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Tales Of Magic Swordsman is a web novel made by GreatArk.
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Just as its names, Two worlds, comprises of two worlds, Gaia and Regalia. Each person can only make one character and they would always start as a citizen of Gaia. Because of this, Gaia comprise of 90% player and 10% NPC, on the other hand Regalia comprise 100% NPC. So, it could be said Two Worlds is a game between player versus NPC.

In game, There are two types of expedition, guild’s expedition and world’s expedition. The latter would give better reward, but it is more dangerous than the previous and could only be issued by the world’s supreme ruler. The expedition team’s needed to go to other world and finished an expedition quest. The quest could be destroying other’s world city, s.n.a.t.c.hing resource, even killing other world royal families.

This time, Heaven, sent one of their elites’ team to the expedition. Fortunately, they get a rather easy quest with low chance of dying and Cold Candle have brought all the reward they get for Auron to distribute it.

Auron walk over to the pile of item and started to sort it out.

[Abyssal’s Dagger] (King grade equipment)

Type: Dagger

Requirement: 70 Strength, 86 Agility

Cla.s.s: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant

Attack: 232 – 532

Strength + 15

Agility + 10

Effect: no effect

“This is a bad king grade equipment, There are some good epic grade equipment better than this king grade. Forget it, I can still give it to Roan,” Auron though. After sorting everything out, Auron get 1 king grade equipment, 12 epic grade equipment, 30 rare grade equipment, and many miscellaneous item which include, potion, alchemy ingredients, forging ingredients, and many more.

[Giant’s Strength Potion] (Epic Item)

Type: Potion

Cla.s.s: All Cla.s.s

Effect: Increase 30% all attribute for 30 seconds

“I think this is the potion Cold Candle mentioned before. What a wonderful potion. With this potion, I can defeat Raging Bull easily. I will use this potion in duel to give more security,” Auron though. After distributing all the item to the expedition team, the leftover item were putted in guild’s warehouse and could be exchanged with guild’s contribution point.

Auron sat back on his chair and started to read a pile of doc.u.ment about the new update. “Cold Candle really can be trusted, she even give suggestion for further action.”

New Update Key Point:

– Maximal Character level doubled to lv 1000

– Skill level Capped increased to 70

– New Item grade: Mythical (Gold colored). Item will be rated above Legendary with 0.1% drop rate through world’s expedition and 0.05% through guild expedition or hunting.

– Legendary rated item drop rate increase to 1% through world’s expedition and 0.5% through guild expedition or hunting.

– Kingdom military opened to Player: Player can now joined the world’s military and get contribution through war with enemy from Regalia. Player will start from soldier rank and needs to get more contribution to occupy higher position. Player can also exchange contribution point with item. With Higher position, player also can get more benefit even meeting the king. Restriction: Player can only solely serve the kingdom and can’t join player’s guild.

– n.o.ble t.i.tle: Player needs n.o.bility point to upgrade their n.o.ble t.i.tle. n.o.bility point can be earned through quest given by royalty member or important army member.

– Guild now can be measured by n.o.bility point: All active member n.o.bility point will be added to guild’s n.o.bility point. More guild’s n.o.bility point, more benefit the guild can get. For example, exchanging item with royal family treasure room, request to issued world’s expedition, getting more slot for world’s expedition and many more.

– NPC level adjusted accordingly.



We can forget about Kingdom military since we are in guild, instead we should focus on obtaining n.o.ble t.i.tle. I think the royal family treasure room will have a legendary rated item and maybe even mythical rated item. We should form an elite group to farming n.o.ble quest. From what I see, there is no update about new hunting grounds which mean above level 500 we can only depend on quest, expedition and hunting other world’s troop. Next step, …

“This d.a.m.n company, there’s still no player that have legendary rated items yet they already add mythical rated items,” Auron cursed. “Based on the suggestion from Cold Candle, looks like we need to hold audition to form a new elite group. Let me think it over later.”

Suddenly, door to Auron’s office opened. A fat man wearing a white robe run into the room. While panting he said “Auron! why you accept such insane bet?”.

This fat man named Roan, he is Auron’s best friend. They were cla.s.smate since they were in school. At age 15, when Two Worlds first launched, they started to play together. Roan played as a merchant while Auron choose swordman. One year later, both of them founded Heaven. Both of them dedicated all of their time to develop Heaven.

As time pa.s.s by, Roan rise slowly which made him fell behind other guilds member. To avoid becoming a burden for Auron. Roan decided to moved to Heaven’s first branch guild and helped the main guild in terms of funds. With Roan talent in trade and financing, Heaven’s first branch become the no. 1 source of funds for the main guild. Unfortunately, to help the guild fund, Roan has to keep moving around between city and ignore hunting which was why until today he still level 432. He said “There is always something need to be sacrificed”. Although, Roan was okay with his condition, Auron still felt guilty which was why sometimes he provide some high graded equipment and item to Roan. Because of this, many main guild member looked down on Roan but they kept it in their heart since Roan was their guild leader’s best friend and one of the Heaven’s founder.

“Brother, I also don’t want to do this, but Raging Bull keep pushing me. I can’t harm our guild’s honor. I have to do this,” Auron said with warm tone.

“Bu… but I still feel it is not okay to do this, what if you lose? This is your hard work for 10 years.” Tear started to fill Roan eyes “I can’t imagine if you lose, what will happen to me?”

“Relax, I know Raging Bull seems suspicious, but he can’t beat me. Although, he has a hidden card, I also have my own hidden cards.” Auron smiled.


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