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Read Taming The Las Vegas Playboy Chapter 24 – The Battle Is On (6)

Taming The Las Vegas Playboy is a Webnovel completed by Elyawriter.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Wirata felt her whole-body s.h.i.+vering as his tongue flicking and licking on her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, but she still refused to let go of his important part. She tried to push away all the foreign emotions she had never experienced before, changing from squeezing his erection to grab his b.a.l.l.s instead. She had forgotten that it was better!


Stefan yelped out loud, lifted his face up from her b.r.e.a.s.t.s immediately.

“Wirata. This time if you don’t let go. I’ll push it in. Do you understand?! And if it happens, don’t blame me. Argghh! f.u.c.k! My b.a.l.l.s, be gentle, woman!”

Stefan flinched and winced when the small but efficient hand squeezed tightly. She hadn’t said much, no talking but focusing on keeping him hostage in her hand!

Wirata loosened her grip a little when seeing his pale and twisted face. But he still had his hands on her hips.

Stefan took this opportunity to breathe in and to lift her body up. He managed to pull her panties aside and point his torpedo head at the Gulf of heaven!

Wirata jolted at the touch of his extreme hard manhood at her very private part and it was right on the target! Her heart stopped beating for a sec and then sped up rapidly at the unsafe rates!


NO! G.o.d, please help me!

Never any man nor anything touched that part of her body before! Ever! But he, the bad mafia boss who she hated like h.e.l.l. He’s touching her everywhere. Her heart was pounding faster and faster. She didn’t realize that she was holding her breath for so long. Her grip was tightened even more.

Stefan roared in his throat with frustration and pain and excitement. She was a fighter! Even her face now showed her frightened emotion through her huge dark chocolate eyes, but her hand still squeezing his b.a.l.l.s hard! Stefan was not sure if it was out of her fear or because she stood on her ground to fight him to dust.

“I’ve warned you!” Finished his statement, Stefan thrust up and held her waist down. that move made his shaft slip into her! But only a little! Its head, to be exact!

Wirata was startled and shocked by his move. The two stared at each other at this very second. It was like everything had stopped moving and included their breathing!

Stefan’s heart was beating so fast. Her softness made his blood drain from his brain heading south.

“Ahh…G.o.d…f.u.c.k!” He swore, let out a low moan from his throat, lifting his hips to thrust in a little more. Wirata nearly screamed out she let go of his important part to give him a punch on his chest.

“Ouch!” Stefan yelped but couldn’t protect himself because his hands were on her hips now to keep her stay still in the position. Wirata was punching his shoulders hard but he didn’t let go.

“If you don’t stop beating me up, I’ll bury my whole length in you right now.” He threatened.

“Stop it now. No! Stefan, don’t do it!” Wirata shouted at him with a shaky voice.

“I did warn you, didn’t I, huh?”

the low husky voice said. Stefan could feel her heat where they were connected. He groaned with desire. Wirata tried to lift her body up but the more she moved, the more he thrust in as he had threatened! It had gone in even more.

Wirata felt like crying out. She was s.h.i.+vering uncontrollably because it wasn’t her expectation of the night! Now that he had touched her more than she could protect herself. Her body weakened as though it was boneless. The heat from his naked body went through her and she felt so helpless.

Stefan felt her trembling body on his lap. She was losing her strength and stopped beating on him for the moment. Her face was pale and her widened eyes showed fear. The real fear!

“Ahh, so tight.”

Stefan murmured, he was staring at her face, her mouth parted and he could see all confused and frightened emotions and a hint of excitement in her dark brown eyes, she sat very still her hands gripped his shoulders and having no clue what the heck was going on and where it was heading to!

It was the first time in his life that he wasn’t sure how to deal with a woman on his lap! And he was in her like… a third already!

So. What now?! And What’s next?!


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