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Read Sword Among Us Chapter 611 – Fierce Battle

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Chapter 611: Fierce Battle

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Another two Inaction Realm martial artists charged out of the palace, and the situation instantly turned complicated and dangerous!

The group had to face three Inaction Realm evil cult elders and a group of evil cult disciples!

One of the elders was clearly an Inaction Realm and his strength was rather unfathomable. He was not to be underestimated, and Happy attacked and blocked him while quickly giving orders.

“Wind Chimes, Big Brother Medicinal Stone, take care of the evil cult disciples! Silver Wolf, Momo, you two will have to take on one evil cult elder each! Little North, a.s.sist them from the side! Do your best to kill them!”

“Got it!”

Once the orders were given, the group quickly calmed down and went to attend to their duties in an orderly fas.h.i.+on.

Clanging and excited zither notes worked like sharp scissors as they danced fearlessly in the air. They intersected with each other to form endless blade rivers, and their killing intent surged! They could not be blocked!

The evil cult disciples and children who came charging at them crashed into the invisible blade rivers in the air and shuddered madly before terrifying, b.l.o.o.d.y gashes appeared on their bodies. They were followed by screams of pain that had no end.



Wind Chimes alone could control all of the evil cult disciples nearby. The domineering nature of the successor of Six-fingered Demonic Zither was displayed fully at that moment.

All-powerful Medicinal Stone was happy that he could have a relaxing time. He just attacked the enemies that Wind Chimes had missed while paying attention to Happy, Silver Wolf, and Momo.

Momo was doing pretty good.

She had gained experience of fighting against Inaction Realm martial artists at Hero’s Mountain Villa, so it was not the first time she faced someone above her realm. She knew how to use her advantage in speed and long range attacks with Throw Spirit Sphere against the evil cult elder. Due to it, she was on equal grounds against her opponent.

Silver Wolf also had an advantage against Inaction Realm elites. His rich experience in close-quarters combat as well as his equipment allowed him to stand tall. He attacked repeatedly with Red Flame Palm and quietly depleted his enemy’s qi.

Little North stood quietly outside the battlefield, but he was watching the fights with keen eyes. He took note of the condition of the two evil cult elders and searched for a chance to attack them.

At that moment, Happy was the one who was in the most dangerous situation.

The strength of the evil cult great elder was extraordinary!

He might be old, but his abilities had been perfected some time ago. The palm strikes he delivered with ease came at Happy with the momentum of lightning.

Happy only needed to exchange a few blows for his blood to start surging. The impact was so great that his arms felt numb, and if it were not for the fact that he had Nine Yang Divine Skill protecting him, the organs might have already s.h.i.+fted in his body.

There were a lot of powerful people in the evil cult!


The evil cult great elder had naturally noticed Happy’s situation. Even though he was surprised that the young man would actually dare to fight head-on against him and would not find himself at a great disadvantage, he still regarded him with disdain and laughed coldly without stopping.

“Boy, I’ll teach you a lesson today!”


When Happy heard the evil cult elder’s arrogant words, he felt indignant. He swallowed two Dew Pills and attacked again with Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms.


The evil cult great elder was very knowledgeable. He had long since recognized that Happy used the ultimate technique only available to the sect masters of Beggar’s Sect, and his gaze had darkened due to that. He jumped high into the air.

He said nothing though and just sucked in a deep breath while raising his head. A wild energy swiftly grew within him by leaps and bounds, and his palms turned so red that they looked as if they were about to start dripping blood.

The evil cult great elder pushed his palms against Happy!

The air instantly froze. When the evil cult great elder pushed down with his palm-generated wind, Happy felt as if a mountain was pressing down on him!

With an unprecedented might, it descended on Happy’s chest at the speed of lightning. By the looks of it, the evil cult great elder wanted to crush Happy in one go and bring himself a peace of mind.

During that critical moment, Happy used the survival method that had saved him multiple times from incredibly dangerous situations.

Dragon Swings Its Tail!

The evil cult great elder was about to strike Happy’s chest, but he touched a strangely soft ball of air. Happy’s body suddenly moved to the side at an astonis.h.i.+ng speed, and then, a fierce leg-generated wind came cracking at the great elder’s ears!


A faint layer of black light appeared around the evil cult great elder’s body. It was like a faint air membrane, andi it managed to block the kick somewhat. However, the remaining force was not weak. It caught the evil cult great elder off guard, and he fell to the ground from the sky.


There was no way Happy would give up on such a good opportunity.

“You’re presumptuous, brat!” the evil cult great elder shouted in anger.

Even though he was curious how Happy would have such an ingenious body movement technique, he was not injured. When he saw that Happy actually had the intention to come at him, he could not help but feel agitated.

Once he landed on the ground, he stomped , and two pits instantly formed beneath his feet. Then, he bent his knees slightly and immediately straightened them!

The power that he acc.u.mulated in an instant surged out like an erupting volcano.

But this attack was clearly inferior to his previous attack.

By the looks of it, he had used some sort of secret technique before and lost some of his qi, which meant he could not repeat the attack often.

Happy figured that out with just one glance.

Pet.i.te Dragon!

He moved like a fish in water and avoided the evil cult great elder’s attack by a hair’s breadth. Then, without hesitation, he used Dragon Capture to seize the evil cult great elder’s arm.

The great elder felt his body become numb.

The momentary pause gave Happy a chance!

Bang! Bang!

He spread his arms and delivered two palm strikes at the great elder’s chest and elbow.

Even though he could not destroy the evil cult great elder’s body fortification with his previous attacks, the acc.u.mulation effect and the repeated attacks managed to reach the momentum at which Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palm were nearly at Inaction Realm.

However, the evil cult great elder was not easy to deal with…

He was struck twice, but while his body tilted backward, he kicked Happy’s hand. His attack had the ferocity of a venomous snake!

Happy, however, had antic.i.p.ated the great elder’s reaction. He delivered two palm strikes and quickly used the now powerful dragon-shaped vortex to block the great elder’s kick.


A firm and loud bang rose, and a powerful qi flow caused the dust in the area to rise.

The great elder was incredibly shocked and indignant by how Happy was able to block his attack, which he had delivered by reacting quickly to the situation. In the blink of an eye, the two men had already exchanged more than ten blows.

During that time, Happy had laboriously completed the acc.u.mulation of momentum of his attacks while it had increased and decreased!


A wild and angry roar rose, and a large black dragon shot through the air!

It raised the stones and dirt from the fake mountains nearby in an incredibly chaotic mix. They swam in the air for a moment, then a dragon’s roar came again, and the huge creature went to devour the evil cult great elder.


The evil cult elder did not panic. Even while his body fortification was destroyed, he scooped at the air with one hand, and a drill-shaped flow of air quickly rammed against the black dragon vortex.


For the first time, Flying Dragon in the Sky could not achieve its purpose. Before its full might could explode, it was forcefully destroyed.

But Happy had expected that the great elder would not be so easy to deal with.

He retreated to the area outside the remaining momentum and quickly took a Small Reversion Pill to restore the qi he had used by executing his attacks repeatedly. At the same time, an even more astonis.h.i.+ng momentum surged out of his body.

While the great elder looked at him in shock, a four-clawed golden dragon quickly took shape in the air behind Happy. Its eyes burned fiercely, and it came down from the sky with a mighty aura. Then, with an awe-inspiring presence, it locked its sight on the great elder…

For the first time, the great elder sensed an invisible threat from the young man in front of him.


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