment here, standing tall under the nose of Su family. Day by day, Su family would be envious of her, but there would be nothing they could do about it.

On the other hand, Lu Yi had never expected for his woman to plan something like this. He knew that the piece of land might be useful, but it was out of his expectation that it could be used in such a way. He could also imagine how furious ould the members of the Su family would be, to the point that they might vomit a litre of blood out of anger if they knew what he had compensated them.

During New Year’s Eve, Lu Yi brought Yan Huan back to the Lu family. The small garden that the Lu family was currently staying was parted into two equal halves. In short, Ye Shuyun and Lu Jin had been living quite well this year due to the absence of Lu Qin’s family, and they no longer have to take care of Qin Xiaoyue’s allergies or dislikes.

In the past, not even one green leafy plant could be seen at home, but now, Ye Shuyun has planted plenty of flowers, and most of them were rare species. The couple would water the flowers, grow the plants, and apply fertilisers when they are free, their lives were seemingly pleasant.

Ye Shuyun was the happiest when Yan Huan arrived, the New Year’s Eve dinner was all prepared since much earlier. Although her son and daughter-in-law came back quite frequently, but it was New Year after all, not comparable to usual days.

Lu Yi had a big box in his arms. He placed the box on the floor.

“Dad, Huanhuan gave you this.”

Yan Huan then placed an exquisite case in front of Ye Shuyun.

“Mom, this is for you.”

Ye Shuyun took it immediately. She knew that whatever Yan Huan bought for her must be something good. She hugged the case hurriedly and began to open the present, while Lu Jin walked around the big box for quite a while but still could not manage to guess what was inside the box. Even if it was Chinese calligraphy, there was no need for such a big box.

Those calligraphies were all antique, not some sort of big cabbages, they were impossible to come in such a big box. Not to mention that Yan Huan would never give them any cheap things. The gifts from Yan Huan were exceptionally tasteful, that was why he had deep curiosity with the things in the box.

So why not open it?

He wanted to think about it for a little longer.

After pondering for some time, he could not wait any further, he quickly squatted down and grabbed the box himself. Indeed, as the box opened, it was filled with calligraphies.

They were blank in order for him to splash ink on the spot, but it seemed like he has not reached such an artistic level.

Lu Jin wanted to, but he felt that this was something his father would do. He took out a scroll and opened it, and as soon as he saw the signature on the scroll, his mind went blank for a moment.


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