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Zhou Zhili’s voice was calm, yet it carried a powerful force that struck directly at the heart.

A single mistake will cause a string of mistakes which will finally end up in an extremely great gap!

In the compet.i.tion to attain the Grand Dao, the accomplished rule!

As soon as his voice finished resounding through the air, the entire surroundings was covered in deathly silence. The eyes of every single disciple surged with a wisp of blazing firmness.

Two years of time is sufficient for me to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm. Zhen Lu remained indifferent, yet a powerful voice resounded in his heart instead. No matter what, I must seize this opportunity to enter the inner court!

Two years? Very good. I’ve bitterly suppressed my cultivation precisely for this opportunity. From today onward, I’ll start charging towards the Golden Immortal Realm! A wisp of a confident smile appeared on the corners of Ji Xuanbing’s mouth, and his clothes fluttered while he vividly displayed the aura of an emperor.

The top fifteen of the Allheaven Golden Rankings? This challenge isn’t bad. Zhao Mengli seemed to be lost in thought, and her beautiful eyes were filled with arrogance.

It wasn’t just the three of them, the other students had various different thoughts of their own. This included those eight thousand senior students that similarly revealed a wisp of antic.i.p.ation towards the inner court exam that would be held in two years.

Only two years, it’s too short… Oh, perhaps I can choose to cultivate in the world of stars. In that way, I’ll be able to obtain an extra eight years of time. Chen Xi pondered in his heart, and he was determined to succeed in the inner court exam two years from now.

Compared to Chen Xi and the others, there were many people that didn’t hold much hope towards this. For example, those new students that were ranked beneath the top hundred in the recruitment test, they were very well aware that no matter how hard they worked, they would probably be unable to partic.i.p.ate in the inner court exam two years from now.

After all, the prerequisites for the exam wasn’t just to attain the Golden Immortal Realm but to be ranked in the top fifty of the Allheaven Golden Rankings!

In this way, not to mention them, but even those new students that were ranked in the top hundred didn’t have much hope of accomplis.h.i.+ng it.

Of course, even if they didn’t have much hope, it was better than having no hope at all. Not to mention that this was Dao Emperor Academy that was filled with fortune, and so long as they worked hard, perhaps a miracle might occur?

Zhou Zhili left after speaking these words.

Zuoqiu Hong started speaking instead. As the Vice Dean of the outer court, Zuoqiu Hong managed the matters of law and punishment and possessed rather great authority that was merely inferior to Zhou Zhili. Coupled with his ident.i.ty as a member of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Zuoqiu Clan, he could be said to be n.o.ble and respected. He was one of the most exalted figures in the outer court of the academy.

“All of you new students don’t know the rules of Dao Emperor Academy too well. But I have to say that you’ll have to suffer punishment even if you don’t know the rules. No matter if you’re ranked at the first or the last, if you’re of n.o.ble birth or an ascender from the Mortal Dimension, no one can be excepted from the rules of the outer court!”

“Remember! Cultivating is like rowing a boat upstream, and the establishment of rules is for the sake of making every single student work harder in their cultivation. If anyone dares to break the rules, then it will at least end in punishment and might even end in the confiscation of your Violet Ribbon Starcrest and expulsion from Dao Emperor Academy!” 

When he spoke up to here, Zuoqiu Hong’s gaze imperceptibly glanced at Chen Xi while he maintained a solemn expression, and it caused others to be unable to discern exactly what he was thinking in his heart.

“Alright, if you have any other questions, then feel free to ask your instructors.” As soon as he finished speaking, Zuoqiu Hong left with the other instructors.

After these great figures of the outer court left, the entire square became bustling and clamorous once more.

“Cousin Sister, you’ve finally come. How was your ranking during the test?”

“Cousin Brother, I heard about your position during the test. You did well. I’ll ask Father to reward you with some treasures when I return to the clan next.”

“Big Brother, Big Brother, I’m over here!”

No matter if it was the senior students or new students, most of them came from the top powers of the Immortal Dimension, and there was no lack of students that knew each other. It was even to the extent that there were many relatives and friends that came from the same power.

Thus, in the next moment, many senior students started chatting with new students, and the atmosphere was extraordinarily bustling.

On the other hand, people rarely showed interest towards students like Chen Xi, Liang Ren, and Gu Yueming. It couldn’t be helped, even though they were from Southbridge Continent, compared to the disciple of those top powers, they were still inferior in the end.

“Tsk, look, Ji Xuanbing, Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, Zhongli Xun, and the others are all surrounded like moons surrounded by a host of stars.” Liang Ren clicked his tongue in admiration, and his voice couldn’t help but carry a trace of admiration.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over. Sure enough, he saw that it was just as Liang Ren had said. The new students that were ranked in the top hundred during the recruitment test this time were mostly surrounded by some senior students, and they seemed to be rather conspicuous.

The reason was actually very simple. No matter if it was this year or the last test, the students that were capable of entering Dao Emperor Academy were mostly the disciples from the top powers, so it was natural that they were familiar with each other.

Chen Xi didn’t mind when he saw such a scene, and he felt completely carefree instead. He said to Gu Yueming and Liang Ren, “Do the both of you intend to look around or return to your abodes to cultivate?”“We naturally intend to look around.” Liang Ren and Gu Yueming spoke in unison.

“I heard that many instructors are teaching in the teaching grounds. I just happened to have encountered some problems in my cultivation, and I intend to obtain some guidance,” said Liang Ren with a smile.

