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Read Sweet Wife in My Arms Chapter 84 – Who Will Go?

Sweet Wife in My Arms is a web novel produced by Xia Ranxue.
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Read WebNovel Sweet Wife in My Arms Chapter 84 – Who Will Go?

Chapter 84: Who Will Go?

She could think about how to get revenge if she met with Lu Qin. But she didn’t know what to do as she was afraid to meet with Lu Yi. She had mixed feelings that she didn’t even dare to dwell on.

“Well…” Yi Ling bit the chopsticks in her hand. She remembered that there weren’t many other families. “We’re lucky, this place has some affiliation with the military district, so the public security here is very good and people can’t just get in. As for neighbours, I haven’t seen many, so maybe they don’t live here.”

Yan Huan felt disappointed that she didn’t get the information she was looking for. Thinking it over, it seemed that it didn’t really matter whether he lived here or not. She couldn’t exactly drive him away by telling him that they were enemies in a previous life.

She wasn’t such a fool to say something like that.

Forget it, let it go, maybe he just came over to meet his friends.

She hadn’t gone out much these days as she had bought enough food for a few days. Therefore, she didn’t want to go down. Yi Ling was quite dissatisfied with this, though, since she wanted to eat fish.

But Yan Huan didn’t want to buy the fish herself, thus she could only eat noodles and vegetables at home.

Yan Huan packed up her things and rubbed Little Bean’s head.

“Watch over the house, we’ll be back in the evening.” There was plenty of water and food for the cat to eat all day.

“She’s not a dog. How could she watch over the house?” Yi Ling took the apple and bit into it. “Besides, her weapons are gone.”

Yan Huan glared at Yi Ling.

Yi Ling snorted, “She scratched me first!”

Taking the elevator, Yan Huan sighed gently. She couldn’t help but cross her arms tightly. Fortunately, he wasn’t around. Maybe he really came to meet someone and didn’t actually live here.

That day was the last of Hong Yao’s scenes for the drama Love and Tribulations. She would be out of work after shooting, but the company would arrange some work for her for the future, so Yi Ling didn’t need to help her look for jobs anymore.

“Fighting.” Director Jin smiled at Yan Huan.

“Thank you.” Yan Huan smoothed out her clothes with a smile, basking in the sun.

I must perform well in the last scene as a summary of Hong Yao’s life.

Hong Yao wasn’t a lovable character in the drama since she was filthy, a prost.i.tute and a disgusting woman compared with the leading lady who was n.o.ble and well-educated. But it was unclear who the audience’s favorite character was in the end. As for Yan Huan, she preferred Hong Yao.

Hong Yao was the most realistic character in the drama.

The scriptwriter gave her soul and Yan Huan brought her to life. She was not acting, but instead relaying a woman’s life. Hong Yao didn’t have a good life but a miserable one.

A flower in bloom displayed the cycle of life.

In a small warehouse, a man and a woman were sitting. It seemed they were arguing.

It were none other than Jiang Chao and Qingqiu themselves.

“I’ll go, I’m a woman and they shouldn’t doubt me.”

“No,” Jiang Chao refused without hesitation. “It’s too dangerous, I can’t put you at risk like that.” He tightly held Qingqiu’s hand, he didn’t want to joke around when their lives were at stake.


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