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Chapter 716: The Married Couple With The Appearance Of Unity But Divided At Heart

“It’s still better than starving to death,” Yan Huan argued back.

“Fat to death then.”

“There’s still a long way for me to become fat. Eating the food in the Lu family won’t make me grow fat.”

“Who let you eat it?” Old Master Lu shouted as he rose to his feet.

“If I don’t eat it, your daughter-in-law will cry and your son will be upset,” Yan Huan replied coldly.

Old Master Lu was walking around. He was infuriated until his face turned red but he could not do anything. He could neither hit nor scold her even if he wanted to do so. His face appeared as though it was bleeding due to his anger.

When the guard had served the dishes, Old Master Lu strode over, grabbed his chopsticks and swiftly helped himself with the dishes.

“I’ll help myself with the dishes in the Lu family. As for you, if you want to eat, please return to your own house.”

Yan Huan was not bothered by his words. She would just let him say whatever he wanted to, but what she was going to do was none of his business.

She tagged along behind him and sat down. She then picked up the chopsticks and started eating the dishes. She was pretty satisfied with Old Master Lu’s dishes because there was a smaller portion of meat. She had always favored vegetables more than meat.

“How can you eat so much, are you a pig?” Old Master Lu tossed his chopsticks and the bowl.

“You eat more than me.” Yan Huan took the vegetables and ate it slowly, “If you don’t want to eat, then you can just leave this place with your wheelchair, I’ll help myself with the dishes.”

“Dream on!” Old Master Lu picked up the chopsticks again and filled his bowl with vegetables. Yan Huan was not picky about food anyway, she would just eat whatever was prepared. Although most of the food was eaten by Old Master Lu, she still had enough food to fill her stomach. Of course, Old Master Lu was not so callous to leave nothing behind for Yan Huan to eat.

Once Yan Huan was full, she planned to take a rest when she returned home. She was now living her life as if drunk or entranced, she would just sleep after she had eaten and vice versa.

“I’m leaving now.” She patted the clothes on her body. She then put down the chopsticks, wiped her mouth, and left. Old Master Lu glared askance at her.

“Don’t come over tomorrow.”

“My nanny is on leave, so I’ll still come over for lunch.” Yan Huan turned around and walked out. This made Old Master Lu’s blood boil up to a point, he almost wanted to hit someone with something he could grab. He tried to suppress his feelings, causing his eyes to turn red.

When Yan Huan walked to the door, the guard ran out.

“Miss Yan, please come here again tomorrow.”

“Grandpa does not welcome me.” Yan Huan flicked her hand. “You saw that too, I’m worried that he will be triggered by me and grab something to beat me up one day.”

“No, he won’t.” The guard hurriedly shook his head, “Although boss is a bit hot-tempered, he never beat women. Every time after you came here, our boss would not be in his wheelchair for a few days, he would eat more, and he would be more energetic as well. So please come over more often. Don’t worry, he has a strong heart, he won’t die because of this.”

“Alright, I get it.” Yan Huan nodded to the guard, then she turned around and left.

She knew well how Old Master Lu’s temper was like, otherwise, she would not have come over here. She only knew how to mix in with this kind of person because she had clearly understood what he was like. If she was still who she was in the past, then she would never be around Old Master Lu even if anyone were to force her to do so. She was not going to bring trouble upon herself.

For an old man who had lost his grandson, regardless of what he had done in the past, everything had long gone. Hence, no matter how he used to make things difficult for Yan Huan, Yan Huan had forgotten everything. What else could not be forgiven? Even if she chose to hold on to all those bad memories, she would still forgive him for the sake of Lu Yi.

She then tied her scarf properly, but the wind still pierced her face, and the pain was unbearable. She reached out her hand, and on her fingers, frostbite was seen clearly. She did not know when it would recover, not to mention whether she would suffer from it again next year.

She opened the door and walked in. The house was vacant and except the sound of her own footsteps, there was really nothing else. She was not even lying about it. The nanny was busy with some matters recently so she took a few days off. Yan Huan did not feel like entering the kitchen for she did not know the portion to prepare for herself and she was afraid that she would not have the appet.i.te to eat the food she cooked for herself. Therefore, she went over to Old Master Lu’s to get by on meals for a few days.

She opened the door without switching on the lights. While in the sight of almost complete darkness, she walked in.

She came to the bedside, and undressed, then she sprawled on the soft quilt.

The quilt seemed to be odorless – without the scent of the laundry detergent, without the trace of suns.h.i.+ne, and most importantly, without the aroma of Lu Yi. Sometimes, she tried her best to search and reminisce about the smell of Lu Yi, but after finding for two years, she could not help but admit that the pure and fragrant smell of silk-cotton would no longer exist in this world.

Lu Yi was gone, hence, that scent would also disappear along with him.

“Lu Yi, I’m a bit lonely now, what can I do? Actually, I’m far from being as strong as you thought.” She grabbed the quilt and shrank her body in a self-protection posture. She huddled herself up in a small corner of the huge bed. There was nothing left except for her breathing sound in the room.

At first, she was still counting her breath, but later, in a daze, she seemed to be asleep or maybe she was not.

When she opened her eyes again, the sky outside was already bright. In fact, regardless of whether the sky outside was bright or dark, it seemed to have no more impact on her. She used to be afraid of the dark, but now she rather preferred to be in the dark.

She lay down again for a while before sitting up straight and walked out to make a gla.s.s of milk for herself. Then, she held the gla.s.s of milk single-handedly and went to the computer. She sat down, then turned on the computer, and browsed through today’s news.

Never a.s.sume that she was trying to isolate herself from the world and never be concerned about any affairs when she did not join any events or accept interview invitations. In actual fact, although she did not appear in front of the public, this did not prove that she was outdated with the latest news. She was still well-informed with recent news, regardless of those that she was supposed to know or those unnecessary ones in which Luo Lin would inform her.

Hence, she was clearly aware of everything that had happened in the entertainment industry.

The Aster Flower had national touring, Lu Qin and his wife shared their sweet couple stories publicly and the Aster Flower had surprisingly good audience reviews.

There were many photos on the news, one of it was that Lu Qin was holding Su Muran’s hand, and the two were talking about something, while Su Muran was smiling, Lu Qin was watching her intently. It was not difficult to know how good their relations.h.i.+p was.

This was literally a series of fancy public display of affection.

Yan Huan scrolled to another page, then she took the milk and drank it slowly.

I doubt the married couple with the appearance of unity but divided at heart was indeed so in love with each other, she muttered to herself. However, she felt that she had over thought and cared too much about other people’s business. She should not be bothered much if others were really in love. In this lifetime, she had no relations.h.i.+p at all with Lu Qin and Su Muran should never dream of using her blood anymore.


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