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Read Sword Among Us Chapter 260 – Beautiful Robes Faction’s Strength

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Chapter 260: Beautiful Robes Faction’s Strength

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The appearance of Beautiful Robes Faction and Emei Sect finally allowed the people from the five sects to earn a chance to fight back. They did not dare to be negligent. A group of people with great body fortifications charged at the green Ghost Face Wall from the sides while airborne.

Green Ghost Face Wall was a door made of a green and st.u.r.dy stone. From the holes on it, they could see that it was seven inches thick…


Silver-spiked Staffs swiftly landed on Ghost Face Wall with an astonis.h.i.+ng and vigorous force! They let out a dull and shockingly loud thud. The faces of the thirteen staff-using monks changed at the same time! A powerful rebound left their purlicues numb. They staggered backwards, but Ghost Face Wall did not shatter immediately. Only a small pit that was an inch deep was made on the wall. There was not even a crack.

“So thick!”

“Let me!”

A shout that sounded like thunder rose in the air. Ouyang Qing, the disciple of Wudang Sect, moved with an astounding momentum. He looked like a breathtaking stream of light. The sharp light of his sword crashed against Ghost Face Wall at the speed of lightning.


Ouyang Qing was also sent flying away by a powerful rebound. However, a crack that was more than eleven inch long and one and a half inch deep appeared on Ghost Face Wall.

There seemed to be someone observing their actions behind Ghost Face Wall. Once they noticed that someone had begun to attack it at close range, the frequency of the throwing knives’ attacks increased. The attackers gave up on Beautiful Robes Faction and Emei Sect and focused all their attention on the people close to them.

However, it was fortunate that the five sects were prepared for that. A group of people with body fortification techniques at high realm activated their qi realms. They protected the thirteen staff-using monks and Wudang Sect’s Ouyang Qing. However, under the dense attacks, nearly half of their body fortifications were destroyed, and they suffered different degrees of damage.

“d.a.m.n it!”

“Don’t lose heart, everyone! The attacks are still effective! Attack together in the next round! Use your strongest attacks! We’ll definitely be able to break that door!”

Ouyang Qing might have suffered light injuries because of the rebound, but based on what he sensed from the attack just then, it was not impossible for Ghost Face Wall to be destroyed, and he shouted with his qi to boost the people’s morale and confidence.

“Our friends from Mount Hua Sect and Emei Sect, please help us!”

It was the first time Beautiful Robes Sect’s power was recognized by other people. Even Glutinous Rice’s senior sisters from Emei Sect were filled with admiration toward One Circle’s body fortification after they saw the horrifying sight before them.

When they heard the five great sects’ invitation and swept their gazes over the corpses strewn all over the ground, they nodded at the same time.

“Let’s attack together!”

Phoenix Dances stepped forward and brought out an incredibly domineering Silver-spiked Staff from her Universe Bag. It was the same as the weapon in the hands of the thirteen staff-using monks.

The eyes of the disciples from Emei Sect sparkled brightly. They could sense a character that normal players did not have and a heroic air that surpa.s.sed a man’s from Phoenix Dances’ domineering weapon and her heroic gait.


One Circle still stood in front of Phoenix Dances, but he had already repaired his body fortification armor. He scooped at the air with his plump arm, and a purple-red greataxe landed in his palm. The huge blade of the axe went together with One Circle’s figure, and the fierceness he radiated at that moment made him look like the reincarnation of Li Yuanba. He bared his teeth and rushed forward.

b.u.t.t Shaker, Tea Words, Rampaging Dragon, and the Three Lonely Wolves followed closely behind them. Aside from the Three Lonely Wolves, the rest released the aura of powerful Mystical Realm players. Under the leaders.h.i.+p of One Circle and Phoenix Dances, whose appearances were very eye-catching, they jumped into the air with an astonis.h.i.+ng momentum, and right before the dumbfounded expressions of the other people in the hall, they rushed to the frontline.

