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Chapter 628: Obtained Scale

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Happy was at the peak of his strength in his previous life, he could easily defeat a normal Inaction Realm NPC with the flip of a hand. In this life, however, he had used less than one year to push his strength to the peak of his previous life’s strength.

With Momo and Phantasmal Shadow’s help, he killed the last two evil cult elders, and he suddenly felt that perhaps he should not feel so proud of his previous self.

One Emperor and the others did not join the Sword Among Us Tournament. Even though his rank was pretty good, he was still far away from being among the very top.

In less than a year, One Emperor had already reached his current state.

Dream Clouds, Phantasmal Shadow, and the others also had a period of time where they soared above the others, and this was enough to show that in the beginning, perhaps he only had an advantage over others in terms of skills and combat experience.

Happy fell silent.

In his previous life, chaotic fights between countries had erupted continuously as the powerful people of different countries challenged each other.

Unfortunately, since a lot of people in his previous life did not regard these foreign martial artists with any importance, they just looked for and challenged opponents in the country. Their knowledge of foreign players was very low, and that included Happy.

“Phantasmal Shadow, is what you just said about the elites of the southwestern country true?”

“You heard it?”

Phantasmal Shadow looked at Happy in surprise. She remembered that the distance between them was more than 168 feet back then, and what was even more unbelievable was that at that time, Happy was engaged in an intense fight against Xing Wuzui. Wasn’t that the same as multi-tasking?

Happy was not surprised by Phantasmal Shadow’s shock. He smiled and explained. “I don’t really know what’s going on, but when you were talking, I did indeed hear all of it. Looks like as the level for my Nine Yang Divine Skill gets higher, my spiritual senses also become relatively stronger.”

He did know certain things about the elites from the southwestern countries from his previous life. Those players were indeed madly persistent. Their obsession toward fist and kick techniques created a group of boxers who had incredible bones and power meridian systems. They obtained the breathing techniques, qi cultivation techniques, and qi circulation techniques that were the best for fist and kick techniques, and they had the best bodies as well as methods for close-quarters combat. Their actions were all fierce, strong, and brutal, and they were like human-shaped beasts!

Their arms and legs were their best weapons!

Their bodies were bronze, nearly black. During the early stages of the game, they had unbelievable resistance, and this gave them an advantage. It was basically the same as their bones and tendons being covered by a layer of steel, causing them to be very st.u.r.dy.

Happy might not have had any chance to fight against the boxing masters from the southwestern countries in his previous life, he did watch quite a lot of their battle replays, and unfortunately, during that time, due to the length of time required to travel to meet them and his dislike for traveling far, he did not meet them.

Also, the speed of their fists and techniques was rather normal, so after some time, just as he expected, the various elites at the borders found a way to counter them, and they quickly returned to their own countries.

Originally, Happy did not want to get involved in this sort of troublesome matter, but a pity for him, the path he had to take in this life was clearly different.

The sword technique he used in his previous life seemed to be of little help right then, and there was no need for him to practice it.

Instead, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, Joined Finger, and Yue Clan’s Fist allowed him to take the path of fierce and strong techniques.

Unfortunately, once his Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms and Joined Finger reached a certain height, he had no other way of improving it aside from understanding the styles.

Perhaps, strengthening his Arm Strength and Affinity would give him some sort of epiphany.

“The boxing masters from the southwestern countries are all pretty good. Those who are slightly more threatening are the ones whose Arm Strength and Affinity have already surpa.s.sed two hundred…”

Phantasmal Shadow did not show any hesitation just because Happy took the initiative to ask her questions.

“Their Affinity allows their arms to be as tough as steel. Those whose body fortification are not high enough will find their arms and feet easily breaking after fighting against them for a period of time, and due to the difference in Arm Strength, those Vietnamese and Thais can suppress them completely. They are not to be ignored.”

“Once I finish with the matter here, I’ll have to look for a chance to try it out. I’d like to see whether they are as good as rumors have it. I hope they will allow me to gain a deeper level of understanding toward my Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms.”

Happy did not have any intention to hide his thoughts and spoke his mind.

However, those words exceeded Phantasmal Shadow, Wu Kuo, and the others’ expectations.

“Now, I finally understand how you can become so strong…” Phantasmal Shadow laughed wanly. “Usually, if someone were in your place, when they run into this sort of situation, most of them would act on impulse because of a moment of anger, or they would think about teaching these people a lesson. However, you’re not the same. You seem to only be thinking about increasing your strength no matter in what way.”

Wu Kuo nodded and agreed to it softly. “That’s right. You’re a martial arts maniac.”

The others looked as if they wanted to laugh, but did not dare do so!

“He isn’t a martial arts maniac. True martial arts maniacs live only for martial arts. They do not think about so many things. Happy doesn’t seem like he wants to give up on anything, be it his strength, sect, equipment, or wealth…”

Phantasmal Shadow fluttered her long eyelashes while speaking. She was not afraid that she would offend Happy with her speech.

During their travels together, she had come to understand that Happy was not as unapproachable as the outside world said!

Happy rubbed his nose with an embarra.s.sed smile.

When he saw Momo walk out of a palace, he lowered his head and brought out the loot from the Universe Bags he just obtained.

“What rewards are there?”

The heats of the people from Wind a.s.sault Tower pounded in excitement with their desire to know what was inside.

They had just gotten rid of six Inaction Realm elites, and even Phantasmal Shadow could not wait to know just what sort of good stuff people like Xing Wuzui would drop.

Momo charged over and shook her head in disappointment.

“The palace is empty. There isn’t anything inside.”

The others did not doubt this because they had seen that the palaces were incredibly empty from the outside. The only reward should be the large golden bell on the roof.

Happy brought out the items from the six Universe Bags without batting an eyelid and placed them side by side.

There were seven Moksha Realm martial art manuals, and one of them was a lightness skill manual—Profound Spirit Step.

They also obtained two more Sky Demon Orders!

There were more than twenty grade one masterpieces, along with one low-grade demon vessel called Recondite Steel Ice Blade. Its attributes were pretty good, and it had a freezing effect. It could serve as a saber and a sword, which would make it a very popular demon vessel.

The low-grade demon vessel and Profound Spirit Step were the most valuable among the loot.

The people from Wind a.s.sault Tower, including Phantasmal Shadow, were a little tempted, especially by Recondite Steel Ice Blade. It could use both saber techniques and sword techniques, and not only did it reduce the requirements on weapons and their spending, when they fought against enemies, they could switch their techniques and catch their opponents off guard.

“Based on our promise, you can take two items first, then we will take one,” Phantasmal Shadow said while looking at Happy.

In truth, since the beginning, she had noticed that his gaze was fixed on the fiery red scale. He did not pay any attention to Profound Spirit Step or Recondite Steel Ice Blade.

“I want this.”

Just as she expected, Happy picked up the Fire Qilin’s scale. Then, he had Momo choose a small porcelain bottle. He did not even cast a glance at Profound Spirit Step or Recondite Steel Ice Blade.

When Phantasmal Shadow saw that the two items she had been paying attention to the most had not been taken away, she became uncertain and frowned. She cast a glance at the two items in Happy’s hands with puzzlement.


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