“An immortal beast of mine has encountered a bottleneck in its cultivation lately, and I intend to go take a look at the taming grounds. If I’m able to seek the guidance of an instructor, then it naturally couldn’t be any better.” Gu Yueming grinned as he spoke.

When he spoke up to here, Gu Yueming glanced at Chen Xi and said warmly, “Why don’t you go with me? We’ve just arrived here, so it wouldn’t be too late to start cultivating after we familiarized ourselves with the situation within the outer court.”

“Right, I heard that there are many good places to go to in Dao Emperor Academy. Perhaps we’ll be able to encounter a fortuitous encounter.” Liang Ren invited Chen Xi as well.

Chen Xi thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement.

However, right when the three of them intended to leave together, the nearby crowd became restless before a thunderous voice resounded. “Who’s Chen Xi? Get out here!”

Everyone clamored with noise as they looked towards the side, and they saw a robust young man in green robed who had killing intent condensed between his brows was standing in the distance.

“Ao Tianxing? Why’s it this fellow?”

“Oh, could it be that he intends to probe the strength of the first in this year’s recruitment test?”

“Haha! This Ao Tianxing just advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm a while ago. He’s bullying the weak by doing this.”

“The members of the Dragon Dimension are all arrogant like this. I only wonder how that Chen Xi offended a member of their Dragon Dimension to the point that Ao Tianxing jumped out impatiently like this.”

The crowd discussed and recognized the ident.i.ty of this green robed young man. He was the Ao Tianxing from the Dragon Dimension, and he could be considered as a thorn amongst the eight thousand senior students.

At the same time, the gazes of many people shot towards Chen Xi, and their gazes more or less carried a trace of pleasure from Chen Xi’s misfortune. Only a small group of people frowned and were slightly displeased.

“You’re Chen Xi?” Ao Tianxing noticed the abnormality here, and his gaze locked onto this area at the first possible moment while his voice carried an overbearing and questioning tone.

Chen Xi frowned and swept the crowd with his gaze. Sure enough, Chen Xi noticed Ao Wuming was standing in the crowd with his arms crossed before his chest and his chin raised high, and he revealed a cold smile as he looked towards Chen Xi.

Obviously, Ao Tianxing’s appearance was definitely closely related to Ao Wuming.

“Kid, what’re you standing there for. Didn’t you hear me?” Ao Tianxing walked over in large strides. His imposing aura rose violently with every single step he took, and when he was 3m away from Chen Xi, his entire figure seemed to have transformed into a lofty mountain that emanated an extremely oppressive aura.

“Exactly, I’m Chen Xi. What do you need?” Chen Xi asked calmly. Ao Tianxing’s oppressive imposing aura caused him to feel great pressure, and it was a deterrent force that came from the difference in their cultivation realms.

Obviously, Ao Tianxing was a Golden Immortal!When he realized this, Chen Xi became even more vigilant in his heart. Ao Wuming intends to rely on another to put on airs in front of me on the first day in the academy?

Does he really think that he can do as he pleases because I didn’t become the personal disciple of a great figure!?

“Someone at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm like you can become the first in the test? Come, let me test exactly what ability you have. Don’t worry, I guarantee that I won’t kill you!” Ao Tianxing stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he suddenly roared with laughter in the end. His green robes trembled as he chopped down with his palm. He didn’t even ask if Chen Xi agreed to this probe of his at all, and he seemed to be overbearing and domineering to the extreme.


This palm chopped down like a dragon’s claw that struck out from the clouds. It carried an all-powerful force that was desolate, thick, and enveloped the surroundings, causing others to arouse the feeling that it was impossible to dodge.

Many new students were extremely shocked by this scene. This isn’t a probe. The strength contained in this strike has already exceeded the scope of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, so how can Chen Xi possibly resist it?

He’s going a bit too far. At this moment, even Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli frowned and were slightly displeasure. But because Ao Tianxing’s attack was too sudden and decisive, they weren’t in time to stop him even if they wanted to.

As he sensed the terrifying aura that suffused Ao Tianxing’s palm, Chen Xi’s expression became extremely serious while the vital energy in his entire body felt as if it was about to freeze up.

He didn’t dare hesitate and instinctively formed a sword with his fingers, and then he executed the Sword of Water that he’d just attained perfection in!


A wisp of dazzling water sprayed from Chen Xi’s fingers. It was sharp, murderous, and fierce to the extreme. This move was the Dreamlike Drizzle, yet it was even more terrifying than it! 

Bang!This strand of sword qi actually blocked the might of Ao Tianxing’s palm, and it revealed an instant of a situation where their attacks were in confrontation.

The eyes of everyone couldn’t help but constrict. He blocked it? What sword qi is this?

“Hmph!” Ao Tianxing was stunned, and then he grunted coldly before he exerted strength from his palm.


It directly crushed the strand of sword qi and fiercely chopped down towards Chen Xi’s chest.

However, to Ao Tianxing’s surprise, the shattered sword qi didn’t disperse, and it transformed into surging clouds that condensed into form and blocked the might of his palm once more! 

Everyone was similarly extremely astounded when they saw this. Is that even possible?

Ao Tianxing’s face sank as the force exerted from his palm increased once more. It was coiled with strands of the Laws of a Golden Immortal, and it was like a violent dragon that had left its cage and intended to swallow the world! 


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