“Beautiful Robes Faction…”

The ladies from Emei Sect were completely stunned. They repeatedly recited the name of the faction Glutinous Rice had told them previously while their eyes sparkled brilliantly. They were now very interested in that faction.

Clang! Thang! Bang!

The people right in front of Ghost Face Wall did not pay much attention to the situation behind them. Their focus was completely on Ghost Face Wall and the throwing knives that shot out from the door. Once they had an extra moment, they would regroup for battle and swiftly leave behind cracks on Ghost Face Wall. It was either that, or they would make the old and faint pits from before deeper.

Suddenly, an aura that filled the area rose from behind them.

A loud roar that sounded like it came from a rather young person rang out behind the group.


The offensive momentum in the hall seemed to freeze because of it. The group swiftly made way and turned their heads around to look back in shock.

They saw a fatty equipped with black armor in the air! With a stern face, he had his hands raised above his head while holding a purple-red greataxe that was so huge that it was astonis.h.i.+ng. When he got close, he swung it down at Ghost Face Wall.

The roar of the king of all beasts could be heard in the air! It sounded as if a tiger was roaring in the forest!

At that moment, regardless of whether it were the thirteen staff-using monks, Wudang Sect’s Ouyang Qing, or the people from Hidden Soul Guild, they were all deeply shocked by One Circle’s eye-catching momentum.

A Mystical Realm high-tier martial art…

In the blink of an eye, the purple-red greataxe rammed against Ghost Face Wall with the force of splitting apart mountains!


The ground trembled, and the entire hall of the royal mausoleum trembled.

The violent momentum made even the throwing knives inside the door freeze for a moment. They seemed to have also been affected greatly.

However, when the people turned to look at Ghost Face Wall with crazed delight, they found only a crack that was more than thirty-nine inches long, thirty inches wide, and more than thirty-one inches deep at the center of the st.u.r.dy door. A clear crack spread out in a zig-zagging pattern and connected to a hole that was square in shape.

However, what disappointed everyone was that the d.a.m.n door did not shatter because of it.

“d.a.m.n it!”

One Circle was also stunned.

He did not expect that even when he attacked with the Arhat Axe and the Mystical Realm high-tier Five Tiger Rotating Hammer Technique, which were both items he obtained from the storage, he still did not manage to break the door.

Once he stopped for a moment…


Dozens of throwing knives swiftly shot out from different holes. They split up into dozens of other knives, and all of them crashed into One Circle, who landed on the ground foolishly.


But it was too close, and there was no longer anyone who could save One Circle.

However, One Circle shuddered because of the clear warning and snapped out of his daze. He swung his Arhat Axe horizontally and formed flickering axe shadows. Dozens of throwing knives were sent flying away with loud clanging sounds, and while some of the still hit One Circle, they were all blocked by the armor formed by black aura, and the damage was reduced to a minimum.

The people from the other sects were struck dumb by the sight.

‘What the heck?! This is a living glacier! He looks as if he’s even st.u.r.dier than a group of people tied together, and he’s alone!’

‘Where did this elite come from? Why have I never heard of him?’

Some of the people began guessing in the dark, and their gazes as they stared at Beautiful Robes Faction became even graver.

Once they had One Circle attracting the firepower, the powerful fighters from Beautiful Robes Faction shouted and pounced on Ghost Face Wall’s sides while cackling and grinning happily.

“Fatty, you’re awesome!”

“HAHA! Fatty, don’t move!”

Saber glares and sword glares shone!


Boom! Boom, boom!

The crazed onslaught on the door finally reminded the other people from the five sects what they were supposed to be doing. They remembered the most important task at hand and snapped out of their dazes. They began to exert force into their attacks…

With One Circle’s protection, the cracks on Ghost Face Wall increased. Stones flew, and the door became thinner!

At that moment, no one noticed a young man dressed in blue enter the hall. He noticed the situation inside, and the scowl he had on his face evened out a little. While keeping his composure, he quietly moved to the back of the chaotic group.


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